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The names of the heroes in this story have been changed. I forgot some details and conversations, because it was not yesterday. I had to compose them, sticking to the facts that I remember well. That’s how the story arose. Getting acquainted Gathering on a business trip, I decided in advance to take care of a good free evenings. At that time, dating sites with the ability to communicate online have not yet been distributed. But there were already sites with a large number of questionnaires for girls, which could be written by soap. This is what I used to use. When dating through the network, you have a wide choice. This does not mean that all the wishes are easily fulfilled, but the chances are very diverse. I decided to choose from girls aged 18-22 years, although I am much older. At that time I had almost no experience of dating through sites. But why not try it? I wrote a small letter in which, without hiding my age and marital status, I wrote directly that I would be glad to get acquainted, to spend together a good and cultural couple of evenings. I told a little bit about myself. I did not write directly about my desire to make love. I tried to show myself as an interesting and intelligent person, whom I can trust. Next, I had to choose who to write to and who not to write to. I gave preference to those who in their questionnaires were more detailed and wrote more interesting than others. It is not very reliable, but a test of a girl’s culture and her interest in communication. I know very well that if a man and a woman have something to talk about, it is more likely to continue interesting communication in bed. In foreign books on the psychology of communication, sometimes there is such a concept as “chemistry”. It means something very vague, which is almost impossible to describe with words, but which can bring people closer or push them away from each other. It seems that by reading what a person writes, I can feel this chemistry quite well. I also took this into account when selecting candidates to meet me. I will not describe in detail how I selected the questionnaires. The main thing is that quite quickly we got a list of about a dozen girls to get acquainted. I sent my standard letter to everyone, only supplying the name of the girl in each case. Someone did not answer me. Someone wrote that it is not interesting in principle. Two or three contacts seemed to be promising. With this approach, you can end up not agreeing with anyone, or it may turn out that there will be more than one girl or woman, ready for a personal meeting. This time, everything came down to one real contact, which resulted in an acquaintance that lasted several years.
But this is a topic for a separate story. Now it is about what happened next. A few days after I had a good time on a business trip and returned home, another letter came to my mailbox. A girl with a beautiful name “Diana” wrote with regret that she hadn’t checked her mail for a long time and saw my letter too late. Although it would have been very interesting for her to get acquainted with me. I answered and the correspondence started. In the end it was agreed that the girl would come to my city specially to spend time together and make love if we wanted. Diana was a student of the penultimate year at two universities at once; she had about one and a half years left till graduation. She was 20 or 21 then. She wrote in an interesting and easy way. If you know how to read letters and direct communication, you can see and understand a lot in a person, even without a personal meeting. Meeting. The first time together I met Diana on the station platform, right by the train. The time was winter, and in winter it is much harder to undress a girl with eyes than in summer. But something can be easily seen even when a girl in a winter coat and fur hat. Diana was a miniature girl, about 160 cm tall. I saw and appreciated everything else very soon. We got to the hotel, where I booked a room for Diana, quickly. I did not drag her straight to bed and she was not impatient either. We talked, had a snack in the hotel cafeteria and returned to our room. We got a little used to each other and did not feel like strangers. Then everything went like in oil – kissing, undressing, showering, bed. Diana’s figurine turned out to be just great! Everything in her figure was very proportional. Not small and not big breasts, which did not need a bra because of its perfection. Small nipples, very responsive to the caress. The pubic is neatly cut, but not naked. Diana was kept completely relaxed. And, as it turned out, she was willingly included in a variety of caresses. The Bible teaches us to love, and the Kama Sutra explains well how to do it. It seems that the Kama Sutra couldn’t teach Diana anything anymore; she already knew everything and did it not only skillfully, but with passion and excitement. In my opinion, this is what makes love different from primitive sex. I will not describe everything in detail, especially since there are no many details left in my memory. We took pictures of each other. I have kept one of the photos for a long time. On it, I took a blowjob with Diana on my back. She was a craftswoman in this as well. She did not just suck a penis, but played with it as a favorite toy, releasing it completely, then taking it very deeply.
