Muscular man fucks his depraved mistress

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My girlfriend has recently moved and I have never been to her new apartment, and one day, I went to her, – having passed almost to the other side of the city, I came to her multi-storey, but I had a surprise waiting for me, – the door was closed on the code lock … Having parabated in it, I began to wait. And then a car came to the house, – a woman of lush forms came out of it, – it looked like – 50 – 55 years, – the cab driver laid out many bags and bags. When the car left, the woman looked at the heap in confusion – small and her eyes turned to me. I understood everything from half a word and offered my help. Armed with a lot of junk, we moved to her apartment (she lived on the third floor). When we went inside, Aunt Luba (so she introduced herself) decided that until she thanked me – will not let out. Quickly set the table and put a bottle of cognac, she invited me to sit down. Behind a glass, she told me that she had recently moved, that she was a widow, complained about a hard life without a man, etc., etc. Having listened to her for a couple more minutes, I tactfully told her that a girl was waiting for me and that I was already detained. She nodded her head understandingly and suggested “on the horse”. I told her that I would be back now and went to the toilet (I had a small one). After doing my work and washing my hands, I went back to the table. After a drink, I suddenly became dizzy and… I passed out. When I came to my senses, I was surprised to find myself lying naked on the bed and tied on my hands and feet, my legs were divorced, bent in the knees and raised up. Just like on a gynecological chair,” I thought, “Aunt Luba sat between my legs, also naked, and furiously jerked off and sucked my dick, which for some reason stood. Aunt Luba’s finger was in my butt and she used it very skillfully. “Well, are you awake? – she asked me looking into my eyes and continuing to kick my pussy and not taking my finger out of my anus – I’m sorry, I really wanted a young man … I put a special potion in the last drink – and you passed out” – And why am I tied? – And how did I know that you would agree? Especially, I love to jerk off men’s dicks and shove my finger up their asses…and I don’t know if you would agree or not…I certainly agreed with the logic of her reasoning, but this has not improved my situation. And Aunt Luba did not lose any time in vain – she so skillfully kicked me and hit some “strings” in my ass that I understood – I will soon come. Aunt Luba noticed that my cock swollen and my testicles rose and doubled her efforts. Her pen was fluttering on my penis, my finger in my anus was doing wonders – and I began to descend – sperm started shooting with incredible force, Aunt Luba set her open mouth and swallowed it. When the pussy shattered, she jerked my anus a little more and pulled my finger out of my butt… – How did you like it ? – Very…. . Maybe you can untie me ? – If you give your word that you will not leave at once and will obey me … I had nothing to do as to give my word and promise to be good, – especially in my heart I understood that what is happening I like, in my 18 years I have never been with a woman almost three times older than me. Aunt Luba untied me – I got up and kneaded swollen legs bent. The woman came up from behind and began to stretch and massage my buttocks caressing my testicles. She spread my halves and started licking my anus by sticking her tongue in there. I began to get excited again. My aunt love lifted me up, turned me around and sucked her lips to my nipple, bitting it slightly. Then she got up and hugged me tightly sucked my lips, began to penetrate into my mouth with her tongue and her hand was already on my penis and masturbated it. For her years, Aunt Luba looked even very nice. The fullness even decorated her. Big tits with standing five-centimeter nipples, a small tummy, a big, rounded white ass, and a shaving huge protruding cunt with an incredibly large clit sticking out like a small cock. She bent me to her manda and started to move her clit on my lips… – Suck it like a dick and stick your finger up my ass… I started to suck her huge clit, spread her big ass, felt her anus and started to stick my finger there, rotating and twisting it. Aunt Luba was making energetic pelvic movements as if she was fucking me in the mouth, her anus was shrinking under my finger, she started moaning and groaning loudly. And then, twitching sharply, she soaked and hushed … – How good, you’re good, a long time ago I did not have such a strong orgasm … Having rested a little and drank cognac (already without potion), Aunt Anya and I moved to the bed, she, caressing my pussy asked me about my sexual preferences, about – whether to like a finger in the ass, was I with men, etc.. – And let me make you an enema, my boy … She went out somewhere and came back with a small pear and a jar of fragrant water … – Well, become a crayfish and stretch the buttocks … I became a crayfish, spread the butt, exposed the anus and froze. Aunt Luba began to lick a hole in the butt and drooled heavily, then her chubby finger entered my anus and began