Two girls in pantyhose fuck a guy in the kitchen

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Sveta realized that she had hit. I understood as soon as I entered this apartment. Why did she just quarrel with her parents, why did she leave home so late today, why did she go to this cafe and then got into a luxurious foreign car? After all, I knew that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Here she is in the mousetrap. The apartment was gorgeous. Sveta understood this from the hallway. As well as its inhabitants, they were two, athletic physique and fashionably dressed, guys looking at her with undressing glances. The third was the one who brought her here, Andrei, whom she had just met in a night bar. -Friends meet, this is a beautiful girl of Light, who kindly agreed to have a cup of coffee with us. Andrey said. Maybe I’m wrong, and they really won’t do anything bad to her, Sveta thought. -Sveta is a student, she is 18 years old. She quarreled with her boyfriend and parents and is looking for a soul shelter. Well, how will we shelter the baby for the night? The guys laughed. No, everything flashed in the girl’s head. It was even scary to think about what she now had to endure. The girl’s legs gave way, and she really wanted to write. -No thanks, I think I’ll go, please let me go home. -It’s not a polite baby, I see you from a raised family. Honor us with your presence. Said one of the guys who seemed to Sveta the owner of the house. – What are you talking about with her, Max. So tell me straight, let’s fuck let go. Let him not indulge in hopes of gentlemanly treatment. Take off your clothes bitch. -Kolyan, Kolyan. Max said reproachfully. -The girl will now faint from such words, and I do not like insensitive dolls. -When you put your baby in her, ha-ha-ha, her eyes will pop out of her sockets, she will immediately come to her senses that I did not see how you fell like that. – Let’s not talk about my merits. Max said proudly. -Help the lady take off her fur coat. Four hands at once reached out to Sveta’s mink. They began to unfasten the buttons. One hand fell on the girl’s chest like a master and squeezed it painfully. -Andryukha, how do you choose them, boobs are so-so again. -You are going to suck milk from her or fuck her, her ass seems like nothing, let’s undress, we’ll see. Meanwhile, the fur coat fell to the floor. And Max’s hand fell on Sveta’s ass. -Let the lady in the bedroom, she has to go to work. The men neighed and pushed Sveta forward. On wadded legs, she resignedly walked into the room. There were many mirrors in the room, even on the ceiling. In the middle there was a wide bed, unmade. In the corner was a strange device, like a gymnastic beam with straps. – Then dear, you will find out what this thing is for, intercepting the girl’s cautious look, said Kolyan. -However, if you behave obediently, it may not come to that. Usually there Kolyan goes around too proud filly. Max picked up the conversation. Sveta did not understand anything, but she felt that this object was fraught with terrible torment. -Well, how do you like trakhodrom? Pointing to the bed, Andrey asked. -How does a lady like to give herself up, in the light, in the dark, or maybe by candlelight? Max continued. – I don’t know, I don’t know how. Light began to babble. -You don’t know how, we will teach, if you don’t want to, we will force you, that girl? -Yes, no, let me guys in. -Do not rush, now let’s go in a circle. So yes or no? – I was with me, I was only once, recently for the new year. Sveta covered her face with her hands and burst into tears. The men sat down on the bed, leaving Sveta standing in the middle of the room. -Listen carefully, baby. Max said. -No tears will help you. They only excite men. Trust me, they’ll come in handy in the process. Now you are our slave and you will do whatever we want. If you try, everything will end faster for you. If you are capricious, we will punish you. Do you understand us well? -Yes. The girl whispered silently. -That’s smart. Don’t be afraid of us. We are not perverts and we will not demand anything from you that every woman should do. Now undress completely and show us your charms. Sveta slowly and hesitantly took off her sweater. She looked at the men. They looked at her intently. Then she unbuttoned the zipper on her trousers. The trousers fell to her feet, and she stepped over them. The girl remained in a white bra and lace panties, as well as in nude stockings. Why did she wear them today? -Farther. Andrey said. – Leave the stockings, they do not interfere with fucking, but they additionally excite me. Kolyan said. Sveta took off her bra and, blushing, began to pull off her panties. When the take off was finished, Sveta lowered her head, closed her eyes and froze, stretching her arms out at the seams. So she stood for several minutes. -Turn your backside, bend over and spread your buttocks. She opened her eyes and screamed. The men were still sitting in a row on the bed, only completely naked. And each one