So deep that I could feel the penetration of the penis head into the throat, which tightly squeezed it. Lovemaking differs from primitive sex in that there is also something to talk about, both before and after. Many men and women often lack an understanding and intelligent interlocutor who wants to tell everything. Diana told me about many things. About how at the age of 18 she parted with her virginity and fell in love with the most popular boy of the school without memory. How he treated her rudely and unceremoniously. How she was raped several times – both during her school years and later. If you know how to listen well, you are willingly told about almost everything. And it makes you very close. At some point, Diana shared her unrealized fantasy. It turned out that for a long time she wanted to feel two penises at once, one in the vagina and the other in the anus. And that it would be gentle and beautiful. Diana was afraid to do it with the guys from her circle of communication – and it is not obvious what they will do well, and there is a risk to spoil her reputation (men are often no less talkative than women). I liked the idea. And I said that she may never have the best chance to realize her fantasy. That I have a good friend without complexes, very skillful in love. And that we can organize everything for her. It didn’t take long to convince Diana. Right from my room, I called Vlad. He quickly understood what we were talking about. We agreed that we would meet the next day at 2 pm in Diana’s room. I talked to Diana a little more and left her to rest. It was agreed that I would come again in the evening. The mood was good both for her and for me. Both of us were happy with the way everything worked out. I went to work; there were urgent things to do. But more than once I went back to what was, what will be in the evening and what will happen tomorrow. More than once I noticed that a new intimate acquaintance fills with vivid impressions and euphoria. During the day, Diana experienced her first orgasm with oral caresses. Then, at the decisive moment, two of my fingers were injected into Diana and easily massaged the upper wall of the vagina, located under the pubic bone. In many women this is a very sensitive place to caress. The lips and tongue at this time were mainly clitoris. Diana did not say anything. But it wasn’t difficult to understand by her frequent breathing, soft moans and body movements that all this was very pleasant for her, and the orgasm was approaching. And then it turned out what we both wanted. Diana strained, bent a little, and the waves of orgasm began to cover her. The body was shaking convulsively. The moans turned into barely contained screams. Fingers introduced into the vagina felt rhythmic contractions. It did not go on for long. The girl calmed down and lay completely silent. Different women have different needs for orgasm. Someone wants to experience several orgasms in a row. Although not everyone has been given this or not everyone has learned it. Someone immediately after their orgasm obtained by oral caresses, wants to feel a tense male penis and experience the extra pleasure of orgasm of their man. There are other options, especially with a rich fantasy and a variety of experiences. It is easier when you already know a woman well and know what she likes better. And with Diana, it was the very first time.
After waiting for some time, we quietly spoke: – Are you okay? – Cool! – Do you want more like that? – No, not now. – Okay. – And how are you? Let’s do it for you now. How do you want it? – How about you? Do you want it long or do you want it fast? – How do you feel? You can do it for a long time later. I’m a little tired now. It is always a difficult situation for me. Having learned to control myself, I can enter a woman and not come very long. Or, if I want, I can experience an orgasm in a few seconds. And a quick orgasm may be even brighter. But I regret that everything ended so quickly. And I have to wait to be ready for orgasm again. Also, I do not have a favorite posture that I prefer to everyone else. I want different things, but I always have to choose one. So I have to look for a compromise. If a woman has a clear desire to do as I want, then after a change of two or three positions, for orgasm, most often I choose the classic missionary position. I usually have the desire to end up with a girl in my mouth only when I have no other options. In the evening, I came to Diana’s hotel again. I took a gel to rehearse what I had planned to do with Vlad. We had a little talk and soon found ourselves in bed. I knew from Diana that she had already tried anal sex and was not afraid of it. But we started not with this, but with ordinary affection. We quickly found ourselves in a successfully tested position during the day. Diana was lying on her back, and I caressed her orally. But this time I found another use for my hands. At first, I caressed with my fingers on the nipple. But I did not work hard not to bring Diana to orgasm before the time. Then I started to inject the index finger of Diana’s left hand into her anus. If the finger and anus are well lubricated (and the tube with gel I prudently put under the pillow), it will easily enter even the girl who has not yet had experience of anal sex. And without any pain or difficulty. By inserting the index finger of my left hand into the anus, I inserted the index finger of my right hand into the vagina. And it became easy to massage with my fingers the thin partition between the vagina and the anus (it would be more accurate to write “rectum”, but it does not sound romantic at all). At the same time, I continued the oral caresses of the clitoris. Diana’s breath started to become more frequent again. I don’t know what worked more strongly on the girl – oral caress, movements of my fingers or spice of the situation. It was obvious that Diana likes what I do. I liked it too. When one finger inserted into a girl feels very well through the partition with his second finger, which is in a very different place, it is a very unusual feeling. But I had no desire to bring Diana back to orgasm with my oral caresses. I noticed something else for her and for myself. After a while, I broke away from the girl’s bosom and took out my fingers. A long time ago I noticed that a well-oiled finger or penis inserted into a girl’s anus usually comes out absolutely clean. So it turned out this time as well. Diana was clearly waiting for what would happen next. But she was silent, completely trusting me.
