Tattooed man fucks his girlfriend

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Here is a story that happened to me at an amusement park a few years ago. After taking a ride on several merry-go-rounds and admiring enough of the dull industrial landscape from the height of a ferris wheel, I decided to take a walk in the park among neatly trimmed trees and flower beds. At some point, I noticed a small one-story building with no windows, only blank walls. Turning down the path, I headed for the entrance: it was a laugh room, one of the finest examples of the Soviet entertainment industry. How could I forget about her, because as a child with my mother, we always visited her when walking in this park! I decided to refresh the sensations of the old days: I paid the entrance fee and went inside. The room was a long, wide corridor, with “crooked mirrors” hanging on the walls on either side. I looked into one of them – in the mirror I saw a small fat myself with a large nose half-face. Other mirrors also represented my reflection in a bizarre form: in one I am tall with long arms and legs, in the other I look like an orangutan, in the third I look like a crocodile, here I was twisted like after a night of a frantic banquet, and this is a simple mirror, it does not distort, but it makes it seem like you understand that you are what you are and there is no need to try to change yourself contrary to nature. Suddenly I saw a mirror covered with a black cloth, opposite it was a small sofa. I sat down on the sofa and began to ponder what I can see in the mirror by pulling this fabric. Probably, this is a special game, which was invented by the owners of the laughter room – there was a sign over the mirror with the inscription: “Here you will see what you yourself want to see.” I do not really believe in mysticism and am not inclined to all kinds of adventures, and therefore I was not at all intrigued – I decided to pull off the black fabric only to make sure that this was another deception, a mocking joke on visitors. The mirror reflected the sofa on which I was sitting a minute ago, the mirrors that hung on the walls, the ordinary me standing in front of the mirror and … the little boy next to me. It is not possible to describe my fear that I experienced at that moment. I can only say one thing: my legs gave way and, losing consciousness, I fell to the floor. I was about to fall into the abyss of insensibility, but at that moment the boy giggled barely audibly: this gave my consciousness absolute clarity, as if, by someone else’s will, I had risen from the floor and looked intently into his eyes. With his glance, he made me understand that everything is fine and I need not be afraid of him, I should trust him. I believed … The boy stretched out his hand to me and mentally suggested that I do the same: at that moment the mirror became as if liquid, I stretched my hand through it and the boy carried me along with him into the looking glass. There was almost no light on the other side: in the midst of the frightening darkness, I could make out the sofa on which I was sitting in that real world, mirrors that should have hung on the walls, but they hung in a black void, and a little boy, on which I was only dressed small white panties. He was short, slender and not more than eighteen years old. I looked around: the real world was left somewhere far behind, only reflecting a barely visible ray of light. The boy looked into my eyes again and smiled, with a glance inviting me to sit on the sofa; I didn’t mind. The sofa turned out to be unreal: I did not feel its leather upholstery, I sat as if floating in emptiness – it was just a reflection of the existing reality. The boy smiled at me again and with his eyes invited me to undress. I took off my shoes, trousers, and took off my blouse and bra. When it came to my miniature panties, he stopped me, spread my legs wide apart and ran his fingers over the fabric of the panties where my pussy was. The boy pulled them slightly to the side and with genuine interest began tickling my clitoris with his finger, while giggling with pleasure, as if playing with a new toy presented for his birthday. A small shiver ran through my body, it was a little cold in the dark. The boy realized this, tore off my panties and clung to my flower with his hot tongue, while spreading my legs even wider. I must say that he did it very well: a pleasant warmth spread over my body, juices began to stand out from the vagina, and the boy licked them with pleasure. As a token of gratitude, I stroked his head and began to tickle behind his ear. The boy got up and barely touched his lips to mine. Silently, he invited me to touch his nipples. I performed and began at first to slowly move my fingers around them, and then I touched my tongue to the nipple and began to suck it with pleasure. My hands first laid on his back just above the butt, then lower and lower, and finally, I dared to slightly push the tips of my fingers under his panties. After waiting a little and making sure that he did not mind, I began to run my fingers even deeper and my palms were completely under his panties, grabbing two tender buttocks. He looked at me and in his eyes I read that I should be more decisive. I slightly lowered his panties and barely bared his still clean, hairless pubis, then knelt down and finally took them off completely. His skin turned out to be incredibly pleasant to the touch, it was soft and tender: I ran my tongue over his delicious scrotum, then took it completely into my mouth and began to suck. The boy got excited: his small penis increased