Slender beauty with a working cunt and sweet mouth

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After my wonderful sex with Artyom, I felt like 100. I chose to forget about my intention to go to the doctor for a while. Not even 2 days have passed since I (or rather my ass) wanted a man again. The attempts to quench sexual hunger with a vibrator were empty. I closed in the bathroom, washed my ass, smeared it with anal lubrication and fucked myself with a vibrator until I was exhausted. But I could not experience an anal orgasm without someone’s affection and a live penis in the butt. Once, when I slept with a cork in my butt, my mobile rang. -Alo…. who is it? …do you have any idea what time you call? -Hi, my sweet cock. Do you see me asleep ? I’m sorry if I woke you. – I had a storm in my head from the memories of this evil voice and a penis of huge size with stitched balls. There were no doubts, it was Oleg who called. -Oleg is you? Why are you calling me. -And you will guess why…” he said and smiled – “My dick wants your sweet ass again. It wants it immediately. -What are you implying? -I asked in a mockery, but in the meantime, I suddenly started to want to take the cork out and insert it back. -Don’t break the slipper. You know what I can do with you. I will pull you out anyway and fuck you as I want. So wash your ass, put on your white panties (remember, so I put them on for a reason)) and come to a gay club. The car is already waiting for you, right under the window – and suddenly I heard a beep before the arrival. What could I do?! I got up, went to the bathtub, washed my ass, greased it badly (somebody will give it a rabid rubbish tonight), put on “happy” white panties, shaved my tits and legs and put on makeup (anyway, I was going to the place where the makeup just welcomed me). I was very excited, because I had a feeling of having rough but cool sex. When I came down, I saw a black Mercedes. I opened the door and saw a healthy bald guy who greeted me by saying, “Here’s our girl, you look cool slipper,” I blushed all over and he started pawing my tits unceremoniously. I did not object.Then he stopped and we went to the club. There was a party. It turned out that Oleg had DR. that’s why he wanted to give himself a present – that is me. When we entered he was standing on the stage drunk and saying something. Then they took me to the stage and turned on the music. All the gays started dancing and kissing. Among them I saw Cyril!!!!! He hugged some guy and kissed him in the ear like me. I was ready to burst into steam. I was rushed to my beloved, but then Oleg grabbed me and began to brazenly snub the tits to slap on the butt. Cyril saw me, opened his mouth in amazement, and went on stage. But Oleg has already told me to fuck. The club had rooms and Oleg decided to get rid of my butt in one of them. In the corridor we ran into Cyril… I wanted to rush to him but Oleg held me tightly and his hand was already on my ass. Cyril looked at it and in his eyes was jealous. I couldn’t cross Oleg. Suddenly Kirill said: -How to understand this ??!!! I made you a girl and you fell low and now you’re fucking this convict. !!! “Oleg turned and began to prepare a reply in fury. I was both scared and happy in the shower. So my dear Cyril still cherishes me. So he needs me. Maybe not me. And my ass.! You’re drilling a faggot!!! This is my woman, my tap and my hole!!! I’ve already fucked him, and now I want to fuck him so that his ass breaks!!! the fuck!!!! And so I don’t see you again!!!! -I’ve myself! !Is I a faggot?)) We’re all here!!!! -Speak for yourself CHMO! I’m a decent kid!! And the fag is the one I’m going to pull! You’re saying you took his virginity away?! Where were you then? It’s the second time I’ve fucked him! I’d give myself to both of them! “It’s not your business to be a bastard where I’ve been. As long as he’s with you, that’s his right, but I’m not giving up! Remember! – The tablecloth is a loser! – Oleg said, and he squeezed my ass even more. I only with a sense of pride and fear wandered with him to the room and to Cyril came out of the toilet his lover and he gently hugged him and began to kiss. I was ready to burst into steam. Oleg hid me in a room where the intimate light was on and there was a huge bed.There were a lot of vibrators and jars of lubricant in the corner. Oleg literally started tearing my clothes off and when I was left in the same white panties he took off his pants and looked at me his huge penis of irregular shape. “Suck a hole! he said, and began to pull my head to his penis. I didn’t mind (I’d be more expensive) and I took this monster in my mouth. He just started fucking me there and my saliva was everywhere. There were groans and singulations in the room. Then