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I am 27 years old, I have been married for 2 years, and am studying at the university in the 5th year. Many of my friends are from other cities and live in a hostel. And one of them Lena had a birthday. She invited me to her hostel. Mostly girls were present at the main part of the celebrations. When the dancing had already begun, what kind of guys came from the hostel. One of them, Oleg, a handsome guy, began to dance a slow dance with me, and during the dance, he began to paw my ass. I had already typed well and did not resist, but only smiled. When the dance was over, Oleg took my hand and said “come with me”. I did not know where he was inviting me but tacitly agreed. We left the room where everything was happening and went down the corridor. I asked him where we were going, and he replied that I would find out now. He brought me into a room and said that he lived in it. Then he offered to smoke and drink champagne with him. After a glass of champagne and 2 cigarettes, I was already quite bad at thinking and only felt how he was hugging me with one hand and stroking my chest with the other. I already completely lost control and forgot that I was a married woman and decided that probably someday I needed to start cheating on my beloved. And this is the right occasion and the guy was very nice. In general, I began to let him do with me whatever he asked. He had already crawled under my skirt and panties and caressed my pussy with his hand. I was already flowing and wanted it. Then he unbuttoned his pants and bent my head to his cock. I immediately took it in my mouth and began to lick it. And then, suddenly, I heard someone enter the room. I wanted to release Oleg’s member and turn my head, but he did not let me do it and, holding my head, said that they were his roommates. I heard the voice of one of them: “Well done Olezhka brought another whore.” These words both offended and brought me on. Since my mouth was busy, I could not object. And Oleg said that “this is Gulnara, she is married and came to Lenka’s birthday from room 215”. From behind one of the guys said, “but her husband is not enough for her and probably loves to fuck, well, now we will help Gulnara.” Well, then someone’s hands lifted the skirt on my bottom and I heard one say to the other, “Look what the girl’s ass is,” and the other added “and her panties are cool, let’s see what she is” and took off my panties. Then whose hand began to touch my pussy which was flowing with might and main. “Spread your legs wider” commanded me from behind and I uncomplainingly spread them. “Come on, you are the first,” said one of the guys, and I felt like a member entered me. Previously, I only saw in porn films with my husband how women were fucked both in the mouth and in the pussy. When Oleg finished in my mouth, he ordered me to lick everything and another guy stood in his place. Oleg said not to let me go, and he runs off to the boys. I was already thinking badly and did not immediately understand that he brought 7 more guys.
In the end, I don’t know how long they still fucked me, but when Lenka came, I was lying on the bed and one of the guys worked for me, and two finished in my mouth and I licked the rest of the sperm from their members, and the rest of the guys smoked. Lenka said that it was already 2 a.m. and that it was enough to humor the men that my husband called her on his mobile phone and in half an hour would stop by the hostel. So in one evening, I turned from a faithful wife into an ordinary whore. At university a couple of days later I met those seven of these guys. They invited me after classes to their hostel and I, being sober, could not refuse them. After that, 2-3 times a week after classes at the institute, they took me to the hostel and there they fucked me by 5-10 guys. I got used to being treated like a whore and never refused anyone. I even started to like my new status. After that story in the hostel, I no longer had enough of the sex that my husband gave me. Fortunately, my husband got a job in a robot with business trips. My husband went on a business trip, and that evening I went to a nightclub and from there came with three or more men. I will tell you one of the stories that happened to me and which I liked the most. As usual, my husband went on a business trip for four days and told me that he would go fishing for three days without stopping home. So I had almost a week left. I actively corresponded on the internet on dating sites. And it was not worth the trouble for me to find a fucker without leaving home. My husband just left the door, I immediately turned on the computer and went online. She told everyone that she was ready to accept and serve all members who are not less than 20 cm but with reservations. Everything should be filmed and I should be treated like the ultimate whore. Thanks to reservations, a bunch of suggestions poured in. I was in a transparent short robe when my doorbell rang. To be honest, I didn’t expect anyone to come so quickly. Without looking through the peephole, I opened the door. There were three people, all tall and broad-shouldered like wardrobes. They introduced themselves as bank employees and said that my husband owed a lot of money. They entered the apartment without invitation, turned on the music loudly and one of them pulled off my robe and jerked my head to his fly. I unbuttoned it and pulled out his cock still soft. He commanded to take it in his mouth and to make sure he grabbed my hair so much that I opened my mouth in pain, but did not have time to utter a peep as his penis ended up in my sorts. Although the penis was not yet ready, its dimensions were impressive. I hardly swallowed it completely. With every second his penis increased in my throat, and when his head rested against my throat, I saw that most of his penis did not enter my mouth, but he hammered my mouth with it trying to shove it all over. At this time, one lubricated my ass and tried to shove something huge into it. It hurt wildly, but it hurt even more from the blows on the back with a whip.
They laughed and said that such a whore like me would please them until my husband paid the bank. But they could not know that this was all I needed. Expanding my ass, they took turns pounding her with their huge dicks, ending in her. My back was burning from the blows of the whip, but from this pain, I was even more excited and already flowed as if eternity had not been fucked. I didn’t have time to notice how five more of the same big boys appeared around me. They put me in cancer in the middle of the room and took turns fucking me from behind, then in the pussy, then in the ass, and they came to finish to my mouth. I could hardly take their members in my mouth. But as soon as their heads were in my ort, they immediately began to hammer and tried to shove it completely. They all finished profusely and every time in my mouth, I ate and ate managed to swallow their sperm so that it would not flow out. As they warned me that not a single drop was lost. I don’t know how long they fucked me like that, but one thing I understood was that I had a big breakfast with their sperm. Leaving he told me to get ready for tomorrow morning. So that I was dressed like a whore, since they will take me to their training camp, where dozens of men have not fucked women for a month. I closed the door behind them and had just had time to take a shower when my cell phone rang. And that’s another story …

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