Everyday life of slaves in the steel mill of the future

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Summer, oh summer … It was the summer of 2020, July. It roasted mercilessly, and we fled as best we could. I wore a short white skirt and a lilac top. After a year in a fitness club, I could afford it. Gorgeous pumped up ass, high breasts of the 3rd size … The men were drooling. It was Friday, after work the way home was long: metro, train and walk for 5 minutes. On the way to the metro, my girlfriend and I drank a beer and went down to the subway. Already here I started to burn: the boy looked at me with all his eyes when I sat down opposite, while I, pretending to be tired, closed my eyes, peeping from under my eyelashes. Desire was in his eyes. I decided to play along and on the next bump spread my legs slightly. He already has something stirring in his shorts! Yes, I can submit myself! Slightly moving and spreading my legs, showing white hair, I roused myself and, sharply opening my eyes, glanced at him, the boy was embarrassed. Still, I’m 24, he looks like 18. Having decided not to upset him, I leaned back and “fell asleep”. The legs parted, and it became warm below, the boy glared at me. Throwing one leg harder, I lifted my skirt slightly with my hand, exposing my thigh even more. The guy was already hunched over so that his rebellious “friend” would not be visible, and was watching me with all his eyes. I decided not to disappoint him, and slipped slightly from the seat, which lifted my skirt completely to the point of indecency! Passengers at this time were already few, and those who were also involved in the game. The young man, unable to bear it, moved to me. At the next stop, when braking, I fell on his shoulder. He, as if he was just waiting for this, and immediately hugged me and gently hugged me. I started to flow. It was delicious. He smelled pleasantly of youth, strength and excitement. Slowly, I slid into his lap, and his hand was already on my bare thigh. The boy decided not to get lost and began to stroke his leg dangerously close to his panties. I put my ear right on his device, which was in full combat readiness. Each time the carriage rocked, I rubbed his friend’s head hard with his head. Gradually bolder, slipped his hand with an elastic band and began to caress the wet “pussy” and clitoris. I could not restrain myself and groaned, I still did not open my eyes! The guy did not stop for a second and continued to fiddle with my clitoris. This could not last long, and I experienced the first orgasm for today! It was crushing, shaking me hard, though not for long. Pretending that I woke up, I jumped up, dust myself off and recovered. It became a little awkward – everyone who was looking at me: women with condemnation and hidden envy, men with delight, a guy with hope. The car started moving. Feeling like a shameless whore, I knelt down in front of the guy, quickly took out his considerable excited trunk and began to suck vigorously. Fast, deep and intense. Apparently, the guy also held on for a long time, so he let it down after a minute with a loud groan right into my mouth. I absorbed every drop, without spilling a single gram of the precious liquid. She got up, took a paper handkerchief from her purse and wiped her lips. She smiled at everyone and jumped out at the bus stop first. I quickly crossed to the other side of the station and got on the return train, since I passed my stop a long time ago … I got aroused in earnest – I wanted sex! Wild, unbridled, illegal! I was on fire. Coming out of the metro, I went to the platform, another 30 minutes by train to the house. I bought Bon Aqua, washed down the smack of my Metro Boy. The fire in my heart and lower began to cool down. My train came up, there were few people and I sat in a corner. Turning on the music on my phone, I closed my eyes and plunged into memories, going over my adventure in the subway every second. Unbeknownst to myself, I began to get excited again. Opening my eyes, I made sure that no one was looking at me. There were only three people in the carriage: two guys and some kind of granny, they all sat far from me. I decided to play with myself a little, remembering how my subway boy did it. Caressing myself, I felt the rush of a quick new orgasm and involuntarily moaned. I couldn’t hear myself in the player, but the guys seem to have heard something, because, once again opening my eyes, I saw them standing next to me. Granny was no longer in the car. One of the guys, brown-haired, sat down next to me, roughly hugged and put his hand in a pair to my hand right into the wet and excited “pussy”. He started doing things that I didn’t even dare to interfere with him! It was a new round of pleasure! I moaned even harder and did not hide! Some vanilla pop was playing in the headphones, but now it was more than ever on time. The second guy, dark-haired, without foreplay, took out his penis and, just as without words, put it in my mouth. I swallowed. In general, I love blowjob, I feel power over men through it, and therefore I always do it well and with soul. Deeply swallowing and playing with his penis tongue, I did not stop twirling my ass on two fingers of his friend. Orgasm! Already the second for today! I’m in seventh heaven! Moans and convulsions. I leaned back relaxed in my chair. The guys, looking at this, decided not to stop. The brunette knelt down and, pulling back the thong, began to lick me, helping himself with his fingers. Brown-haired, being out of work, got up and took his place with his penis in my mouth. Kicking my chest with one hand, and thrusting my head onto your trunk with the other. I began to get excited again, a new song started playing in the player with some kind of cheerful and playful rhythm … further like a fog … finished in a brown-haired mouth … put a brunette on the trunk … an orgasm … a brown-haired man settled down after a friend and filled me with semen again … orgasm … cancer on the seat … behind the brunette, in front of the brown-haired … both finished and I was torn from the jet orgasm. Not feeling myself, I lay down on the seat. The guys were busily filling up, joking about something. At the bus stop the guys got out without saying goodbye. I had 2 more stops to go – just had enough time to put myself in order. The panties had to be thrown away – someone inadvertently tore them. She wiped her lips and mouth with the last paper handkerchiefs. I got out at my stop alone, there was apparently no one else on the train. I wanted to write. Mindful of the garages on the way home, I set off with a quick step to them. Going between the garages, I sat down and began to empty my bladder with pleasure. And then I realized that I was not alone! It was dark and scary. I tried to complete the process as soon as possible, and almost everything, like … someone’s hand fell on my shoulder, not allowing me to get up. A dark silhouette came around me and stood in front of me. I was shaking with fear, shame and excitement. Someone’s sluggish but large member poked into the face. Hooray! They won’t kill! I sucked with pleasure, the shame was gone, the excitement grew like a snowball, and the pussy was already starting to hurt from today’s exercises. Feeling that my dark ruler was ready to release the seed, I abruptly released his penis from my mouth, jumped up, turned my back to him and bent down, bending at the waist. He needed no other invitation. Grasping my waist with his hands, he thrust me down with force, I already screamed! So simply and powerfully he deprived me of my anal virginity! After a short, but hard fuck, I came and went limp, my whole body leaning against the garage wall. The dark lord jerked off, pulled it down on my ass, zipped up his fly and silently left. I came home a little late, on wooden legs, exhausted, but happy. My MCH did not notice anything. “WOT” came up with something that we, girls, would not have to invent anything! Fight, beloved, and while in civilian life I will cover the rear!

Author: rendteam