For anal sex, three basic positions are usually used – a man at the back, a man on top (girl on back), a girl on top (man on back). Delicately asked how Diana prefers. She suggested to start with something alone, and then on the situation. It was necessary to decide whether to wear a condom (I used a condom in the afternoon during standard sex). We decided that it is possible to put a condom in the ass without it. Leaving Diana lying on her back, I abundantly lubricated my excited penis and asked her to raise her knees as high as possible, pulling them up to her shoulders. In this position, the entrance to the anus opens very well. I slipped my knee-bent legs under the girl’s buttocks and pointed my penis up the ass with my hands. The posture on the back is a bit uncomfortable at the very beginning of anal sex, because you can get the penis into the vagina instead of the tight closed anus. But this time it turned out clearly. Putting the penis into the anus always feels very different from entering the vagina and oral sex. Somehow it is more like the first penetration into a virgin. First, you rest your penis head on the closed anus ring. Then you start to press, the ring does not hurry to let the penis in. At some point, increasing the pressure, you penetrate the girl with the penis head and stop. The ring just passed tightly covers the base of the head. It does not feel like this in the vagina. Even when you penetrate the virgins. There is also the resistance of a vagina that is not used to a member. But there is no such clenching of the head at the base of the vagina. Giving a girl time to get used to the penis in her anus and relax, you start to penetrate deeper. And if you have a mid-sized male penis, it gradually penetrates the girl to its full length, without causing pain or discomfort to the girl. The main thing here is not to rush, to do everything smoothly and gradually. Diana and I succeeded in the best way. Pretty soon I was making deep frictions. Then, sometimes I started to pull the penis out of the vagina and put it in there again. It doesn’t feel as sharp as the first penetration. The relaxed anus takes the penis much easier, almost without resistance. But it still feels very good. And much tighter inside, there is also the beauty of it. Having played with the girl in this pose, I suggested Diana to get on her knees to enter her from behind. She willingly changed her pose. In this position, it is much easier to correctly point the dick at the girl for anal sex. And that is why this position is very convenient for the first penetration. It is special if a girl is inexperienced in anal sex. But I had a different goal. By introducing my penis into Diana and starting the friction, I began to caress her clitoris with my fingers to lead her to orgasm. The calculation was correct. Diana was getting more and more excited. And I was already preparing to shoot my own sperm in the ass during her orgasm. At the same time, orgasm has its charm. But it didn’t work out as I had planned. Suddenly, I heard: – Stop. Lie on your back. – Why? Are you uncomfortable? – No, I’m fine. We’ll do it differently. – How? – You’ll find out. Trust me on this. I’ve already realized that Diana is going to sit on my dick from above. But it wasn’t clear to me how she could experience orgasm in this not too comfortable position. Very soon Diana was squatting and carefully sat down on my cock. Once again, he entered her easily. But it seemed to me that he became even tighter. And when he penetrated deeply, it was as if his head was resting on something.