to make progressive movements … She opened my hole even wider and began to inject the tip of the pear, – warm water began to fill me and tickle inside. When the liquid ran out, Aunt Luba pulled the pear out of my butt and again filled the water with an enema up my ass. This procedure she did 5 times – and when I wanted to go to the toilet, Aunt Luba, having lost my pussy, let me go. I jumped out with a bullet and five minutes “let off steam”. Then I went to the bathroom to wash, then Aunt Luba came in and said that she would wash me. I got up under the shower and she started rubbing me, tilted and put a soapy finger in my ass, moved it there, bare my pussy, mocking her. Having washed me, she climbed into the bathroom and began to wash herself. I watched her with excitement. Aunt Luba washed her big tits, pulled herself by the nipples opened the pussy, soaped her, played with a big clit, and bent down began to shove her soap finger up her ass. After wrapping the towel, we moved to the bedroom. – You know, I really like your butt and my dream is to shove my clitoris in it… Even though the clitoris in Aunt Lyuba was huge, but still not a penis, – and I did not think long, agreed … She put me in a knee position and again began to lick the anus deeply penetrating into my ass, then, taking himself by the breast, rubbed his large and hard nipple on my ass, trying to shove it into a hole. It was a pleasure to feel the nipple of a woman’s chest in the anus – it’s something ! Playing a little more, Aunt Luba put a finger into my hole and moved it there. Then she climbed up and widely spread my halves, brought the crotch closer to the peeled ass – and then I felt as she enters her larger slippery clitoris into my ass. She started making progressive moves and moaning loudly. My piska stood up, it was very nice and unusual. Her tits were on my back and her excited nipples were eating and caressing my body. Aunt Luba slipped her hand into my crotch and, strongly clutching the head of my pussy, jerked me off. From the feelings that rushed on me, from the clitoris in the anus, the hand of Aunt Lyuba on my penis, I began to cum and together with me and she, heavily poured on me. We went to bed and Aunt Lyuba sucked my pussy from sperm… – I felt very good, your ass is beautiful, it’s even better than my daughter’s… – I don’t understand… – I was widowed a long time ago, and my daughter divorced, so we “help” each other – she also has a very large clitoris, as well as her granddaughter… – And you attract your granddaughter in your games? – Not only my granddaughter – my grandson, too… I was just crazy about her revelations and asked them to tell me how they “have” sex with her family. – Listen, do you want me to invite them here now and you will see for yourself ? In my opinion, if it were me, no one would refuse – and I gladly agreed … Aunt Luba came to the phone and dialed, she spoke quietly and I almost did not hear anything … Having finished talking, she went to my bed again and took a pussy … – It’s okay, they will be soon, and we need to rest and get dressed, my grandchildren have never seen a big penis, let’s not “surprise” them so much at once … We got out of bed, went to the shower and dressed. And after a short wait, the doorbell rang. Aunt Luba went to open the door, and I, in living something forbidden, remained to sit in the kitchen. In the hallway, we heard cheerful voices and the whole company went into the kitchen. We began to get acquainted … Aunt Lyuba’s daughter called Natasha – it was a tall (even taller than me, and I have 1 m 78 cm) full woman. Her breasts were huge, as well as her butt. But she looked proportionally, there was almost no stomach. She could be called beautiful – big eyes with thick lashes, big puffy sensual lips, delicate white neck. It could look like 25-28 years old, but my Aunt Luba told me before that she was 32. My granddaughter’s name was Oksana. She was eighteen years old with small breasts, beautiful as her mother’s mouth and rounded, rather protruding ass. And finally, the grandson of Aunt Lyuba – Seryozha. Fat beautiful boy with chubby buttocks in shorts. We all sat down together at the table and began to have a meal… The second bottle of cognac went on the move, and the third, and poured the children too (of course, with the permission of the grandmother and mother) We moved smoothly to the room, where we continued our fun at the coffee table. Aunt Luba served coffee with sweets and juice. We drank cognac and it was visible that the children, as well as their mother already a little bit drowned … And then Aunt Luba offered to play cards … on wishes … The conditions were such that the loser fulfills the wishes of the others, and desires must be erotic. And here, the game began. The first loser was Oxana’s granddaughter. Aunt Luba ordered her to kiss her nipple, which she pulled out of the robe. The girl was very confused, but went to her grandmother and kissed her big nipple a little sucking it with her full lips. It was her mother’s wish to show her breasts. The girl, blushing, raised her T-shirt and we saw two round, elastic breasts with rather big nipples. My brother wanted to touch the pussy. She turned to him and lifted