Two young singers persuade the producer to record their album

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For almost two years now I have been meeting with Vitalik, he is 33, he is married. All that I can do in sex is thanks to him, especially in anal sex. He was the first who very carefully taught me how to enjoy fucking in the ass. In general, I like everything that we do with him. He is very affectionate and gentle at the same time, not obsessive and rude. He has a friend Valera to him the same 33 the same is married. We are often in the company together. This especially concerns a visit to the dacha of one of their mutual acquaintances whom I have never seen. There is a gorgeous bath there. Vitalik periodically, especially after sex, asked me if I wanted to try with two men as if hinting at the second – Valera. I said that I did not know, although my fantasies had already played out more than once how this could be and, to be honest, I wanted to try, but there was some kind of internal stopper. And on Saturday we are honey agarics at the dacha. Valera came alone this time (usually with him some of his girls). We went, took a steam bath altogether, plunged into the lake. The ice from the coast has just melted. And they settled down in a hall with a fireplace to consume strong drinks and food. Valera went steaming again, and Vitalik and I stayed (I must say that the guys are very cool, ranging from figures, former athletes, ending with an attitude to life, etc.) We were sitting on the sofa wrapped in only one towel. Vitalik lowered my towel and began to caress my chest with his tongue, his hand laid on the inner thigh. He caressed me, I threw back my head enjoying … then he put his hand between my legs and began to fiddle with my baby, not forgetting about the chest. I began to get turned on, I saw how his penis protrudes from the towel, lowering it, I began to stroke his penis, and then bent over and took it in my mouth. All this lasted for 10-15 minutes … then we got up, throwing off our towels, and merged into a lingering kiss. I stood with my back to the door and I must say I was already pretty excited and it was easy and good. His hands caressed my buttocks, crumpled, and tore them apart. He knew I liked it a lot. And then I heard a whisper from behind it was Valera’s voice \ “I will not interfere? \”, at the same time with these words, his hands clasped my breasts, and with my ass, I felt his still half-tense member pressed against his buttocks (to say that nature In the bathhouse, we always washed naked, so I could examine and compare. well to develop the ass, then Valera’s penis was a little shorter, somewhere 17-18cm, but thick and with a huge head). I didn’t resist, because I didn’t want to and couldn’t when you start to feel how four hands caress you and you are pressed by two hot bodies … it cannot be described …
Vitalik sat down near my parted legs and began to caress my clitoris with his tongue, while Valera was caressing my breasts standing behind and tenderly kissing my neck, ears, shoulders. I began to fly away … the baby was already wet .. Valera kissed me lower and lower down the back and … oh my God, spreading my buttocks, he made his way with his tongue to my little hole and began to lick it … can you imagine … one in front of the other from behind I caress my nipples … for 3 minutes the first orgasm covers me … Valera’s finger is already in my ass, and Vitalik’s 2 fingers are already fucking my pussy. Valera throws off the blanket from the sofa to the floor. Vitalik lies with his back on him, I settle down on his penis, everything goes as if according to some scenario, I only hear the gentle whispers of my partners. I’m on Vitalik, Valera fits so that his weapon is right in front of me, I swallow it and feel how his thick cock in my mouth becomes like a reinforced concrete … oh my god, I finally understand how I want to try this cock inside myself for about seven minutes guys offer change the pose … Vitalik remains lying, I rise, I move back, I bend in my back, Valera joins me from behind and drives his cock into me … oooh … I bend even more, and he carefully and slowly begins to pull me on with a full amplitude. I put Vitalik’s hands on my head, he asks me \ “Take it in your mouth \” dear, I bend over and start to suck his penis, it lasts 10 minutes Valera is already in a frantic rhythm, his balls are beating against my crotch, I’m on again at the peak I release Vitalik’s penis and start screaming … I finish … we are all wet with sweat … the guys change places only Vitalik enters not into pussy, but into the ass … yes, everything is super, I am resting sucking Valera’s penis .. For 5-7 minutes we change the position again. Vitalik says \ “Get on your ass on Valera with your back to face \” … I slowly lower my ass … it’s even a little painful on his thick penis. A little more and his piston is all in me such in my ass yet I have not yet had it, I feel it completely, especially the ring of the anus, he slowly begins to move in me about this something … I fall over on Valery with my back, his hands begin to caress my chest, my legs are placed and I understand what should happen now … what I heard about what I saw in the photos and in the films I dreamed of trying. Vitalik attaches himself from the top and introduces his penis into the pussy slowly and to the end … they both stop as if on command, both members in me, a pause of 20 seconds, begin to move, it seems to me that I can no longer control myself that I’m about to lose consciousness … faster and faster … especially Vitalik … I start screaming.
Doesn’t it hurt you little? – asks Valera – Nooo …, – I slightly answer, – Are you good ?, – Yes, I answer and break into a cry … I finish … for two more minutes Vitalik pulls out his penis and, having got over his legs, squats down near my face … I know what he wants, he loves to cum in my mouth, I grab his penis, dick him to the base and absorb his head into his mouth and immediately get faster … the second third into his mouth. Vitalik wheezes and hums Valera turns me over and puts me in crustacean and again enters my anus, which is no longer able to close. He fucks me hard, fast, and long, sometimes completely leaving the ass for 3-4 minutes, his hands dig hard into my buttocks. He strongly pulls me on the penis to the end and ends … I finish immediately after him and slide off his penis, fall on my side … everything is pulsing inside me … I feel how Valera’s sperm begins to flow out of my not yet closed anus … -It was good for you, did you like it ?, – asks Vitalik. -Yes, it was super, – I answer. We go steaming again, washing, drinking, and eating. I suck the guys off once more. They take turns licking me … though I couldn’t finish anymore, it was still cool … and I know that this should happen more than once and I can wait for it in a week.

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