Sexual entertainment for two girlfriends instead of lunch

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I am still shocked by what happened! I often read such stories on the Internet, was excited, but did not think that this would happen to me! In general, I am 22 years old, I live in Astana. I do not want to say the real name of the girl, so I will continue to call her Asel. I met her at the university through friends. I was told that she is a correct girl, does not smoke, does not drink, does not walk. Of course, after the first 5 attempts to drag her into bed, I realized that she was a virgin and decided that this girl was not for a couple of dates. I liked her and I was in the mood for a serious relationship. We started dating last September. She always said that she would not give it before the wedding. We were petting, petting, and she was surprisingly professional, to which she replied that she often watches porn and learned everything from there. As a result, by June I managed to break it and she gave it. However, I entered surprisingly easily, there was no blood. Well, okay, I thought, you never know. Sex is strictly classic, in the vagina. She did not take it into her mouth, she resisted terribly! She said so only the last whores do. And yes, I had no doubts about her loyalty. After 3 months of having sex, I told her about my addictions to swing, and that I was turned on by someone getting stabbed at her. Of course, all this was only in bed fantasies, she always joked and said that never! Yes, I knew that I would not dare to do this. But it was pretty exciting. And so, in early November, we quarreled with her quite a lot. Yes, I was to blame, but I will not go into details. On November 10, she was supposed to go to Almaty on a business trip for 4 days. I thought, well, okay, let’s stay at a distance, cool down, come and make peace. But it was not there … On the 9th, we seemed to start contracting again, on the 10th in the morning I accompanied her to the station, but all this time I felt that she was cold and the resentment and anger inside her did not subside. To hell with him, she will come and throw herself into my arms … On the 11th morning, I call her: – How are you, Zai? Got it? – Yes, I got there … – Is it clear with whom I went on the train? – Some kind of woman with a small man and a girl. – It is clear (like a stone from the soul, otherwise I have read every one and my imagination wow) – Now to the hotel? – Yes … Okay, I’ll call you back, it’s uncomfortable to speak. – Okay, say, as you check in – ring. Throughout the day, VKontakte was written off, in the evening she had to go to a banquet of some kind. I called in the evening: – Come on, This already at the banquet? – Yes. – Until what time will you be there? – I don’t know, they say hours before 23. – I see … Are you still sulking? – What do you think? – Well, I’m sorry, I’m guilty … – You constantly apologize, there’s no point! You don’t get the lesson! That’s it, I went. At 00:20 I see she went to VC from a hundred. I write: – Are you already at the hotel? – No, let’s go. – With whom? – I’ll get a ride. – Who? – Friends at work. – I see, okay, how will you sign off in the room. – OK. At 01:10 no call or letter. He called a thousand times before, he doesn’t take it. Watching online! – Are you already at home? – Yes. – Why don’t you take the pipe? – No sound stood. – Why don’t you write and don’t call? – Busy, we drink tea in the room.
With whom? – Well, with Aydar and Askhat, who gave me a lift … I invited them, otherwise, it’s somehow inconvenient. – In the sense of uncomfortable? What for Nah? Get them out the door! There was no answer. Offline. Calling – not available. I was angry, but also excited. Will she sleep with them? Nooo, no way. Here is someone, but not her. Just trying to piss me off. Perhaps no one is there, the TV set is watching. Online again at 2 am. I write: – What are you doing? What’s missing? (And then I call – does not take …) – I lie … Naked) – Mmm) are they gone? – Not. – In terms of? Bl *, I didn’t understand. – In a straight line, they are here … and I’m lying naked. – Did you drink something? – Mb – Asel, it’s good to joke already. I understood everything, I will not pierce myself anymore. – You did not understand anything. Okay, I’ll fuck bye! Offline. The tower was blown to me. My heart was beating at a terrible speed, I thought it would burst out. I called – unavailable. I waited, but here every minute, what an hour. Online again. – Bl *, Asel! Pick up the phone. – I can’t, I’m fucking. – In terms of? What the fuck are you? – Well, you wanted to be fucked like a whore in front of your eyes. – That’s exactly what you see! What’s up with you? Offline … A message later. Watching the video came. Opening … In the video, some kid takes off his handjob. Behind me, I hear moans and spanking. He walks over and takes them off. Asel gets fucked doggy style. She groans. I’m shocked, terribly horny. This kid pushed his cock to her mouth and … She took it and started sucking! Moreover, with such ecstasy … She bellowed and sucked … Behind her, they fiercely beat her … In the video, the boys said hello to me (bitches, I will find – I will kill!). He took the dick out of her mouth and she started screaming: “Yes, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me like the last slut, bitch … Call the guys, let them go, yeah! I want you to fuck me all night” … I I didn’t recognize her … and then she turns to me: “Che, dear? Realized a joint? You are naive! I thought first … Nooo, before you I already had sex, 2 times, but I was!” .. The guys on the video had a bigger cock than me. I was bursting. It was clear that she was enjoying herself. I did not expect this from my “beloved” … A day later I phoned her. The relationship of course collapsed. I drank that night, took off the whore to somehow discharge myself. I already filmed her before my relationship with Asel, but this time I fucked her for a long time and tirelessly. Because he was excited. Of course, after that, there is still a shock and emptiness inside. I did not expect that she could lie like that, to be honest … Well, in general, that’s all. The story is true. I’ve never written. But after writing, I decided that it would be easier. And why not share this with connoisseurs!) P.S. Choose girls wisely!

Author: rendteam