Two bodybuilder friends fuck a muscular girl in the locker room of a sports club

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My wife and I drove from friends from the wedding, we already had a decent drink, there was a little left to go home and a beaten guy was coming towards us. Came up to ask for a cigarette, I did not refuse, gave three at once offered beer, we got into a conversation, he had an accident, he threw a drunk car and left until the police arrived. – You need to wash and put yourself in order until morning, you can come to us. I decided to help with everyone. Arriving at the house, we sat in the kitchen for another hour and went to bed. I always wanted to try group sex, my wife and I even selected a candidate, but it didn’t work out that way. And then we just drank relaxed, I suggested she agreed, but it must be so that he is not frightened, and he himself took the initiative. We lay down on the bed so that Sveta was in the middle, I turned on the TV. There was porn on the disc: two guys are fucking a cute lady as soon as they want. Sveta pressed her ass against him and began to wave him a little. From the expression in her eyes, I realized that she liked it and she wanted to continue. After 5 minutes I saw my wife twitch and grit her teeth, then I joined, spread her legs and began to caress her clitoris. I understood the incomprehensible expression of my beloved. In front of my nose was a huge penis of 35 centimeters no less and tried to plant my wife. It was too late to retreat, I tried to lubricate my beloved hole and then he began to enter it in a stretch. I’ve never seen Sveta feel so good. She sold one hundred percent, and our guest beat her like a whore. I tried to join, but she asked not to interfere. I was so pleased to see your wife being fucked in a way I couldn’t. How good it was for her, and I was confused, I did not believe that such a member would go completely into her. I looked and did not believe my eyes. Then Sasha turned and began to fuck her with cancer. With powerful thrusts, he inserted his huge stake into her with each thrust, she screamed and asked for more. I bent down to her pussy to help my tongue and then a small friction and his penis pops out of my beloved and on the floor of the head gets into my mouth, I was taken aback and confused. Although Sasha continued to move and did not think to stop, I tried to take him in my mouth. He didn’t even fit half the wife began to help me and suddenly felt his hand smeared with something. She slid along my ass, abundantly lubricating all the cracks. – Stand up with cancer, – he asked. We got up and then he began to attach himself to my ass. I felt like something huge was trying to penetrate me. I don’t know why, but I didn’t mind, and my wife lubricated his penis without looking up from him. The strongest pain penetrated into me, I could not even breathe. My wife caressed me to comfort me a little. Tears flowed in a stream. And Sasha gradually incited me. – Yes, you, too, are no worse than a wife. I experienced pain and pleasure at the same time. He began to pull it out on the sly, then to drive it again, now only to his wife. She was ready to flatter the wall with pleasure, screamed wriggled asking for more power. I sat and watched how good she was, but the very point ached terribly. Mine finished on his dick 5 times. – Come on with you, I like to watch, – she said and Sasha moved up to me again. – Be patient, then it won’t hurt, – he said, I relaxed as best I could and he began to push his monster into me, I felt the blood flow in my groin and was surprised when I got an erection from the fact that I was fucked. This is the first time I have experienced such pleasure. He pushed me on my back and fucked like he fucked my wife. In the morning we said goodbye and exchanged phones. My wife was delighted, not even a bit embarrassed, unlike me, because I am a man, and I was fucked in front of her eyes .. Arriving home from work, I did not find Sveta at home, she called me and said that she and Sasha would come now. After 10 minutes, a 15 model Zhiguli drove up in the car, my wife and Sasha were sitting. – Sit down, let’s go out of town, we’ll eat barbecue. Sveta moved back, it was clear from her that she couldn’t do without good sex, she was already shining. “I have long dreamed of a bigger penis. I used to have a boyfriend, so I liked him even more,” she told me while driving. Then Sasha asked if his friends would go with us, yes no, of course we said. Arriving at the recreation center, we met his friends Yegor and Slava ordered a barbecue and I went for a beer when I returned, then Sveta was not there and Sasha left with Yegor. Slava and I began to wait for them, but they had not been there for 15 minutes, having collected from the table, went into the house. And there Sasha fucked my Sveta with cancer, and the second inserted into her mouth. I saw how good she is, how she gives herself to him, asks to fuck her. She called him my male. I felt a hand on my ass it was Glory, he looked at me like a man looks at a woman. He unbuttoned his trousers and took out his gun. He was not as huge as his friend. Become a cancer and spread the buttocks, I obeyed watching my wife finish 5 times only with me and he sent his penis into me. We stood face to face when they began to fuck us in turn. Then we got down on our knees and sucked until they finished on us, sperm flowed down my face, my wife licked and swallowed. I realized that I also like it and even very much. One day Sasha arrived, and his wife was not at home, she went to her sister – Okay, can you come with me? make a company, – Sasha asked, come on and just call Svetka and we will pick her up on the way. We drove into the garage to see him allegedly for gasoline there were 5 more people waiting for us, as if by accident. Slava was there too. We stepped aside, they asked me how I would not mind? And how will you mind if everything is clear. I asked Sasha what was it or only he and Slava. – All in unison, dear, we will slowly begin to undress and paw me, I liked it, I arched like my wife and then it rushed that I survived this I will never forget I was fucked without asking only after 1.30 hours I got to my feet. I didn’t see Sasha, he came later with my wife, who had fresh traces of semen on her shirt. This continued until Sasha invited us to a friend’s wedding. Which ended with the fact that during the night I was fucked by 9 people not counting Sasha, and my wife 6 people did not just fuck us, they screwed me up as best they could put me on my knees with my wife and began to shove us into our mouths. Sveta choked and turned away when two of them began to urinate on me, then they put me face to face and fucked until I asked to rest. My wife was more fortunate to take her away so that no one else would climb, and I had to take the rap for her. She watched as I was fucked by two and three, and then they also cum in my mouth to swallow. It was dawn, I was standing naked, bent over cancer on the table, doing a blowjob, and another fucked me 3 times a night. – Turn on your back, lie on the table and spread your legs. I did it with great effort, my legs swelled and were terribly painful, the last one finished at 8 o’clock. Sveta had already come and tried to help me, so that he finished as soon as possible. The point buzzed unbearably. How it ended, I asked Sasha to take us home all the way, they were silent as he began to go out, he asked, were you offended? – No, no, – I answered in a whisper so that Sveta would not hear – Well, I understand, – he answered, I’ll call you …

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