Relief muscular girl posing in the basement

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I rested in one club, everything was as usual until I noticed it. It was a very (190 maybe) tall guy of 25 years old, with a beautiful manly face. He had a big, wide, square chin, a very even face with the right shape, beautiful blue eyes, light brown thick hair of medium length stood a rack. In general, I have not yet seen such beauties, he had a very sexy swollen torso, and wiry hands. He also noticed me; he had a confident, bossy, courageous look…I felt a pleasant excitement with my pussy. I decided to act, went up to him and offered him a drink, he smiled at me in return and I took him to the table. We drank rose wine, I tried to have a conversation with him about clubs and music, and he was silent and looked at me as if he knew everything about me. But then he invited me to dance, during the dance he strongly pressed me to himself, his strong, big hands lay on my buttocks, with his finger he quietly lifted my short skirt… at that moment my pussy got completely wet, I was ready to kneel down in front of him right now. here he kissed me squeezing my ass even harder, his tongue went deep into me, it was such a long kiss, I felt my clitoris swollen, I wanted it madly. And then he told me “let’s go, there’s an amazing hotel opposite”. And he took me to this hotel, I so wanted him to fuck me in the mouth, I was ready to do everything for him, I just couldn’t wait. He rented a room for the night, they gave us the keys and we took the elevator to the 15th floor, in the elevator he kissed me again by biting my lip, and turned my back to himself, bent and pulled up my skirt, I put my two fingers soaked to a thread pussy into my pussy, and then the elevator doors opened and he came out ahead of me, I got mad with excitement, pulled up my skirt and went after him, the door was already open, he stood in the middle of the bedroom and looked at me, chewing gum and stretching his belt, then he lured me with his finger, took off my blouse and let loose my round big tits, after that he lifted my skirt that tightly squeezed my ass and lowered my thong to the middle of my ass. Then he came for a long time on my face and hair and in my mouth. I gave him another half hour blowjob. And then he gently flipped me over with a pillow under my pussy, wide spread my legs, my cunt so swollen that I almost squeaked from the thirst for hard fuck. He lay on top of me, his dick fell down on my ass, which immediately clung to him, he began to kiss my neck, then shoulders, forearms, back, then he sucked my coccyx excited me even stronger, began to kiss my buttocks, fondled my clitoris with his fingers, and licked the entire incision of my elastic lush ass, sucked my anus, licked the anal opening on the sides as if he were fucking me with his tongue into my anus, my ass enjoyed rubbing his warm bristles against my delicate skin. And then he began to grease my ass, gently smeared all my hole with his fingers, under my ass there was a flowing bump of pussy sticking out, and then he pressed his head on my anus, and slowly inserted it, I have never had sex in my ass before, and my hole was very narrow, especially for such a wide dick. But he pressed so hard that the hole began to give in, but it was so painful that I screamed, but he pushed my face into the pastel with his hand and continued to push his tense dick into my anus by the very balls … I couldn’t breathe with my face squeezed into the pastel and felt my ass burst, my dick went so deep that I could feel it in my stomach and his hairy balls pressed against my swollen pussy. He ruthlessly began to fuck me in the ass, a wild leap began, his dick drilled my rectum, which pulled him, and the balls slapped me on the manda, I began to enjoy it even the pain became pleasant to me, gradually passed. He let go of my head, continuing to fuck me quickly with all the stupidity, I began to move towards him in tact, I shouted and moaned so hard, could not hold back my delight and gratitude… The sex was fantastic, I didn’t feel any pain anymore, only a huge broad dick on which I was put, it fucked me faster and faster, and the bed was beating against the wall loudly knocking, I was screaming from a crazy high, I felt that I would die, And then he grabbed my hair and lifted me up so that I knelt down strongly pushing his ass against him, he put me on my cock pulling my hair, I felt a lot of pain but also a lot of pleasure, then he let go of my hair and I fell bent over my face on the bed and he twitched and came right into my ass. …he filled me with his hot sperm, and pulled his dick out of my anus, and poured the remaining sperm on my buttocks, wiped the dick on my butt cut and made me clean my dick with the balls from the sperm, I gladly carried out the order. His sperm flowed out of my butt cut to my open manda, I felt double pleasure, licking his balls and sperm merging to my pussy. After that he put me on cancer and roughly put his dick in my pussy began to fuck hard, hit his head on my uterus, such a high, it is impossible to describe, he beat my pussy, each push as a blow, dick so wide that I felt it very well on the sides, as I then screamed, and he ruthlessly fucked me like a horse. After that he poured in me sperm, which was flowing down my hips, I was not able to stand up, everything was painful, but such a high that it is impossible to resist, though he was already wiping his dick against my hair I continued to moan. I wanted to thank him and started licking his balls, his anus and his dick, I licked and sucked as hard as I could, he would end part of my mouth part on my face and on my hair. Then he got up and started to dress and left. I was lying high for another hour when I left and found his business card on my bra. Since then, we have been fucking regularly and we are going to live and fuck together.

Author: rendteam