The guy has fun with a girlfriend in the kitchen

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Oksana, she is a very beautiful, long-legged blonde with a big elastic ass and tight tits, but that is what she always hid under terrible trousers and sweaters. She is a student of a technical university, an excellent student, and, in general, a nerd. One of the ordinary evenings, someone knocked on her door and entered without waiting for an answer. She was a short girl with third breast size and a small round ass. Placing the bags near the second bed (Oksana lived in a double room in the hostel) the girl said something, but the clearest thing that she said was that she was her new neighbor. Oksana was shocked but did not imagine that shock was just the beginning. They spent the time remaining until the night in silence, or rather, the neighbor was telling something loudly and quickly. Half an hour after the students went to bed, there was a knock on the door: -Awww, Lenochka … (that was the name of Oksana’s new wife) … open the door! Lena quickly got out of bed as she did not sleep in anticipation of this knock and quietly followed to the door. – Come in … just be quiet, this mouse is already asleep. 15 minutes later, Oksana woke up from a wild groan, opened her eyes, and was shocked. Her new neighbor Lena was lying on her bed with her legs apart, and her friend diligently licked her pussy. With his tongue, he held from the anus to the clitoris, rapidly fingering the clitoris with the tongue, the middle finger of his right hand diligently fucked Lenochka in the ass. Helen, moaning softly, stroked her friend’s hair. Oksana, feeling light excitement, lay down in a comfortable position, and began to masturbate. Her palm stroked the already swollen lips, the middle finger was slowly poking into the hole. If Oksana did not start moaning, everything is possible that Lena would not have noticed her. But suddenly Lena revealed that she heard someone else’s groan. Without explaining anything, she got up and went to Oksana: – Open your pussy, remove the blanket. Oksana, being already excited and lightly passed out, did exactly what her neighbor asked. Throwing her long hair over her shoulder, Lena began to lick her hot pussy with her tongue. Lena’s strange friend, whom Oksana never noticed, sat on the bed and jerked off looking at the girls. Oksana fiddled with her nipples, and Lena stubbornly licked her pussy … then she started fucking her pussy with her finger periodically letting her friend peel it off. A little later, Lena’s friend, sensing the approach of sperm, carefully entered Lenin’s ass with his penis (she stood in a comfortable position for this). Now Lena moaned louder, and Oksana began to finish. Lenin’s friend, deciding that it was necessary to change the situation, pushed his girlfriend aside and once licking Oksanina’s pussy entered her with his penis, she jerked a little and came to her senses. My friend tried his best and moved faster and faster, Oksana began to scream. Lena, all the way excited, lay on the bed and fucked herself with a finger.
Her friend called her over and asked her to play with the testicles … When the sperm from the actions that Lena was performing came close to the head, he took out a member from Oksana and sent it into her mouth to Lena, who was already waiting for a new dose. Having swallowed sperm, Lena crawled up to Oksana and began kissing her, almost defiantly licking her gums. A friend thirsty for a new portion of orgasm again began to fuck Oksana to her pussy, but now he slowly seemed to press the gas of the car. Lena sank to Oksana’s pubis and began to lick a thin strip of hair. Oksana, before ending, suddenly came to her senses and hesitated a little … But her fucker turned her off again by thrusting his penis into her until it stopped. Having finished through time again in Lena’s mouth, he began to dress and left. Lena, who finished that night about 3 times exhausted, fell to the floor and fell asleep. Oksana did not wake up until morning. In the morning it all seemed like a dream to her, until Lena came out of the bath and said: – You were passed out yesterday … She went up to Oksana and gently kissed her on the lips.

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