Cyborg girl gets fucked in all holes

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I go into the room and go almost to the sexodrome itself. Two males fight a girl in front and behind. Her ass is shaking from powerful thrusts, and her mouth can barely contain a big cock. She does not suck, she is fucked in the mouth. I want to do that too, but I doubt that you will like it … I look around interrogatively … You come up, gently hug me. Your hands caress me slowly from the front. I am not wearing any underwear and I can feel their heat. I put my hand behind my back, not taking my eyes off the copulating trinity. My lye is moistened and starts demanding something hard … My hand finds a swollen bump. I wrinkle your penis and quietly, as if afraid to scare away the passion of males, I ask you to unbutton your fly … Soon I already feel your hard penis and begin to jerk him fiercely behind my back. In front of me, men alternately give a girl in her mouth. I enthusiastically watch her full lips swallow one member, then another … At this time, you push me forward and bend me imperiously. I lean on the edge of the wide bed, spread my legs wider and swing my ass. I am shaken in anticipation of your penis, at the same time, almost in front of my face, two males shove their penises into a woman’s mouth. If I lean forward a little more, then one of them may well give into my mouth and me … I admire the profile of this organ. The eggs are shaved, he is all entwined with veins, and the swollen head now and then disappears into the girl’s mouth. You will lift my hem. I can feel your cock going into my greedy hole. You are in no hurry, as if realizing that I admire the undisguised eroticism of a two-way blowjob. – Do you want to touch him? – I hear your voice. In disbelief, I shake my head, amazed at my courage. – Dan! You say imperiously. One of the males frees his penis from the girl’s tenacious fingers and moves towards me. Swollen huge cock right in front of me. Feeling your movements in me, like approval, I gently touch my penis with my nails. – O-oo, how delightfully he trembles from my caress! – I exclaim and lightly run my nails from the pommel to the testicles, then I grab the testicles in my palm and play with them like two pebbles. – Do you want it in your mouth? In the ass? You ask. “I don’t know… yes… .. no…. – We will not rush … You are leaving me. My hem falls into place. I straighten up. I am dressed again next to four naked men and a girl. You climb onto the bed and, removing the second male, stand in front of the girl. She immediately eagerly swallows your sticking out stake. I flush with jealousy and the beauty of what is happening. The girl sucks you off, and I am pounding with rage when you moan in unison, and especially when you put your hand on the back of her head to hammer her cock deeper. I love it so much when you do this to me! And here you do it with the other! – Dan, Fernando! Do you like Vika? – Yes! – Oh, yes, she is a real beauty! Both males stand next to me … Dan … Or Fernando? … affectionately turns my face to him and kisses with a long kiss, shamelessly mastering my mouth with his tongue. I like it, but my heart is yearning for you, and the vagina throbbing sweetly in anticipation of your penis. One of the males throws the straps off the shoulders. My breasts are exposed. – Do you want them to caress you, Vika? You ask. “If you want it,” I mutter, struggling and tempted to feel the paws of these two males on my breasts. – I want to. Moreover, I want you to ask them about it … You still give a girl in her mouth, diligently sucking your cock. Your hand on the back of her head, confidently setting the pace…. I so want to be in the place of this girl … – Dan, caress my breasts, – I can hardly squeeze out of myself. Only you could touch my breasts … But now … Dan runs his finger around the circumference of the nipple. I flinch from the delicate caress and bite my sponge so as not to moan. I still don’t want to show you that someone else’s caress is already driving me to a frenzy. My nipples are swollen. I want them to get it too … You see my condition, despite all my efforts. – Fernando! You say demandingly. My second breast is immediately pawed by a large hand, squeezing it the way you love … Dan continues to gently caress my nipple with subtle movements. Two males caress me in completely different ways … On the one hand, they roughly squeeze me, on the other, they gently and subtly caress me … Just like you – depending on my mood … And I already groan in my voice from inexpressible sensations. You look at me approvingly … You release your penis from the captivity of the lips and go around the girl from behind. She helpfully lie down on the bed with her boobs, her ass lifted high. You kneel behind her and slowly rub your cock on her buttocks. I watch jealously as your incredibly swollen head caresses the cleft between the buttocks, sometimes rising above the roundness .. – Come here, Vika! The males let me go. I hastily unzip the side. I want to appear before you in all my shine, naked – from manicured nails on my feet, to a pussy devoid of any vegetation; from