Young couple updates a new apartment with the help of sex

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It was summer. I found a perenka on the site that offered to go to his village. Well, live there for a couple of days, have fun. I agreed. The good kid turned out to be. The member is elastic, cool! He fucked me before the trip in the garage, so to speak, he had a casting)) He only drank heavily. Well, okay … We arrived … There are not very many people living in the village, and the house is on the outskirts. So I walked around all the time. Prepared food for him. Eat … He says: “Well? Come on?” Well, I gave it. Right at the dinner table. “You are a cool woman,” he says, “I fed, watered and gave sex. Marry me,” he says. I almost went crazy. Any Transgirl will confirm that this is the most desirable thing you can hear from a guy. I say “I’ll think about it.” “Don’t be afraid … at first we will live here, in the village. And as soon as you understand that you are already a mature girl, we will go to the city.” I was dumbfounded. This is the dream of my life! But only this was said already in a drunken stupor. And I did not attach much importance to this. “Okay. I’ll be your wife.” I agreed. “That’s good. I’ll get a little sleep. Wake me up in a couple of hours. We’ll practice marital duties with you.” He winked and went into the bedroom. I cleared the table, no longer knowing what to do with myself. I went out into the yard. Beauty!!! Near the forest behind a small vegetable garden. The river. Everything is near !!! No neighbors around. Live and be happy.! But then my attention was attracted by the sound of a motor coming from a neighboring hut. Like a friend said that no one lives here. I went to the fence and looked through the crack. There were a bunch of chocks. Not firewood))) And either the Armenians, or the Uzbeks … I never distinguished them. Quickly running to the house, I still heard: “Devushk, where am I in such a hurry?” “I’m not a girl!” I shouted loudly in a man’s voice, and ran into the house. Looking out the window, I saw that two chicks were standing and talking, now and then pointing to our house. I never dared to go out again. Going into the bedroom, I lay down next to a friend. In a dream, he scooped me up to him, muttering something. I almost dozed off when I felt that my panties were being taken off. I didn’t resist. He entered rudely. I screamed and tried to push him away. But he held on tight. The member went back and forth. I tried to relax. After a few minutes of fucking, he came. And so he left his penis in me, dozing off and muttering something like a good girl. I lay there for a few minutes. Then taking out a member from the hole went to the bathroom. I washed it, washed the pussy))) I turned on the TV set … So I sat there until the evening. My new husband came down about ten o’clock. “What is there for a drink?” “Look in the fridge. You brought a whole box of vodka!” “Uh-huh” – he muttered, and walked into the kitchen. He came cheered up. “I’ll go to my friends right now. And you stay at home, get the hole ready. I’ll come – I’ll fuck. “He left. I stayed to sit and thought – why do I need such a husband?))) I went out into the yard. It was already dark. I sat on the porch.” Sick, why are you running away? “- I heard a voice. I got up to leave. , but the chock was already near. “I am hanging out … You’re not a girl … Just listen to what I say.” I stopped. “Mine has a purely business proposal. You’re not a girl, but you’re fucking with your boyfriend, right? “I nodded my head.” Well! I gamble … Come on, you fuck, and we pay you money “I began to understand a little what he wants from me.” Why, is it not destiny to take off prostitutes? “I asked.” Devak? Nah .. Those who are here do not give us, but to go far to the city, and you can’t … “” How much will you pay? “I was already starting to want.” Oh! This is a conversation! Five hundred rubles per person per hour, “he smiled.” Well, I’ll think about it, “but I myself figured out how much money I could cut.” Maybe now? “He handed me a bill.” Come on until evening … My husband will come, fall asleep, then I’ll go down to you … maybe I’ll think of something. “He smiled again.” We are waiting “and disappeared into the dark. I went home. I didn’t even know what to do. I wanted to fuck, but the prospect of being fucked by a bunch of chicks was a little scary. turned on the telly. The key turned in the lock. My faithful came. Barely alive. “Well cho, bitch, ready to fuck” he said right from the doorway. I got up, took off my panties and turned my ass to him. “Well done, bitch. Right now I’ll fuck you on the first number! “He came up, squeezed his buttocks, his hand was unbuttoning his trousers.” Come on chtol! “He sank down on the sofa. I took his limp penis in my hand and began to suck. He moaned a little and sprawled on the sofa. .. and fell asleep !!!! I want sex! I almost screamed. He didn’t give a damn. Well, okay … I caressed my friend and decided to go to the neighbors’ chocks. They were dark. went to the fence and quietly said: “Is there anyone?” They immediately answered: “Oh, come in !!!”. I went through the gate and found myself among a heap of cars. The chocks were either buying something, or reselling … ” Come into the house … We will not offend … “I went in. Three people were sitting at the table.” Karosho that came … Come in “this is the one that was in the evening” Well, what? How did you agree? “I came closer.” Well, the type of that … Only I have two conditions: the first – with a condom, the second – only two members, forward and in the ass … without perversions, in turn, okay? “” Karasho , Karasho !!! Here come here “I entered the room. There was a bed, a hundred and two chairs.” Get undressed … We are Right now … “I took off my panties, a skirt and a sweater … I stayed in my bra (you know there was nothing that you can show))). I went to the mirror, straightened my hair. Four entered the room … The three who were sitting at the table and one more … probably slept somewhere … One handed me two thousand. took the money. “Are we going to fuck you for two hours, Karasho?” “Okay. Did you bring the rubber bands? “One showed me a package of condoms. The other was already pulled over the penis. Two of the older ones came to the bed, and the younger ones came to me. and the other crumpled with her hand. They gasped. I sucked their members for about ten minutes. Then they removed me from the members and put me on the bed on my stomach. One fell on immediately and entered me. I gasped. Rough all the same … it’s good that the penis is not very big. The second one came in from the front and gave it to my mouth. Then they changed … I was lying on my stomach and on my side and on my back … and they kept pounding and hollowing. Then all the same they finished … One by one, on the face … Tapping on the lips with members … Then those who were older began to take over me … There were no particular delights … I just stood there with cancer and they screwed me … they ended up in my hole … But I didn’t feel anything with the rubber. And the time just came … I barely made it home. All the same, four members is something!

Author: rendteam