Features of sex after a global catastrophe

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This story happened to me at the last New Year’s corporate party. A little about myself, my name is Elena, 29 years old, married. Height 170 cm, figure 91-65-91, chest size 2, black hair, not a model, but was popular with men. Our team is small, 5-6 people. Among them was a guy, 25 years old, a colleague. His name was Sasha. A nice young man, there was some kind of spark in our relationship, we both understood that we liked each other, because we flirted all the time at work, but naturally it didn’t go further. We celebrated a corporate party at the office, I will not describe the process itself, everyone is drinking, talking, in general, having a rest, everything is as usual. At the end of the corporate party, we got a little closer to Sasha, began to gradually retire from everyone in the smoking room, and hugged as a joke … Then somehow it happened, and we kissed, at first timidly as a joke, and then passionately with passion … And he offered to have a drink together after the corporate party. He said the address, and … maybe under the influence of alcohol, I agreed, although deep down I knew how it would end. And if you think so, I even wanted to. And so the corporative came to an end, everyone began to disperse, in all directions. Sasha and I called different cars, but went to the same place. I drove up first, a taxi drove me to the hotel. I was a little alarmed, but delighted … who was married for about 10 years will understand this feeling, someone has experienced it, someone wants to experience it. Ten minutes later a second car drove up, Sasha got out of the car, hugged him, said he was glad to see. We went to the reception. We went up to the room, he was beautiful, with a large bed … As soon as we entered, I did not have time to really take off my shoes – he pounced on me and began to kiss, his hands already did not limit himself in anything. But he was in no hurry. 3-4 minutes passed, he slowly fumbled for the lower hem of the dress and began to slowly raise it and just as slowly my slender legs began to bare, my thongs, bra got into his eyes and, finally, the dress was not a hindrance to us. I started working on him, because I didn’t have the strength to hold on anymore, my pussy was just “yelling”, we were left in our underwear. He lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around him, kissing so, we reached the bed, he put me on it, and began to sink lower and lower. I reached my destination, pulled off my thong and began to lick my pussy. I have never experienced such an awesome Cooney, it is very difficult to persuade my husband to Cooney, almost impossible … After a couple of minutes, realizing that a little bit more and I would be covered, I pulled him to me. And, deciding to repay him with pleasure for pleasure, she threw him on his back, pulling off his panties, in an outburst of just bestial excitement, she began just madly sucking his penis. By the way, his penis was larger than that of her husband, offhand 20-22 centimeters. I sucked, licked, swallowed, and in the meantime he was already stretching my breasts through the bodice, I helped him by removing it.
After a couple of minutes of an incredible blowjob for me, I climbed higher and began to try a new member in me … He asked about a condom, but I don’t like them so much, so I take contraceptives. And she began to put herself on his stake, it’s incredible, I rode like a madman, he crumpled my tits, fiddled with my clitoris. Then he rolled me over onto my back. And we continued in a missionary position, periodically protruding his penis, he began to lick the clitoris again. After a couple of such processes, I was overwhelmed – this was the first (and far from the last, as it turned out later, an orgasm in the evening). Then he put me on cancer and started just pounding me madly, I moaned, screamed, rubbed my nipples, it was such an orgasm that I had never experienced. Sasha’s movements became sharper and I felt the jet beating into my uterus, “Ay-ay-ay”, – I thought the translation of the product, I love the taste of sperm so much, really my husband … and we collapsed on the bed without strength, and from his sperm slowly started to flow. We looked at each other with a little bashful eyes, smiled. Suddenly his phone rang, and he said into the receiver that he would come down now. And then something happened that I could not calculate, he said that while he was driving in a taxi he phoned a friend and invited him to us, because wanted to try group sex with me. Then there were long-term persuasions, he said that it would be unforgettable, an incredible feeling that everyone should experience at least once in her life. I was just shocked, because I was married, and all that, although I had already gotten into such a thing in the evening that another “member passed through myself” would not change anything, but I was still very angry with him. But still alcohol and incredible excitement and even elementary curiosity won out and I agreed! He reached into his bag and took out an enema and said, since I agreed, I must agree to that too. I’ve never tried anal sex before, but tonight I was determined to get the most out of it and took it. Sasha said that I have 20-30 minutes and left. I was torn by curiosity, what his friend looks like, who he is, because this is not just his friend, this is a person who will fuck me in half an hour. And this feeling, hitherto unknown … the feeling that I will be fucked by two … I will try anal, group sex for the first time, before I saw this only in porn, and more than once imagined myself in the place of porn actissa … CLASS, I thought I. I saw Sasha off and went to do business, heading for the bath. After 30 minutes, Sasha and his friend came and entered the room. I stood in front of them in a bathrobe. Igor – Sasha’s friend introduced himself with a smile. And we went into the room, the guys bought more whiskey and cola, we drank, had fun. Sasha turned on the music and invited me to a slow dance. During the dance, his hands “walked” over the robe over my body, sometimes making his way through the opening of the robe and feeling the clitoris, pulling it, he brought me back into incredible excitement and delight from the fact that a stranger was watching this all.