up her skirt and exposed large full anchovies (I already knew my desire), lowered her panties. My brother looked at her little manda with lust and drooled. I called the girl to my place and asked her to turn around and take off her panties. She blushed and started taking off her panties. A stunning picture opened in front of me. I bent her a little bit and spread her chubby buttocks. I was looking at the pink ring of her anus, which was strongly squeezed (affecting the embarrassment of the girl) a little lower under it, I saw a girl’s pussy, like a pie. She was hairless and plump. But there was also a feature like her grandmother’s – a big clitoris – he looked out of the girl’s pussy like a little worm. I stroked the girl’s ass, put my hand on the clitoris, touched her anus, -that’s why the clitoris was even more tight… We continued the game… Now my brother lost. He almost cried … Grandmother asked to show her ass. He reluctantly took off his shorts with panties and bent down. Aunt Luba started tickling his anus with her finger, love for the ass probably was in her blood, she injected his finger and moved it. The boy was very ashamed, but he stubbornly endured the movements of his grandmother’s finger in his chubby ass. His mother and sister told him to show him the pussy. He had a small hairless penis 7-8 centimeters. And he was standing. It seems that the boy liked everything that happens … Well, for some reason, I was interested in his butt, maybe because it was similar to a woman’s butt. I bent him down and spread his buttocks. The anus was small and red, apparently my grandmother’s finger was not slippery enough, below I could see the hairless testicles, which I also stroked, although before I was drawn to the male charms I did not notice … But, as they say, – Everything once happens for the first time… I won’t tell you more details about how we played, but further lost grandmother, who we all shared, and granddaughter asked him to kiss his letters, how the children lost again, and finally lost the daughter of Aunt Lyuba – Natasha. We divided her naked and began to generalize. Her breasts were huge, as well as nipples, huge ass, and her thighs too. Shin climbed into her mother’s pussy and investigated something there. My daughter was pulling her nipples and ironing her breasts, but me and my aunt Anya took care of her daughter’s ass. First I widely spread her chubby ass and Aunt Luba put a finger in the anus, then we changed, Aunt Luba moved Natasha’s ass and I licked her anus and stuffed her finger in it, moving it in this beautiful ass … When we played Natasha, Aunt Luba told me to give in to the cards, that is, I never lost. I told her that I didn’t have to lose cards to get naked. – Then let’s go to bed and there we will undress you. I was unusually excited, because I will be undressed by four almost unknown people, especially by two teenagers. We have moved to the bedroom. There, Aunt Luba started unbuttoning my pants and her daughter’s shirt. The children stood aside and watched with interest. And now it came to the underpants … Aunt Luba together with her daughter slowly took them off and put them down below the knees. I appeared in all its glory. The member proudly stood up and trembled. Aunt Luba’s daughter looked at him lustfully and, unable to stand it, embraced him with her hand and began to wank him. Meanwhile, Aunt Luba grabbed my butt and began to crush and feel it passionately. I was completely undressed, put on the bed and began to undress myself. The children looked at my naked body and especially at my cock with embarrassment and interest. Having torn off my daughter from my pussy, Aunt Luba called my grandchildren to look at me and feel, telling my daughter that she had seen enough men’s pussy. Having called my granddaughter, Aunt Luba put her hand on my cock and taught me how to wank it off correctly. The girl with lust squeezed my pussy and breathed intensely. I could see that she was very excited, her breasts were trembling, her eyes dimmed. The grandson, who watched my sister’s manipulations with interest, put his hand on my testicles and shaken them gently … At this time, his mother came up to him from behind and grabbed his pods with her hand and began to bare and close the head. Then I was turned to my stomach and my butt was opened. Aunt Luba widely spread my buttocks began to lick the butt. Oksanochka stroked my testicles and sometimes touched the anus, gently tickling it and trying to get inside. Aunt Luba taught her how to put a finger in my butt and move it inside. Her movements made me very excited. They put me on the table with cancer and started to lustfully generalize me. Aunt Lyuba’s daughter stuck her head under me and began to suck my pussy furiously. My grandmother shared my nipples and gave me her breast in my mouth. I started sucking her nipples with strength. Children looked at my ass, apparently, in this family the craving for ass was at the genetic level. They crushed my halves and moved them apart. And then I felt a boy sticking his finger in my anus, spinning it to them. At the same time, the girl was gently touching my testicles, slightly pulling them away. Aunt Luba, seeing her grandson showing