intensively massaged his penis. These male organs seemed enormous to her. Really all this will enter into me, thought Sveta. They’ll just tear me apart. -What’s thinking, do what you’re told. Kolyan spoke menacingly. The girl turned, bent down and spread her ass with her hands. She was ready to die of shame. Never in her life had she stood before men so shamelessly. -But and, really, she’s cool. And the squeak is badly shaved. Well, nothing else, she will shave. – Gentlemen, since our lovely lady is practically a virgin, I suggest that those present today go in an unconventional way. Max said. -Let’s start today with her ass, she will still yell. But dear Sveta, I promised you, with good behavior, cause the least suffering. So let’s start in ascending order. Come on Andrey, you brought her and you have the smallest unit. Make way for your comrades. Any objections? No, great, go ahead Andryukha. When Sveta heard these words, her head went cloudy. Now she will be fucked in the ass. Friends told me that it was terribly painful and almost impossible to bear. Sveta, not realizing herself, fell to her knees, crawled to the men and began kissing their feet. -I beg only not there, I am still small, no one is there, spare me. -That’s your first minus for today. You will be punished. Act Kolyan. Max commanded. Kolyan abruptly lifted the girl from her knees and pushed her into a corner to the machine. Sveta turned and grabbed his face with her hands. Kolyan professionally dealt a short blow to the girl in the stomach. Sveta suffocated and went limp. Kolyan picked her up and carried her to the log. He laid the girl on his stomach on a log and firmly linked her hands with belts from below. He bent his legs at the knees and put them on the stands, also fastening his shins with belts. Now the girl could not practically move, but only twist her bulging ass. – Ready to chef, what to teach her with a whip? – Wait, she promised to be obedient. It is so? Max approached the girl and stroked her head affectionately. The light faded. -Andrey, come on. -Can grease it, after all for the first time? Andrey asked. – Only slightly with saliva, she is still punished. Andrei came up from behind, bent down and kissed Sveta on the neck. -I ask you to relax your ass more, it won’t hurt so much. He whispered to the girl. Then he spat in his palm and smeared his cock with saliva. Sveta felt the tense head of Andrey’s penis pressed against her button and involuntarily squeezed her buttocks. -Well, as you wish. Firmly squeezing and spreading the halves of the priests to the sides, Andrei with one sharp push overcame the resistance of the small hole. The pain was hellish, Sveta screamed and desperately began to twist her ass, which only increased her suffering. Andrei was monotonously injected, and brought out his long club, full length, into the girl. Sveta screamed and banged her head against a log. -Listen Andryukha, don’t cum in her ass, there are two more of us. Andrey nodded to his friends and quickened the pace. Then he abruptly came out of the ass and squeezed the penis with his hand, wondering where to pour out. Then he pulled back the elastic of the stocking on Sveta’s thigh and thrust his weapon between the body and the silk of the stocking. With the roars of the wild beast, it began to spew sperm into the stocking. – Bravo Andrey, well done, found a way out, original! Friends exclaimed and applauded. The light faded, it felt better, although the anus was on fire, and the male seed wetted the stocking and flowed down to the knee. Kolyan was next in line. He literally with a running start drove his penis into the still open ass of Sveta and immediately took just a frantic pace of intercourse. Sveta screamed again, but the pain was not so acute. Sveta stopped jerking her ass, but simply froze, clinging to the cold log. Kolyan finished pretty quickly, using the second stocking of the tortured girl. Sveta thought that all the worst had passed, now, probably, the third one would sink into her, but she would endure and be silent out of pride so as not to give him additional pleasure. It’s enough that she kissed their feet, bastards and scoundrels, how they treated her … -A-NA-A-XXX … … Sveta instantly forgot about her proud thoughts, because some monster tore her anus. She had never known such pain before. Sveta gnawed a log with her teeth and again begged for mercy. And Max, grinning, slowly but surely tore the slave’s ass with his thick weapon, which, in addition, was strewn with subcutaneous balls along the entire length of the trunk, and looked like an ear of corn. The girl lost consciousness and fell silent. Max increased his pace. Sveta woke up from her mouth, she had a scarlet foam, she could no longer scream, only hissed. -Well, you are Max, let’s be careful. And it will be like last time, an ambulance was called. And this girl is delicious, we still want to have fun with her. Kolyan said. Max growled and began pouring inside the girl. He finished long and profusely. After he finally left Sveta