Producer fucked a songwriter in a recording studio

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My wife and I have been swinging for about two years. During this time, we have tried many different formats MZHMZH, MZHM, MZHM. However, my cherished dream was to arrange real group sex, with my wife in the title role. One weekend, we went to the Siesta sauna. This is a whole complex of 7 different saunas, billiards, a restaurant, lounges, etc. When we entered our sauna (Roman), 6 guys entered the next one. They talked cheerfully, but they quieted down letting us go ahead, watching my wife with interest. I will not delve into the description of how my wife and I steamed, but I will move on to more interesting moments. After an hour of our steam room and a liter of martini, Natalia began to start interesting conversations about sex. I caressed her slightly but did not delve into her. Instead, he began to develop the topic of group sex, recalling the recent history of sex with our friends. Here Natalya says: Yes, I would please six of them, if only you were not against it. I answer: Okay, six young guys are relaxing in the next sauna, they liked you, do you? Nata drains the glass in one gulp: Yes, easy! I went out into the corridor, knocked on the neighbors and said, the insatiable girl was caught, will you help me satisfy? At first, they laughed and took it as a joke, but quickly realized that I was not joking. We decided to move to them, as our time was running out, and they still had two hours left. After we met and drank, I turned to my wife with the question: where would she like to start? Nata said that while she was embarrassed to have sex in front of everyone, especially with me. That this should be approached gradually. Then she arranged a striptease for us. Left in only stockings and boots, and seeing her clear success (the guys were drooling), the wife decided to give a little command. To begin with, she asked all those present to get their members and show her. Like, I’m naked, now it’s your turn. All readily complied with the request. The wife considered the dignity of the guys with pleasure. After that, she told me that first, she needed to try with someone so that I wouldn’t watch. That is ashamed of me. Well, business! She’s ashamed of me! I agreed, but emphasized that it would not take long, and just try! She chose one boy and went into the next room. After a couple of minutes, they returned. Natasha came up to me and kissed me passionately. The guys laughed together. Now I’m ready, my wife said. Everyone perked up. Smiling enough, Natasha raised her hands and said – “I’m yours!” The guys crowded around her and began to touch their wife’s body with their hands, knead their breasts, ass, and massage the crotch. I watched from the side as six unfamiliar guys paw my beloved, getting excited every second. Then, they picked her up and carried her onto the sofa. On the couch, becoming cancer, Nata began an audience. Easy to say, serving six, making it harder. At first, she was fucked by two at the same time. One in the back, the other in the mouth. At the same time, Natasha jerked off with two other hands.
The guys often changed places, since the two were constantly out of work. Then I invited one to enter her ass. The wife herself chose the guy with the smallest member, and he deftly dived into the hot ass of his wife. After the spouse got used to the cock in the ass, her mouth opened again for the third partner. Now, there was only one out of work. Therefore, when someone became superfluous, he came up to me and we drank. I also poured for my wife, periodically bringing the glass to her lips. Members changed and changed. Already in the ass of the wife is wielding someone with an impressive barrel. Sloshing and groans are heard. In order not to cum from the influx of emotions, I went to take a steam bath and plunge into the pool. When I returned, I saw that new faces appeared among the guys. I asked who they were, and they explained to me that while I was in the steam room, four more friends stopped by. But in order not to change the total number, they changed with those who were at the beginning, so that Natasha did not suspect anything. Members changed again, and free guys filmed an orgy on mobile phones. I said that about the photo, we had not agreed, but no one listened to me. Then I asked not to shoot at least Natalia’s face. The guys, grinning openly, promised me that they would not, at the same time, continuing to photograph the double penetration of his wife and close-ups of her virtuoso suction. Another change of partners again. Natasha went into a rage and dug her nails into the asses of the guys fucking her, driving their dicks deeper into herself and smiling into the camera lenses. It was clear that her possible popularity, like a whore, after these pictures, did not frighten her wife at all. Looking into the eyes of my wife, I read only pleasure and lust in them. I poured myself a drink, took a bite, and returned to the guys. Natasha was already laid on her back with her legs spread and her head thrown back, hanging from the table, and the guys just fucked her in her mouth and ass. It was nice to watch her throat swell as her cock plunged into her mouth up to her balls. I put my hand on Natalia’s throat and felt through the larynx how a member moves inside. The atmosphere was heated to the limit. I put my wife on my knees in front of a crowd of guys and told me to open my mouth. Those present did not understand this hint ambiguously and began to pour out their sperm in turn into his wife’s mouth. At the same time, I stood behind her and held her head with my hands, substituting it under the hot jets. When four of them were lowered, I made my wife swallow, then, again, and again. After all ten finished, Nata’s face and hair were all splattered with sperm. The guys continued to click their wife’s flooded face on their phones. I gently lifted her from my knees and kissed her on the lips. Then I announced to those present that this is my wife and that I love this woman more than anyone else in the world. After a little shock, the orgy participants shook my hand for a long time and complimented us. The guys thanked me for a great evening and left, and the happy wife went to take a steam bath and cool down her weary holes in the pool.

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