I asked: – Are you so comfortable? – Yes. But I can’t for a long time, my legs will get tired. – Can I help you? – No, you can’t. I will help myself. With my hand. – Okay. Let me know when you’re very close. – Yes, I will. I did not say “come”, this word also does not seem to me romantic. But Diana understood me well. Then she arranged everything by herself. The tempo increased, the moans intensified. Diana caressed her clitoris with her hand and seemed to forget about me. But very soon I heard: – Now, now… I want you to be with me… – Yes, my happiness… It really happened almost simultaneously with us. To be more precise, Diana’s moans, like during the day, turned into screams. And the first cramp rolled over her body. At the same second, I let go of my brakes, and began to have an orgasm too. But this time, it was not Diana’s vagina that was squeezing my dick in waves, but it was throbbing in her tight ass. I also lost my head and began to make some cries, completely forgetting that we are in the hotel and behind the wall or in the corridor can hear us. But everything that has a beginning has an end. Even such a pleasant thing as an orgasm. Pretty soon, we both quieted down. Diana got off my still excited penis and lay down next to me, hugging me. I turned to Diana too. We were lying silently for a while, recovering our breath. The next day, Vlad called me at noon and told me he would come and would not be late. I also said that I would try not to be late. But it really happened that I was about a quarter of an hour late. I was wondering in what position I would find them and what they would be doing. I was a little embarrassed by the fact that it was a little not gentlemanly to invite a strange guy to a girl, and to be late myself. When I opened the unlocked room door and came in, I saw Diana and Vlad lying under the blanket and talking about something. They did not hug or kiss. They said that they decided not to start without me. It was not necessary to acquaint them, they perfectly coped with it without me. Very soon I joined them in bed. Diana came between us and started kissing her. Vlad caressed her with his hands from behind. When I had a little girlfriend, I turned on my back with Diana and she was on top. I asked her, addressing Diana and Vlad: – Well, how will we proceed? Will we try? – It is up to you to decide, boys. It is my first time. – What about you, Vlad? – I can go from the back… We haven’t discussed any other variants, so we got down to business. Diana cleverly sat on my penis and completely accepted it in her vagina. I leaned it towards me and started moving in it. Vlad waited a little, and then, having greased what we needed with gel, he began to do what we expected from him. The posture turned out to be quite funny. Whoever has tried it knows that it is not too convenient to inject a girl with a second penis when she already has one in her vagina. But Vlad had experience and knew well how to do it. He slipped his kneeling bent legs under my thighs and, having chosen the right position, put his penis to Diana’s anus.
Then, having warned Diana, he began to introduce a member. I think he had about the same feeling as I had the night before. In the end, we were all intertwined, everyone touched everyone. It is not for nothing that such a pose is sometimes called a sandwich, very similar. Soon, both penises were completely in Diana. And we began to choose a pace of movement that would be convenient for everyone. To be more precise, Vlad and I were picking it up; no special activity was required from Diana. It was difficult for her to do something in the situation where she was between two men. When we found the right pace, we began to enter and leave them almost in unison with Diana. In this position, any one of us could easily jump out of Diana with too wide a movement. That’s what happened several times. In my opinion, this kind of sex is not very convenient. But it gives a very piquant impression. I couldn’t do without specifying the details here: – Are you okay? Are you comfortable? – I’m fine, it’s okay. – What else do you want? – Nothing. I got what I wanted. What about you? – Do you want to continue? – Like you. Do as you want. I won’t come now, I’ll come later… Vlad didn’t drag it out, and he discharged into Diana pretty quickly. I had no such desire, I decided to postpone. Vlad and Diana went to the bathroom one by one, and Vlad began to dress, referring to urgent matters. He did not talk him out of it. It wasn’t the first time when Vlad and I had sex with a common girl. But we had not tried to introduce two dicks into a girl at the same time. Funny, funny. But it’s not a big deal. Rather than some special feelings are pleasant, but the very fact of participation in something unusual. We touched upon the topic of Diana’s impressions even before Vlad left. The girl was happy that she had fulfilled her longtime wish. She thanked us very much for helping her and did everything very well. After Vlad left, we talked about something nice. It seems that both Diana and I had the feeling that everything had already happened. I can say about my feelings that I felt like a few minutes after the orgasm. I feel good at heart, my body feels good, and I feel a little tired. And for a while there was no desire to make love. But pretty soon, nature has reminded about itself. And we willingly gave each other another portion of pleasure. In the evening I had to go by train to another city on business. We had agreed that Diana would come with me even before the meeting. The four hours of road went unnoticed in our conversations. And we spent the night together in a completely different hotel room. The epilogue The long friendship between a man and a woman doesn’t happen very often in life. And in cases known to me personally, it was always after they slept together. Although the friendship may begin even before, when both sides or at least one of them is set on intimacy. But if you drag it out much, the friendship “before” often turns out to be short-lived. For several years we continued to correspond, although letters gradually became rarer. Diana finished her studies and began working in one of the law enforcement agencies. I never saw her in uniform and shoulder straps, but she showed me her photos. We met rarely when she was with my city on her way to rest or on her way home. At the last meeting I found out that she was about to get married. I think that Diana should be a good wife. The fact that she was young and realized all her fantasies does not prevent me from presenting Diana as a loving and faithful wife. I know from experience that it is not uncommon for a married woman to find herself in bed with a man because she is not satisfied with her curiosity before. But these are already topics for other stories.

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