A prostitute is fucked in a sauna by a rich guy

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Some relatives came to us (it is already difficult to understand what kind of relatives) they had a daughter of 18 years old. I didn’t look especially at her, I just wasn’t interested in her, because mine was Alina, and on her background the eighteen-year-old girl just faded. She had badly developed and small asses and breasts, though her face was nice. Guests were welcomed at Alinina’s family’s house. They lived in a fairly large private house. We had a little sit with the guests, and then my sister said she would go upstairs. A couple of minutes later I said goodbye to the guests as well. I knew that the feast was stormy, and Alinina’s room is on the top floor so that we could have a little fun. I went up to her and knocked on the door. She asked: \\ “Who is it?\\”. I answered that it was mine. She let me in. When I came in, she was almost naked. Alina sat on the bed and took her earrings off. One earring stuck and she could not take it off. I went up to the bed on which she was sitting and began to stretch the earring. My elbow touched her chest and it quickly excited me. She noticed a hump protruding from her pants and smiled (I always especially liked her smile). Having coped with the earring, I put it on the table by the bed. I leaned a little and my face was against her naked chest. I could not resist and started kissing her. Alina laughed shyly and said that at any moment someone could come in. But I did not pay attention and already caressed her breast with my hands. From the clothes on Alina were only black stockings (all like in the director’s porn movie) and the same panties. I got rid of them quickly and was already ready to settle in at her extended legs as in the door entered the same eighteen-year-old girl of our relatives. A moment of silence. – Oh!, you came in, and we didn’t notice,” I said, zipping my fly, but she had already had time to examine in detail my high standing cock, which continued to protrude from my pants – Yes, yes, we didn’t notice you, Alina said, closing with a blanket and pretending that nothing had happened, Ira (that was the girl’s name) was a little quiet and then quietly asked: – You…. here…. Did you do this? – Yes – I answered duet with Alina – But you are brother and sister… – Yes, but we love each other… And kinship is not a hindrance for us. We told Ira for a long time about our love and sexual affairs. With each new detail Irina’s eyes were burning brighter and brighter. – And even now you can do it? – Well, basically yes… – Alina answered: “You are not disturbing us,” I said, looking at my sister, who also started to have glowing eyes. By the way, let’s do it. With these words, I came to Alina and started kissing her on the lips, while looking at Ira. Alina threw back the blanket and Ira, who was sitting right next to her sister, seemed her whole body, in all its glory. Here she went crazy, because Alina’s forms were very different from her own. At this time Alina has moved to a wall on a bed, and I sat opposite to it so that to be closer to Ire. I was very excited to think that my sex is seen by someone else. Alina spread her legs and I started licking her shaved pussy. Ira started to stroke herself between her legs. It was a signal for me. With one hand I began to caress Irina’s chest. At first she was scared, but then she liked it. Alina spoke through the fasting: \\ “Don’t be afraid, we are not bad сделаем\\” I broke away from Alina pussy and switched to Irina. I kissed her firmly on the lips, sticking my tongue deep into her mouth. She hugged me and Alina said something about my cheating, but I couldn’t hear her anymore… I took off her skirt and asked her if she had had her first sexual intercourse. She said she didn’t and added that she wouldn’t have it even now. It upset me, my cock rushed into her vagina (with a child’s cannon), but it wasn’t possible to realize the conceived idea. Alina started to persuade Ira, but she was really afraid. Then I took my penis in my hands and offered it to Alina. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Then she took it out of her mouth and offered it to Ira. She took it too, but she sucked much worse than Alina. Then Alina introduced her face to Ira and said: \\ “I’ll give you научу\\”. It was just divine! I was given a blowjob by two girls at the same time!! And Alina had time to lick with Irya. I could not withstand such torture for a long time. I asked Ira to take my cock in her mouth and started to come. On Alina’s advice, she swallowed semen, but some of it still got on Ira’s cheeks. They were licked by Alina. Ira was just delighted. It turned out that she and the boy then did not have a good idea, and there are a couple of perverts) She was wondering what else can be done. Having fun, but not having lost her virginity. I offered anal sex. She was a bit confused, but at the same time interested. Alina had some grease in her table drawer. Ira took off her clothes before the goal and got on all fours. Alina greased her anus with grease and gave some advice. She liked to be somebody’s sexual mentor. Alina massaged not only her anus, but also Ira’s pussy. That pussy was just unrealistically wet from excitement. I came up to her from behind and took both hands on her little ass. my dick stood like stone. Alina sat on the bed next to Ira and rubbed her pussy. I stroked Irina’s ass and started to stick my fingers in it, Ira began to resist, but Alina said that at first it would hurt a little, and she seemed to calm down. At first I put only one finger in her anus, and then not completely. Then it included two fingers, and then three. Then I decided to introduce my penis there. Ira’s anus squeezed it nicely. Ira cried out a little. I did not stick it deeper and decided to wait a little, Alina lay under Ira and started licking her pussy. (I had never guessed that she was bisexual, but it excited me even more). Ira started moaning. I stuck my cock a little deeper and started to drive it backwards, but slowly. When moving, I sometimes hit Alina’s forehead with eggs, and it excited me even more. The sensation was amazing! The head of my penis went into her anus and I decided to wait with the trunk. The orgasm came faster than I expected and I accelerated my pace. Ira was already moaning with pleasure. I even began to be afraid that we would be heard. I came without pulling out my penis. Ira also came at all. After taking a little breath, I asked her about her feelings. She was in the seventh heaven. And Alina was not happy: – And you completely forgot about me?! – Wait a little, let me take a breath. With these words I came to Alina and started kissing her on the lips. The stroking of my hands on her body brought me back to combat readiness. I lay on my back. Alina squatted and injected my penis into her vagina. Having called Ira, she started to sit on my gun. Her chest was bouncing during her movements. Ira began to caress Alinina’s breasts with her hands, I took her by the waist and pulled her towards me. She also squatted and I started licking her pussy and, just wiped from my sperm and grease, my ass, penetrating with my tongue into the inside. We changed our posture a couple more times, and then, exhausted, went to bed. The next day Ira left, but promised to come back in a year and have fun again).

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