the juices of elastic breasts to the ends of the hair. The dress falls to the floor, and I remain in only sandals. I find myself next to you, desired and unattainable now. You put your dick to the girl’s half-open wet lips. I can hear the girl moaning … – Do you want me to do this, Vika? I feel your tension, I want to get it myself, but resolutely take your penis and insert it into someone else’s vagina. Let him try your toughness and strength … and tenderness … You groan so familiarly and start to fuck the one into which I sent you myself … You imperiously bend me to the girl’s ass. The cheek feels the delicate silky skin of the girl. The roundness under my cheek quivers from your measured thrusts. At the same time, I see how your cock goes into her vagina. Oh, how I want it the same! You are looking at me closely, I can feel it, continuing to be fascinated by your manipulation. You pull out your dick and guide me. I put it in my mouth with delight and gratitude. It’s all in your grease and the girl’s grease. For a while you let me caress you with my lips and mouth, then you pierce the girl again. I purse my lips in indignation, but then you again give me a mouth. At the same time, I feel like my bare ass is squeezed by someone else’s hands, they caress my crotch, pulling the clitoris and the corner of the pussy. I dare not interfere with them – after all, your penis is in my mouth and you want me to caress it well with my lips and tongue. You command: – Dan! I can feel my thighs wrap around my hands, and my penis invades my vagina. The protester moaning, not wanting to be fucked by someone other than you, but you can easily hold me down, pushing your cock deeply deep into my throat, where I love it so much … Dan fucks my pussy, you enter rage is my mouth. I feel good … I can no longer contain myself and moan, groan. I’m not even outraged when you again take up the bitch, moaning gratefully under you, as soon as your penis is driven into her current vagina. – Fernando! Fernando’s dick replaces Dan’s dick in my long-suffering hole, but I no longer protest, because you again allow you to take your trunk. You fuck my mouth the same way you just fuck a girl’s pussy. I only diligently make the lips into a ring, fearing to hurt your ruling head with my teeth. By your moans and swollen head, I feel that you are about to cum. I look at you imploringly … You understand me without words and, instead of once again entering the girl, linger in my mouth. Finally, you pull away. And I understand that you want to cum on my face. And then streams of sperm sprayed on me. I catch the drops in my mouth, jealously watching as some fall on the delicious ass of the girl you took with me … You pull back, and I feel embarrassed – Fernando still has me right in front of your eyes … I see that you admire me, my bent back, dangling to the beat of the breasts, upturned ass, on which the male’s paws lie, with my face covered in your sperm … At your command, the girl wipes my face, and Fernando leaves. – Lie on your back, Vika … I am following orders. – Spread your legs. I spread my legs, shyly covering my pulsating wet vagina with my hands. The girl gently but persistently takes my hands away. I am fully disclosed. Fernando immediately uses this. He settles between my shamelessly exposed legs and plants me. I moan openly, caressing his shoulders with her nails and his thighs with her feet. I know how you love it when I do it … Do you like it when I do the same to another man? Dan replaces Fernando, the groan is already under him. At your order, the girl again pressed her lips to your penis. I watch jealously as she sucks you and jerks off. I’m a little worried – isn’t she doing it too hard, while enjoying the sight of your cock, proudly straightening and barely fitting into her full lips … Finally, you call me! You are already lying down, and I hastily, as if afraid that you will change your mind, direct your huge penis into myself and sit down with a cry. So, deeper! To pierce me, to die on your dick! You pull me to you, and I gratefully kiss your face, humming and moving my hips so that the stake driven into me will visit every secluded place. – Fernando! – you wheeze … And a member of one of the males imperiously invades my ass. I scream, unable to bear the pleasure of two members piercing me, rubbing against each other through my thin partition. I whisper some gentle nonsense to you … Fernando cums right in my ass and leaves me. I hiss with disappointment, but Dan shoves me in the ass. I am enjoying myself again, not ceasing to confess my love to you … Dan ends too. All the same – into my incredibly stretched hole…. Then you order me to take it in my mouth. A girl joins us. But your penis is in my hands, so it is in my power to direct it into my mouth or into the mouth of a girl. I shamelessly use this, sucking the lion’s share of the time before you discharge into our mouths. We suck you dry, sometimes kissing and passing your cum to each other. You look at it with approval…. Then I stretch out tiredly next to you and gently nestle. It’s so good that this night is just beginning …

Author: rendteam