he put me on cancer and pushed back the strap of his panties and began to slap me furiously on the butt. From such “weasel” I began to cry quietly. Then he stuck three fingers in my ass at once and said enough: – Clever, smeared his ass, apparently knew what I would do with it. With these words he started to insert his stake to me, I started to break out and got hit on the butt. “I don’t ask you so much… It hurts me. But he deliberately put his penis in me to the end under wild pressure. Then he started fucking me. Every push was strong and his hands crumpled my boobs. I was just moaning and tears were falling out of my eyes (although I liked it all, I was very excited), then he started sticking his fingers in my mouth and I was mooing and choking on him. He fucked me most of the night. There were squisps from the butt. His balls were beating on mine and I managed to finish four times. All the time my ass began to pulsate and the stomach was accumulating heat. I have never had such sex with anyone, not even with Cyril. Oleg bit my ears and beat me on the ass, raped my mouth with his fingers. My boobs from his “weasel” turned red-blue. I moaned and finished, waved my man’s ass and tried to make his penis as deep as possible into me. And he fucked me and fucked me in the ass. Then I passed out and woke up only when he was gone. I was lying alone in the room, and the ass was leaking sperm and a mother, right on the floor, and there was already a whole puddle. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t! He fucked me so much that the whole anus just burned and I couldn’t sit or walk. I’ve been in the shower for the last time. Dressed and tried to leave. But near the room I was met by a drunken Cyril. “So here you are….” he told me like the first time. I’ve finished a lot of times!? THE ANAL!!!!! I didn’t say anything and just started crying quietly. -Cyril… I don’t… Wanted… I’m so. I’ve been looking for you for a long time…… Hmm….. In response, he grabbed me and dragged me into the room, put his belly on the bed and began to enter my ass. “Kyrill doesn’t need to….I’m tired… I can’t take it anymore…. But he didn’t care… Don’t it up! I’ll take you! He fucked me a lot for two hours… There was no talk of any caresses! He never touched my tummy, never kissed me in the ear. He just fucked me and fucked me in the ass, as Oleg did at night. From such adventures I passed out again and could not do anything. I woke up when he was ending up in my long-suffering ass. He was lying next to me and fell asleep without saying anything. I felt like a urinal in which I was cast and gone away, like a toilet bowl in which they poured shit, washed away the shit and forgot. I couldn’t take it anymore. At that moment I realized that Gay’s role is not my role, it’s unnatural when one healthy man bangs on the ass of another. What power in such love?! When a man loves a woman, something new is born from their feelings and sex, it is called creation. What is born from such in the ass as it was with me?! No problem!!! Only emptiness and pain in the butt from which someone’s sperm flows and flows! Someone to become gay from birth. I read that these men have broken a number of chromosomes and some of them are not enough. Someone is raped and because of psychological trauma they can not have sex with women. And who is just too sensitive and fed up with sex with a woman, that’s what breaks the natural way of life. I started groping my ass and groped with my fingers – that fabric sticking out of my butt. I pulled it out and it turned out. God.. this moron shoved my “happy cowards” in my ass. Now they were all covered in blood, semen and lubricant. The fact that same-sex love exists I recognized, but what I realized that morning is that not always gays are born … They also become!!! And at the same time not always of your own free will!! Look how much money is being used to involve ordinary guys and young men in the ranks of homosexuals!!! A bunch of clubs, sex shops and vibrators of different sizes!!! Even doctors say that supposedly it is normal. Let it be so. I’m not denying it. Someone all his life engaged in sex and rejoices in it, changing partners and suffering pain in the butt and incontinence of feces. But I didn’t want to do it again. I got dressed, drank aspirin at the bartender’s. He winked at me and said, “Well, you give!!!! These men from – for you almost fought, you must be really cool .. or cool?)) He said, and laughed. I did not answer him anything but put money on the bar and my “happy” white panties, stained in grease, semen and blood. I knew exactly what I had to do. I decided to be who I always was again. My way was not home and not even to Dr. Selivanov… he was lying in a brothel.

Author: rendteam