behind her, Andrei came up and took some pictures with a digital camera. The shots were excellent. The naked ass of a young girl, with a stretched anus from which sperm flows, mixed with blood and fishnet stockings, flesh-colored, soaked through with semen. Sveta was untied from the log and taken under the arms to the bathroom. She washed off the sticky semen for a long time and thoroughly and realized that this was not all. Surely soon this nasty liquid will fill her vagina and mouth. She was not wrong. – Madam, you washed yourself, good fellows, you are tired of waiting and bored. On the threshold stood naked Max, toying with his corn. A shiver went through Sveta’s body. She covered her face with her hands and began to cry. – Well, well, dear lady, what’s the matter? Don’t you like society? Or have you decided to go on strike again? We can repeat the lesson. We still have a whip and a whip at our disposal. Sveta stopped crying, got out of the bathroom, dried herself off with a terry towel and doomedly went into the room. To begin with, she was put on her knees and forced to give a blowjob, all at once. Kolyan was especially zealous. Every time his penis took the light into his mouth, he tried to penetrate the girl’s throat, which caused Sveta’s gag reflex, and tears flowed from her eyes. Then Kolyan said that he wanted to be alone with Sveta. He lifted the girl from her knees and led her into another room. There, to the amazement of the light, he got down on all fours, parted his buttocks and ordered him to lick his ass. Sveta was still shocked by no one, not when she was so humiliated. But remembering the log, she knelt down and began to lick the man’s wrinkled anus, with difficulty suppressing the gag reflex in herself. Kolyan puffed with pleasure and demanded to continue. Finally, he abruptly stood up, and raised Sveta. He led her to the bed, ordered her to lie on her back. He himself raised the girl’s legs up, spread them wide and bent them to Sveta’s chest. Thus, the girl’s vagina turned out to be literally turned outward. And Kolyan, without delay, abruptly entered the bosom. Sveta screamed in sharp pain, because her pussy was completely dry. But this only spurred Kolyan, and he accepted his beloved, frantic, pace of intercourse. He mercilessly hammered the girl with his stake, which with each push rested against the girl’s womb, causing additional suffering. Sveta begged him to slow down. But in vain. -Become a cancer. Kolyan looked up from the girl, deciding to change his position. Sveta whined. – Don’t be there, everything hurts. -Don’t piss in the ass, although we’ll see. Sveta turned over and protruded her ass. Kolyan immediately began to torment her pussy at the same pace. He grabbed the girl’s small tits in his huge paws and began to hurt them painfully. And then, breaking his promise, he abruptly entered the anus of the martyr. And then he was discharged with a stream of semen, which seemed to Sveta like boiling water in her torn ass. Kolyan, satisfied, stretched out on the couch, slapped Sveta on the priest. -Running from here, there comrades are tired of waiting. Sveta, all in tears, swaying on limp legs, wandered doomed out of the room, like a lamb to the slaughterhouse. When she entered the already familiar room, she saw the following picture. Andrei was sitting in an armchair and reading a porno magazine, and Max was lying on the “trakhodrom” and played with his terrible monster. Sveta involuntarily shuddered, remembering that this ear was doing in her ass. But nevertheless, she could not take her eyes off him. She suddenly felt a heaviness at the bottom of her tummy and a slight languor between her legs. What is it with me? Sveta thought. Am I aroused looking at this member? How can this be after all that they’ve done to me? Horror! I do not want! But everything happened against her will. She suddenly put her hand between her legs, found the clitoris with her fingers and began to rub it. It was nature itself that stood up for the tormented girl, she simply could not bear further intercourse without excitement. Her actions did not go unnoticed by Max. -Andrey, look what’s going on. It seems that our efforts were not in vain, we woke up a woman in her. Andrey looked up from the magazine and, opening his mouth, looked at Sveta. And she, having already spread her legs wide, lubricated her finger with Kolyan’s sperm flowing from the anus, intensively masturbated. Her eyes rolled back, her breathing quickened, she was approaching her first orgasm. Andrey jumped up from the chair, picked up Sveta in his arms and put it on the bed next to Max. Sveta herself threw her leg over the man and sat astride. Then she took a rough penis in her hand and directed it into herself. After that, she began to ride it, screaming at the top of her voice, but not from pain, but pleasure. Max lay blankly, eyes wide, watching this nymphomaniac. A wave of orgasm literally shocked Sveta. She trembled, froze for a second in the upper position and again with a cry sank down