a little in shape and I decided to help the development of the process – with my fingers, I first pulled his skin back a little, then forward, then started stroking his penis and, finally, he acquired his true size. It was not a youthful thin pipiska that appeared to me: it was a powerful, beautiful trunk 16 centimeters in length, not too thick and not too thin – an almost ideal male member. I ran my tongue from his testicles up to the head and licked it lightly. Then she completely plunged the head into her mouth and began to swallow his penis deeper and deeper inside herself. I knew how to do blowjob very well and the boy appreciated my efforts, rewarding me with a perky giggle. At some point, he took my head with his hands and began to put it on his trunk, started fucking my throat so that the testicles began to beat against my chin. No one has ever fucked me so zealously in the mouth, but I did not feel any discomfort, I even felt pleased, because he was such a wonderful boy. Finally he pulled his penis out of me and turned his back to him, tilted it to the back of the sofa and began to insert his trunk into my kitty. At first, slowly fucking, then faster and faster, he put his hand on my back, thereby making it clear that I should relax and completely trust him. I submitted. Finally he began to pound my cunt with such an incredible speed that I almost flew off the back of the sofa. It lasted like an eternity, at that moment I experienced at least 3 orgasms; my moans echoed in the black abyss of the looking glass. Suddenly I felt his gaze on my back and realized that he wanted to cum in my mouth. I turned and took his head with my lips, but he forcefully drove his penis down my throat and shot her with a powerful stream of sperm. I drank all the sperm to the last drop and licked my penis, after which the boy took out leather panties from under the sofa with a phallus-shaped attachment attached to them. Wow, of course, many fucked me in the ass, but no one had the imagination to fuck me with a strapon yet. I was terribly interested, but my hopes were not justified … ha-ha, further events exceeded all my expectations! The boy put a strapon on me. At that moment, the phallus with leather panties took on a liquid form, like that mirror, when I passed through it into this world. This substance resembled liquid melting glass, but it was incredibly cold and chills from the frost started to beat me. I wanted to free myself from this terrible torture and run away, but the boy suppressed this desire in me with a look, put his hand on my stomach and I felt a little warmer. The substance penetrated into my skin, captured more and more new parts of my body, but at some point it began to harden and acquire a flesh-colored color. Finally, the strap-on completely merged with my body and I saw that at the bottom, instead of the usual female charms, there was a very real penis with testicles. This was my real flesh – I touched the member and felt it; it was an absolutely indescribable feeling. The boy took it with his hand and began stroking: the member lengthened and hardened, while I was overwhelmed by a wave of extraordinary sexual arousal, which I had never experienced before. The boy put me on the sofa, and he planted his ass on top of my penis. I was somewhat discouraged, but the boy continued to press his ass on the trunk and finally the member completely entered his narrow hole. I wanted to scream either out of fear or pleasure, but he covered my mouth with his palm and began to slowly move on me, while thrusting his finger into my mouth, forcing me to suck on it. Everything was like a fog, unreality swirled in front of my eyes and I suddenly finished in him, screaming furiously from the received fountain of pleasure. The boy got up; I, in powerlessness, fell to the floor, droplets of sperm dripped from my penis. The boy smiled, approached me and again, as that time, barely perceptibly touched his lips to mine. I put my hand around his head and clung closer to me, thrusting my tongue into his mouth – our tongues intertwined in a passionate hot kiss. Was it really what I wanted to see in the mirror, what I wanted to feel, what I wanted? All my secret desires materialized in a single moment. The boy took me by the hand and led me into the depths of the black emptiness through the looking glass, but I did not want this, did not want to remain forever a slave to my secret desires, vicious desires. I wanted to free myself, but he squeezed my hand tightly and continued to lead on. I wanted to break the mirrors, but my hand went through the void – the mirrors, like the sofa, were just a reflection of another world. But I don’t want, I won’t, no… and I screamed loudly and the mirrors broke. I took the shard of the mirror with my hand and slashed it hard across the boy’s face from ear to mouth. Blood poured from the wound, the boy turned to me with an uncomprehending look: “How is it, why are you doing this, because you now belong to me!” At that moment, I felt how he loosened his grip and, freeing himself with a strong jerk from his hand, that was the strength that ran into the light into the real world. Reaching the mirror, I jumped into it and fell to the floor in the real world, in the hallway with mirrors and a sofa in the laughing room. For a moment the boy still stood on the other side of the mirror with a questioning look and scarlet blood flowed from his cheek, but then disappeared into the dark emptiness of the looking glass. Before I lost consciousness, I managed to look just above the mirror … but the sign was no longer there.

Author: rendteam