Tattooed muscular yummy poses in workshop

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This cannot be called sex. Isn’t it sex? Sex, it’s when it’s in me, and so… What is it? And how do you convey the whole range of feelings that you feel at the same time? Sex is not important at all, it is not necessary, unnecessary! It is some kind of atavism, the undeveloped fifth limb in a body of relations. Even words can be so superfluous that it seems that one of you say a word and it will burst, our happiness will be shattered into small pieces… We had tea, just morning friendly tea, which removes the hangover and brings clarity to thoughts. I am wearing jeans and turtleneck, he is wearing a white coat and black boxer shorts. As always, it is beautiful, built and elegant. And I am like a schoolgirl shaggy, wrinkled and flushed. For a second he came out of the kitchen, but I did not notice – I was stuck in the TV, and when I came back, sat down at the table and smoked. He rarely smokes, very rarely. Even less often, he smokes through his mouthpiece. He smokes through the mouthpiece only before sex. I took my eyes off with effort, sticking like a fly to a Velcro to the TV, and looked into his eyes. This pose, this stuck-up look and the mouthpiece … clearly had something in mind. And the rigid dick confirmed it. He was no longer wearing cowards. We stand near the stove and smoke in the hood, so as not to open the window and not to freeze. He is still wearing a robe and I am still wearing jeans. We just kissed. As students, they bit each other’s tongues, absorbed into each other’s lips and hands, everywhere glimmering, ballooning hands. On my back, behind my hair, behind my neck, behind my buttocks. And they smoked again. It is such a game – to make each other until I raise. I always give up first and pray: “Fuck me…”. But the moment hasn’t come yet, I am still holding on and we are smoking… He is standing in the middle of the kitchen and he is squeezing my head with both hands so much that it even hurts. I caress his dick with my lips, with my tongue, swallow it, let it go, take it in my hands, in my throat, hit it with my tongue and leave it for a moment to feel it waiting to continue. But not to the end, it’s still the same game. We don’t bring it to sex – it’s too early. We smoke, smoke slowly. … He could not stand it, he prayed, clutching my back with long strong fingers, he wailed: “Fuck me! Do you want me? You will make me today? Honey, fuck me!”. “Okay, but I will not undress”, – and he ran to the bedroom for grease and my tool. Joyful, as if a dog before a mating. And I did not want, there was no desire! Just for his sake, for his pleasure, I will pretend and that’s all. He stands on the sofa as a crayfish, substituting his ass for me, and there is nothing feminine in his pose and it is immediately clear that he is a man, I am a girl, but we … We will do something now. Something we will never tell anyone about… There he is, here I am. I squeeze grease out in my hand and rub strap-on with my usual movement. Solid, smooth and too big. Why did he bring me this one? You can’t do the same, it will hurt him. I check – I apply grease to the anus, it is so – tense. For the infusion, I touch his ass with strapone – it is even more tense. I ask: – Are you ready? – Yes, I’m ready. – Aren’t you afraid? And I feel – scared. He waits and closes his hole from me, hides. He wants to, but he is afraid. I look at the strap-on, and it is so big… I squeezed out more grease and decided to stretch the anus with my index finger. It is so – the hole is small, hard, tense. I hold it with my left hand to my shoulder and I enter more and more deeply with my right hand, but I’m still only at the entrance, only inside a tight ring of muscles, but I can already feel the warmth of his body, he already breathes often and is placed under my pushy finger. He takes my left hand and guides me, I think I can hear his thoughts: “Caress him, take my cock! And I take it, firmly and deftly. His moans make the roof go away, I understand how close we are to each other. But something is wrong, something… Lubricants! I grab the bottle with my left hand, with my right hand I go deeper and deeper, millimeter by millimeter, pushing into his body, and this time I feel everything! Every cell of his holy of holies. From these sensations, a bottle of grease shakes in my hand, the grease is not squeezed out and it turns out all awkward and long, so long! I can not get distracted for such a long time! Finally, I grabbed his dick wet and cool from the grease with my hand and began to squeeze it in time with the pulsating in his anus index finger. The moan, not a woman’s moan, but clearly a man’s one, rolled around the room and my brain refused. In my left hand I have a penis, in my right hand I am inside his womb, hot, soft womb. I closed my eyes, I saw with my whole body, my lips went into his back. I licked, bit, but I did not let out. He waved his ass, seated already softened hole on my thumb. I see that his scarlet, soft bosom is around me. And I am around his hard, so hard that a couple of minutes more and it will explode, his penis. I am him, he is me. And it is not sex. This is above sex. It is more sex. How much I lost last time when I fucked him with a soulless strap-on! I did not know what is inside him. How stupid I was! And how I regretted that I could not turn around and drink his seed … This is crazy, but this is not sex.

Author: rendteam