interest in my ass, asked me if I wanted him to stick his pussy in my anus. I was so excited that I agreed, especially since the boy had a small pussy. I was moved to the bed and given cancer. My grandmother began to lick a hole in me and wet my spit. And, my grandson, having attached to my butt, began to stuff his piska in my anus. She came in without pain and pleasantly filled my ass. My grandchild began to make short but sharp jerks, impatience and excitement. Meanwhile, Aunt Lyuba’s daughter, having embraced her own daughter for her ass, threw her on the bed, next to me. She passionately crushed the girl, sucked her nipples, strongly crushed the buttocks Grandma one hand jerked my worthy cock, and the other reached out to the granddaughter’s ass, trying to stick a finger in her girl’s anus, then pulled her hand to the plump ass granddaughter, who fucked me, felt his testicles and anus, tickling it. Through the movements of my grandson, I realized that the final is close. I strongly squeezed my anus and felt how his boyish sperm poured up my ass… He moaned loudly and was already pulling his pussy out of my anus. All women became behind me and began to lick the sperm coming out of my hole. Here, Aunt Luba offered me to fuck them all in the ass. All the girls became cancer on the sofa and opened their asses. The painting was stunning. Three beautiful asses were looking at and calling my pussy to themselves. I went up to Aunt Luba, licked her anus, moved my finger in her big ass and started to introduce my standing pussy. She skillfully squeezed my dick with her anus, the excitement increased. Then I switched to Aunt Luba’s daughter, Natasha. I broke to her lush ass, licked her pulled the clitoris, put my finger in her anus. At the moment when I started to inject my dick into her ass, a boy’s finger suddenly entered my anus, he probably liked my ass too – and all the time, while I was carrying his mother up my ass, he moved his finger in my ass and squeezed my testicles with the other hand. Meanwhile, my grandmother was preparing her granddaughter to be carried to her anus – she opened the girl’s ass strongly, licked her anus and stuck her finger in her ass, twisting it and developing the entrance. I did not see the girl’s face, but judging by the movements of her ass, she liked the procedure. So I pulled my dick out of Natasha’s ass and approached the girl’s ass and started to lick her passionately and put my tongue into her anus. The boy kept moving his finger in my ass and when I bent over to lick his sister’s anus, he pushed his finger up my ass even deeper and made it more energetic. I slowly began to introduce my pussy into the girl’s virginal anus, Aunt Luba warned me that this was her first time. Her anus so pleasantly squeezed me, and the boy’s finger so well instrumented in my ass that having made a couple of movements I began to come, spilling sperm in the puffy butt of the girl and rhythmically squeezing the boy’s finger in his butt. When I pulled out my pussy from the girl’s ass, her grandmother and mother started licking sperm from the girl’s anus. The boy pulled his finger out of my butt and started licking and sucking it. We rested and drank cognac. Ungomonnya, Aunt Luba suggested to have another untried hole – her grandson’s ass. Seryozha was embarrassed, but did not turn out to be, – he was placed with a crayfish, his mother and sister moved his chubby ass, and the omnipresent grandmother had already processed the anus of her grandson with a tongue and then with a finger. I went to Seryozha, stroked his butt, his hairless pussy, jerked him off a little. And then I wanted to kiss this little miracle, which stood and shuddered. I stuck my head under the boy’s belly and took his pee-pee in my mouth and I liked sucking the boy’s penis surprisingly. After sucking for about three minutes, I went up to his ass and slowly began to stick my pussy in his anus. The boy was delayed; apparently, he was in a bit of pain, but I continued to push him in. When he calmed down, I started to rhythmically carry his puffy butt. Grandmother squatting for me opened my ass tickling her tongue and then a finger, playing with my anus, she put before her daughter and granddaughter, ordered them to spread their butts and bend over. After spitting one finger on each hand, she shoved them into the anuses of relatives and began to excite them. When I saw such a picture, I took the boy by the penis and started jerking off. At first, he finished clutching my cock with his butt and then I was… I was like a squeezed lemon and everyone was tired. I lay down to rest and did not notice how I fell asleep. I woke up at night, Aunt Luba jerked off my cock and studied my ass with her finger. She took my sperm in her mouth when she jerked me off. It is clear that I did not get to any girl. It was time to go home. Already in the corridor saying goodbye to my aunt Any, I promised to visit her more often. It again wanted to feel me again having walked my ass, she already habitual for me has moved entered a finger to me in anus and the handle has locked on a pussy. What time in a day I have finished, I already do not remember …

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