Igor, meanwhile, was sitting at the table and quietly watching what was happening. Hearing that I was already breathing deeply and “ready for anything” Sasha called Igor and invited him to dance with me. I remained in Igor’s possession. He came up and took Sasha’s place in the dance, the guy turned out to be not from a timid dozen and after a moment began to study the robe and my body with him. He lifted his robe, began to paw my ass, and then I swam, from such a picture in my imagination I finally turned on the whore and began kissing him on the lips passionately. After examining my priests, he untied the robe, took it off my shoulders, the robe fell under my long legs. I remained standing in front of him in my panties. He went down to his chest and began to lick the nipples, sometimes nibbling, his hand had already pushed the thong and several fingers penetrated the vagina. Sasha was not on the sidelines for long. 4 hands already pawed me. Sasha unbuttoned his jeans, but he didn’t have to say anything, before he had time to blink, I was already pricking his not small dick. At the same time, Igor took out his gun, I smiled and began to work it, and it is also not small, but much thicker than Sasha’s penis. Two members took turns making their way into my mouth. This was my first such experience, and I tried not to miss a single moment. Sasha had already “tested” me a little earlier, so he was bolder. Raising my ass, he began to enter me, but not as slowly and smoothly as the last time, but with a jerk, roughly, I realized that this was the first such experience for him and he was no longer able to restrain himself. I continued to eagerly suck on Igor while Sasha pounded me. This picture lasted about 5 minutes, until I got an orgasm, I started to shake, but Sasha, feeling this only accelerated his rhythm, I was shaking for a long time until he stopped. “Well, come on and I’ll have this slut” – said Igor. This phrase at any other moment would have caused me aggression, but not now, when I, a married woman, are essentially being fucked by two strangers to me, I did not deserve another treatment. And I liked it, it turned me on even more. Igor sat down on the bed, he directed me with his back to him and I, without hesitation, jumped onto his penis and began to ride it like a rider on her horse. Sasha climbed onto the bed, stood in front of me and, without further ado, I began to suck on his penis, which somehow drowned out my groan. Sasha hammered into my mouth all the more assertive and assertive, the penis either got stuck deep in the throat, then burst out, because I also rode Igor. Sasha got up, went to his bag and generously lubricated his penis with some kind of lubricant. “Come to me” – said Sasha, clapping his hands on his knees, and sat down next to us. I obediently got up from Igor’s member. I took a step towards, Sasha turned me around with his back to him again, tilted me with cancer, which Igor immediately took advantage of, came up to me and inserted a penis into my mouth, I started to suck many times during the evening. Sasha, meanwhile, began to work out my anus, started with one finger, then inserted one or two more.
