Training not only the body but also the cunt by poking a fist

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I started reading porn stories about zoophiles after the incident with me. My husband and I live in the regional center and often go home to my parents. That time it was winter and our bus broke down, at least 50 kilometers were left to the city. Usually, in such cases, you need to wait for another regular bus to pick us up. It was not boring, there were young people on the bus, one couple had vodka, they went to the base to rest, friends were waiting for them there. We decided to chip in and pay them extra to drink. \\\\\\ “In short, the evening was while away \\\\\\” – anecdotes of history, disputes … I felt prettier, I got off the bus to pee, and at the same time to smoke, dragging on a cigarette, I saw that our bus stopped a car and the driver spoke to our driver, who was poking around somewhere ahead. I went over to listen, the vodka made its own and I got into a conversation with the peasant who had arrived … word for word … It so happened that he agreed to take me to the city. On the way, it turned out that he needed to stop by his grandmother for cranberries in the city. I’m a fool then! But I realized this later. We drove up to a village house, a light was on in it, he invited me to warm up and drink tea from my grandmother, alcohol in the body did not prevent this. we went into the yard, there I saw a man, he was holding a dog that barked at us. The dog was big, but I still could not make out the breed, something between a Moscow watchdog and a German shepherd, or maybe it was Central Asian, it somehow escaped me … we entered the house … and then my driver changed. I abruptly switched to \\\\\\ “you \\\\\\”, grabbing my shoulder and told me to hurry up and close the door to the street, or else I’ll let the bitch get cold, although about a second before I had sobered up. He dragged me across the room, sat me on the bed and in a calm voice explained that after we had sex he would take me home. Out of fear, I couldn’t even answer, although I always imagined that if I got into such a situation, I could always fight back … The most frightening thing was his calmness and quiet voice. I did everything as if under hypnosis. He told me to take off my jeans and lie on my stomach on the bed. I did everything as in a dream. I only remember feeling embarrassed about being unwashed. My husband and I always went to bed clean. Then I was 23 now 25 and in a day I grew up five years. When I lay down, he ran his hand over my pussy, crumpled it in his fist, just like a ball, for a long time and with taste, my husband always treated this part of my body with trepidation and tenderness, at least with caresses, but here, as if I were on Inspection, a stupid thought about a gift horse was spinning in my head. He squeezed somewhere and told me not to get up, I immediately got up and sat on the bed .. Returning and seeing that I did not obey, he already turned purple. He started yelling and inflated, as it seemed to me, a hysteria out of nothing, hit me on the cheek and I fell on the bed. He turned his back on me again, got up and, breathing heavily, calmed down. I heard him pull down his pants, he fiddled for a long time, maybe jerked off, I was afraid to turn around. Then, in the same calm voice (which was at the beginning), he explained that now \\\\\\ “will start to drive my shit \\\\\\” only he has a condition, if I move a little or squeak, then he \\\\ \\ “will drive me tonsils and tear all \\\\\\”. Then I didn’t realize that the bus driver saw him and could remember. I was in a trance and remembering his psycho decided that I would not squeak! I didn’t fuck in the ass, sometimes only when I tried it with myself, but not deeply. And so it began, he spat on my ass, in half, and touching a member to the saliva led him to the hole. When he began to squeeze through, I realized that this was a hell of a pain, besides, there was clearly not enough saliva, and he slowly calmly said: Just jerk, bitch … \\\\\\ “, etc. I suffered, but this it was unbearable, and he was moving along a millimeter, I had a feeling that my halves were climbing after the penis.Finally he broke through the ring and went inside faster, about halfway through the path he stopped, and without leaving me made a roller out of the pillow and pushed him under me, my ass immediately protruded and he moved another centimeter. He continued, and I felt that the roller rubbing against my clitoris and through the pain I began to enjoy. I sighed, and he cracked my head and told me to shut up. Apparently from the fact that it all happened slowly, my ass was moistened and the process went softer, after he pressed against me completely and began to come out, I thought that the guts would come out after me. I got goosebumps and I realized h I’ll finish now. It was the brightest orgasm, in complete silence and without movement. He finished in my ass when I finished, while he did not come out, but just pounded inside trying to hammer him deeper. Pulling out his penis, he said that he would wash and so that I would not move, but halfway back he returned and tied my hands to the headboard with a belt. A minute after he left, the door opened and a man with a dog entered the room, the dog was not tied and therefore immediately ran up to me and began to sniff. The man looked at me with an absent look, said \\\\\\ “fu, max \\\\\\” and followed my driver into another room. Max continued to sniff at me and when he got to the ass, he even licked, first once and then again and again, I was pleased, because after orgasm everything was buzzing and demanded caress to relax. I didn’t even hear about sex with animals, Max just scared me by the fact that his mouth movements reminded me of gnawing, but pleasant, I was afraid that he would bite, but he suddenly jumped on me and hugged me with his paws by the sheepskin coat, even got into my pockets, I first I thought that he was hooked and could not get off, the house was not hot and my frozen ass was warm from his fur … at some point I realized what he wanted and started twitching, it’s useless … like in a vice, I started screaming, and then I felt its end, he was so hot, feeling the hole, he frantically began to shove the end into me, at that moment the driver and the man entered the room, at first they were dumbfounded, the man wanted to pull Max off me, but the driver stopped him, and I didn’t care, after the pain I experienced at the beginning, the feeling of fullness began to turn me on, I moaned, Max drove a dick into me, and the driver jumped up and started hitting me in the face, demanding that I be silent. The feeling of being fucked by a dog aroused me to such an extent that I did not even feel pain from the blows, my drool flowed onto the bedspread, my ass hung over the bed, because I lifted it so that Max pressed closer. From blows and orgasms, I did not understand when we got into the knot, I screamed out loud and tried to plant deeper, the ropes did not allow me to move closer to Max, the dog froze and turned his ass towards me without leaving. I was in a trance and when I started to come I heard a conversation in myself, they were discussing how to fuck me, the man complained that after Max he had nothing to do there, but the driver said that he would help him. Max stretched and with a squish pulled out my penis, his sperm flowed onto the roller. The man untied my hands, lay down on his back and told me to sit on top, to be honest, I didn’t even feel his penis, the driver took off my short fur coat, jacket, the T-shirt was all wet from my sweat, and began to attach to me from behind. It was a new shock. In the ass, only the sphincter licked by Max resisted, the pussy was wet from his own sperm, I again forgot about the silence and started yelling. The driver, without slowing down the pace, began to choke me, the man stopped moving because of this, but when I wheezed and started twitching madly he grabbed me by the hips and began to thrust me onto himself, from lack of oxygen and from fucking I finished again and finally fell silent. The man finished and crawled out from under me, and the driver fucked me for a very long time, forced me to become a candle, and then simply put me on my stomach, stretched out on top and, pressing as much as possible, slowly slowly pressed his penis into me, this went on for a very long time, the man got up again and he settled down to my face, stuffed a penis into my mouth and pushed it down my throat, I started to have the urge to vomit, but I coped, the man finished again, rolled off, and the driver put me on cancer and at a frantic pace fucked me in pussy, saying that the ass is like hole. By that time, I had no more saliva left, the vodka and sperm had dried everything. They gave me a drink, the driver got out, got up again at the man, he shoved me in the ass, twitched, but his cock quickly became soft, the man swore and quickly slid off me. Then everything was very simple. The driver returned with cranberries, said to get dressed … All the way we were silent, I told my friend’s address and got drunk in her insole, a month later she called me and said that some peasant came to me and left his phone number …

Author: rendteam