Young dancer fucks with pumped up mistress

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Once I got in touch with Goth – I confess. How I managed to do it, because I don’t even smoke anything, I don’t know. Goth’s name was either Dead Narcissus, or Black Rose – in general, the usual grave bad taste. Tall, so skinny shafts with eyes drawn in three layers. No eyebrows, gray lips – in a word, a paragraph. Listen, maybe I did it on a bet? Because, in fact, washboards, unsuccessfully painted in bluish-black, are not at all my type. He takes me to the back room in the old recreation center, where it looks like someone stole the air, because it was stale. Dust everywhere, cobwebs. – What an atmosphere! – exclaims Goth. “Almost like a crypt. Well, damn it starts, I think. Everything will be beautiful and sad, like the first snow that falls on gray tombstones, says Goth. (I don’t know how about “beautiful”, but it becomes sad not childishly). Time for mortals is limited, so let’s get started! Goth unbuttons his fancy black trousers and takes out a so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so not a royal standard, but also not a lighter from a station booth. Touch him with your lips, my sad angel! (Is he for me ?! From pathos I am drawn to rzhach and, if I still had some humane urge to please him, now he was completely blown away). Well, I do not. This is without me! Celebrate, sir, your own Eucharist! You are intractable, but the grave worms equally devour the bodies of the most submissive and the most proud! Listen, you either come on already, or I’m leaving here! The Goth grabs me, turns his back to him, and bangs me into a dusty table, or the loom of a drummer weaver. What the heck! – I exclaim and understand: they will fuck me without Vaseline. My skirt flies up to my ears, my panties go down to my knees. Well fucking power! So it is: he pokes his rough bump into my poor ass! Everything would be fine if I could relax, but I can’t relax, and therefore it really, VERY painful for me! Damn you! – I shout. – I suppose fucked the sheep in the village before he got a goth! If only he smeared it with something, it hurts, your mother! You’re so hot, so deliciously tight! It hurts you, my angel, but how beautiful are these tears of sorrow in your eyes! You think that I am unfair to you, but life is always cruel and unfair, and only death mercifully takes us into its arms! Shut up you bastard! You will tear me up with your crush! (carries some kind of crap, but he knows what it is: he is stuffing himself into me with all his might). The path to heavenly pleasure lies through hellish pain! Here’s the fucking Bounty on my ass! Two more convulsive jerks – and he screwed himself into my balls! It doesn’t seem to hurt so much now. In general, little by little I got used to it: it could be worse. If he had shut up, I would probably even have caught some buzz, but wherever there: further on we had quotes from Nietzsche on schedule. How he did not go out of rhythm at the same time, I can’t imagine! And suddenly I look – out of nowhere appears a hefty woman, all in black vinyl, in high-heeled boots, stockings, and clumps on a broken chair to the left of our razvlekalov. What is this? – I am amazed. – We are here, the play V.I.P. arrange? Or in general, everyone can join for a reasonable fee? This is my fiancée, Vampirella, ”Goth replies proudly, continuing to sodomize me with his device. That would be the bride and fuck! No, says the bastard, our love must remain pure! And this madam, meanwhile, sits in the chair as if it were gynecological, unbuttones the vinyl jumpsuit and pulls out a thick dildo painted with “Ankami” from her backpack (all rivets and laces). Vampirella shoves this toy into her pornographic mouth almost to the middle – it wets it, bitch – and, bulging her eyes with excitement, tries to drive it into her slit. A jerk, another one – he screams with pain, his eyes are about to pop out of their sockets – but continues to stare at the groom staring at me (pun intended!) And, faithful to the extreme masturbation, jerks all over his body, trying to force himself a dildo resembling a boiled loaf sausages. Goth’s cock throbs desperately in my ass; Vampirella is finally stringing herself on the chosen instrument of torture and now jumps in a chair like a maddened woman, masturbating, as they say, to the limit and providing us with a brutal soundtrack: My love, it hurts! Your cock is tearing me apart! But I follow you to the heights of passion! We will be together in the Kingdom of Eternal Darkness! Sprinkle me with white rivers of your bliss! Now Goth is pounding me so that the table below us begins to gnash and meow plaintively, which strains me even more. Frankly, in fact, I respect anal orgasms – there is something in them that you cannot get in any other way, but here, no matter how I tried, I could not finish – from horror, I guess. And finally Goth began to shudder in a special way all over, came out of me and let – one after another – three warm streams on my abused ass. Seeing these “white rivers”, Vampirella tensed at last, jerked the dildo inside to maximum depth and with a hoarse moan plunged into the neutral fog of orgasmic fainting. Complete fuckin ‘! At first after that I wanted to move to another country, but then (at the thought, for example, of Holland) I somehow let go.

Author: rendteam