The trip to the psychologist ended with great sex

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Hello everyone, this is Ilya and Sveta again, although we have not been here for a long time, we hope that you remember our stories. My wife, Sveta, spent more than six months at work in London, after arriving in Moscow she was transferred to a new office. All the employees were new, there were no acquaintances. She became the deputy head of the department, and the head was the son of their general director, Oleg. He was 28 years old, a tall, strong man, quite handsome. Sveta said that he always tries to show her heightened signs of attention, but she carefully sewed him off. But I noticed that when she talks about his attention to himself, she gets slightly excited. Sometimes, during sex, I started teasing her, asking if she imagined that she was having sex with him. The wife admitted that she liked him, but she was afraid that the office would find out that she was responding to his flirting. Often lying in bed, Sveta told how Oleg called her into his office and while she was telling something about the case, he was looking at her, literally undressing her with a glance. I saw that she wants him and advised all the same to seduce him. Sveta kissed me and said that I was the best husband in the world. She began to wear more provocative outfits to work, which could not pass by Oleg. A couple of times he gave her a lift home in a car, while showering her with compliments, and his hand, seemingly imperceptibly, fell on my wife’s knee. Sveta pretended that nothing was happening, Oleg dared, stroking her leg. As he parted, he kissed her on the cheek, trying to prolong the kiss. On Friday my wife came home from work and said that Oleg had invited her to his dacha for the weekend. I asked what she answered him. Sveta said that she agreed, but only if there is a friend with her boyfriend, otherwise she is uncomfortable going alone. Oleg agreed, only asked how she would ask her husband for leaving. Sveta said that this is why she wants to come with friends so that her husband does not suspect anything. Oleg did not know me, but our neighbor Katya acted as a friend. Her husband, Timur, was just away and Katya gladly agreed to take part in our adventure. On Saturday morning Oleg picked us up and we drove to his dacha. Sveta said that Katya and I were dating. In the car, my wife sat in the front seat. It was in June, she was wearing a short skirt and a top that showed more than hid. She was not wearing a bra and a nipple, it seemed that the fabric would be pierced now. All the way we joked and laughed, Oleg wasted no time stroking Sveta’s leg. Leaving Moscow, we stopped at “Auchan” for food. I said that Katya and I would go, and they could wait for us in the car. When we returned to the car, Oleg and my wife were kissing passionately, while his hand caressed her breasts with might and main, lifting the top, and Sveta unbuttoned her fly and her hand disappeared into his panties. I opened the trunk to put the groceries in and give them time to clean up.
When we got into the car, everything was very decent, only his fly puffed up from a standing member. We drove on and in half an hour were there. Oleg’s dacha was in a good location, a large plot fenced with a high fence, a two-story house, a terrace where you could sit. We took the food out of the car and began to lay it out on the table, on the terrace. The girls asked Oleg to show them where they could change. He took them into the house, soon Katya appeared in the yard, she was wearing a swimsuit that favorably emphasized her seductive body. Sveta and Oleg were not there and I slowly went to see what they were doing. I quietly went up to the second floor and saw that my wife was sitting on the couch, she was wearing only panties from a swimsuit, and Oleg was standing in front of her with his pants and panties down, and Sveta was sucking his penis with pleasure. Oleg put his hands on her head and thrust my wife’s mouth onto his rather big penis. Sveta noticed me, winked mischievously, and began to tease his head with her tongue, licking and kissing. I watched them quietly. And my wife quickly jerked off his cock with one hand, while swallowing it almost completely. I saw how Oleg suddenly groaned and pressed Sveta’s head to his groin. He finished in her mouth, and Sveta swallowed his sperm, trying not to lose a drop. I turned around and went downstairs so that Oleg would not see me. Soon they came out to us and Oleg and I began to cook barbecue, and the girls laid the table. Music played, we chatted merrily, drank wine. Katya said that everyone here is her own and there is no one to be ashamed of and took off the top of her swimsuit, my wife immediately followed her. A minute later, Oleg and I enjoyed the sight of our girls’ strong, beautiful breasts. Oleg did not hesitate to embrace Sveta and began to kiss her, caressing her body with his hands. She jokingly pushed him away, saying that she still had time. Katya joked: “Your husband doesn’t see well,” Sveta laughed and glanced imperceptibly in my direction. My penis stood like a stone, well it was not visible under the table. But I saw Oleg’s hand moving up my wife’s leg up, slipped between her legs, Sveta parted them a little and his fingers disappeared under the fabric of his panties. Oleg was telling us something, and his fingers caressed my wife’s excited pussy, and she was already wound up, and imperceptibly moved her pelvis towards his fingers. Katya also did not waste time, her hand, hidden by the tablecloth, penetrated my shorts and, clasping my excited penis, slowly jerked off it.

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