on the penis. Max felt a stream of love juices flow from the girl’s body. From such intense gestures and screams of the little girl, Max finished. And Sveta was just approaching the second orgasm, she began pounding her fists into Max’s chest. -You, asshole, come on, but I want to cum !!! -Save Andrew. Max pleaded. Andrey took Sveta off Max. I’ll turn my back on me. Sveta bent over, spread her legs wide and put her hands on the edge of the bed. Andrey smoothly entered it and began to carefully perform frictions. But the girl was clearly not happy with this. She herself actively began to sit on the penis, accelerating the pace. -Do not try to finish before me. Panting, ordered Sveta. Andrei gritted his teeth, trying his best to contain himself. A few minutes later, the woman was shaken by another orgasm, she howled lingeringly and dropped to her knees. -Now you can in my ass. Andrey unquestioningly inserted his tense unit into the girl’s anus, and languidly continued intercourse. Then he poured out into her. But while he was working in the ass, Sveta managed to get aroused again! She jumped to her feet and with the greedy glance of an unsatisfied she-wolf began to examine the drooping limbs of the men. Kolyan entered the room. – And what is happening here? He asked. Light eagerly glanced at the man’s cock. She lay down on her back, spread her legs wide apart and said; -You fag, nuka quickly lick me. She was already in complete control of the situation. Kolyan looked inquiringly at Max, who nodded. The man knelt in front of the revealed girl and clung to her bosom. – Okay, okay, now lick my ass. Led by Light. Kolyan tried! His face glistened with Sveta’s secretions and sperm residue. -And you, that mess around. Sveta told the rest of the men. -Stand beside, on the sides. Max and Andrey, as if spellbound, obeyed the girl. She grabbed both of their cocks with her hands and began to massage intensively. When the members began to strain a little, the girl again gave the command. – Give (to Max) in my mouth. And you (to Andrey) go and take me in front. Max carefully sat down on the girl’s chest and brought his ear to her lips. Sveta, despite the enormous size of the instrument of love, immediately literally swallowed it completely. Max howled in surprise and pain. Andrei put the girl’s legs on his shoulders and introduced his flaccid penis into the burning pussy. In this position, they remained for five minutes. Then Sveta ordered Max to lie on her back again, and she immediately sat astride a member. Then she bent down to the man’s chest, spread her buttocks with her hands and said. -Both take turns in my ass. Kolyan cautiously entered the ass. -Well, that you are so lethargic, let’s fuck me properly. The men, as if on command, began synchronized frictions. Sveta has never had to feel two members inside herself at once. What the men planned to do with her for a snack, she did herself. There was no longer any pain in the torn ass and, all the more, in the pussy. Both of her holes now wanted only one thing – hard fucking. Sveta howled from overflowing with new sensations. Then came a wave of multiple orgasms. Sveta has lost her reality. She flew into the clouds. When she woke up, she saw that she was lying on the bed, carefully covered with a fluffy blanket. She did not know whether the man had finished or not in her for the last time her body was filled with pleasant warmth. The ass ached a little, everything in the pussy area was wet and sticky. The men sat fully clothed in armchairs. Kolyan was smoking nervously. Sveta threw aside the blanket and stretched sweetly. -What time is it now? she asked. – Half past one. -Well, that the boys had a rest? Let’s continue! -You are Sveta. May be enough! Forgive us if something is wrong. Max said amiably. -And the fucking supermen begged that you are a girl just got a taste, but you cannot satisfy her. That their segments have worn out about me? Sveta proudly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. The men were silent. The girl washed herself thoroughly. Her ass was still on fire, and in her pussy she felt painful abrasions. Goats, I thought Sveta would have to go to the gynecologist. And now it will be urgently necessary to take contraceptive, otherwise God forbid, she also flew in. Sveta left the bathroom and walked back into the room. Andrey stood on the threshold and held out her clothes to her. Sveta took her panties and held them out under Kolyan’s nose. -I give. You can wear or sniff. Then she pulled on jeans. She also threw stockings soaked in cum on the bed. Then she put on a bra and a sweater. I put on a fur coat. – See you guys for now. And she slammed the door. The scene of the men remaining in the room reminded Gogol’s “Inspector General”. Exactly a week later, in the evening, the bell rang in Max’s apartment. Max opened the door and saw a smiling Light on the threshold. -Hi, where are the others? I want to have a good fuck today. Max grabbed his heart.

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