By the way, it was pleasant to me, I liked the feeling, unknown until now. Igor tore me away from the chupa-chups, probably, he was already at the limit, lifted me up and began to kiss passionately. Sasha took out his fingers and pulled me to him, put me on his lap, his penis was between my legs and I began to jerk him. And in the meantime he began to play up my boobs. “Do you like our slut?” – Sasha asked Igor playfully. “Still, you rarely meet such a passionate, sultry bitch, let’s continue to hammer her” – said Igor, we all laughed. Sasha lifted me up and began to put my anus on his penis. “You have a tight ass, have you ever had anal sex before?” Sasha asked. “No,” I replied. “Then you will be on top, sit down slowly and gradually, and I will help you,” Sasha answered and lifted me up. I rested on a member and began to slowly go down, leaning his hands on his chest, Igor, meanwhile, was playing with my nipples. But I had no time for games. With a serious face, I pushed myself onto Sasha’s cock. I don’t know how long it took, but as for me about 5-10 minutes, I periodically oozed, froze for a few seconds, but persistently, centimeter by centimeter, I continued to walk, or crawl towards the goal. I really wanted to experience new sensations. And now I have already reached the frictional movements, only a few centimeters remained until full immersion, and after a couple of moments I conquered his penis completely !!! After jumping a little, I realized that I really like it. Sasha began to help me, I jumped more and more boldly, I felt more and more pleasant. Sasha lifted my legs a little and began to hammer me at a frantic pace, I started to either scream or growl, it hurt, very painful, but I endured it and over time my ass developed and the pain turned into pleasure. His cock disappeared into me up to the balls. At this time, Igor watched the whole process with a glass of whiskey in his hands and when he got tired of it, he decided to join us and began to get attached to the pussy. “Let’s arrange a real group sex for her,” Igor said. I was a little scared, but still leaned back completely on Sasha’s chest and exposed my second hole to be torn apart. Sasha paused and gave a little time for Igor to put his cock in my pussy. A few seconds later, both of my holes were in business and the car called “2 in 1” went full speed. The guys started to increase the pace and after just a minute I got a wild orgasm. For a while, I even lost consciousness, and woke up from my own scream. It was worth it, I thought, and, throwing all unnecessary things out of my head, I began to catch every micro-orgasm with every cell of my body. I could not count them, but offhand there were 5-10 of them. I didn’t know a better feeling than this. 2 members in different holes rub against each other in me, Igor’s hands are already just fucking my tits. The first to finish was Igor, the second time in the evening was my vagina.
Sasha decided to fuck me a little more and after Igor got off me, put me on cancer and continued to pound me in the ass, sperm was running down my legs. I didn’t enjoy it for long, Sasha finished in a couple of minutes, filling my second hole … From this sensation, I began to shake, I got another orgasm, all of the same incredible strength, but it was completely different. For the first time in my life, I got an orgasm from anal sex. Sasha came out of me, and I collapsed to the floor, continued to shake for a few more minutes, I did not believe that all this had happened to me. Many thoughts were in my head … different … mostly how to live on. After all, bored sex with my husband can never be compared with what I experienced now. And the guys, meanwhile, looked at me and discussed how cool I am fucking and that now it will be easy to fuck me “with two muzzles”, and if I behave well, then at three, and then how will it go … a small pool of sperm and I thought that it would not hurt to wash and went to the bathroom … The guys in one voice said “I’m with you.” And the three of us went to the shower, bought ourselves, refreshed ourselves, every now and then the guys pawed me for all the places, respectively, their members increased. And I really wanted sperm, I love it so much, I squatted down in front of them and began to suck them one by one. Now one, then the other, then both at once, the boys liked it too. I started rubbing my hands and at that moment the thought came to me that it would be nice to have a third member for the third hole, this thought excited me and I, moving Sasha’s member into my mouth, began to pull at the clitoris. “Oh, you insatiable whore,” shouted Sasha. And I give it and say, “I want more members,” the boys laughed, “Ooohhh … yes, everyone wants to fuck a bitch like you, no problem, we will arrange it,” Igor said. And I began to jerk my penis, I realized that he was already close, I opened my mouth and Igor began to finish, an abundant stream of sperm flooded my face, got a little into my mouth, I took Igor’s penis and greedily began to suck, sucking the last drops, playing blown out member, slightly stroking his hand, I smiled at Sasha, as if hinting and he did not keep himself waiting, his sperm flooded my eyes, cheeks, I began to wipe the sperm from my face and breasts and lick my fingers, periodically kissing the guys’ dicks. “Yeah … Lenka, I didn’t expect this from you, there are devils in a still pool. You need to fuck and fuck” … I smiled, the guys left me alone, I bathed, put on a robe and went into the room. We drank to the fulfillment of desires, to the fulfillment of the wish about “more members”, laughed a little more and I went home. On the way, in the car I thought about an excuse for my husband. And of course I already started dreaming about the next meeting. But that’s another story, maybe I’ll write it later.

Author: rendteam