Fighters of the special squad decided to relax at a combat post

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Ira came to me in the morning at 10:00. We agreed on a meeting on the eve – we decided to drink beer, chat. Today, Saturday, Pasha was at work and nothing was supposed to interfere with my plans. I’ve wanted her for a long time. She acts in porn, and when I watch films with her participation, especially the Lesbian scenes, my pussy begins to throb, it is abundantly moisturized, and the desire becomes simply unbearable. I opened the door for her, Irishka was dressed in a light dress and high-heeled sandals. At first glance, it was clear that she was not wearing a bra. Her high breasts swayed freely under the light fabric of her summer dress. About panties, or rather about their presence, I could only guess. I was wearing only a light silk robe and thong panties, more like three thin strings. As a greeting, Ira, as always, kissed me on the lips, but it seemed to me that she hugged me around the waist longer than usual. We entered the room, on the coffee table there were already a couple of bottles of beer, fogged up from the refrigerator, in vases were nuts and chips. – My joy! Have you already prepared everything ?! – Irishka drawled dreamily. – It’s so hot outside. – And home is no better. – I responded, voice slightly hoarse with excitement – she never called me that. Having opened the bottles, we sipped with pleasure directly from the necks, and only after that we sat down on the sofa. – You’re so tense, do you want me to give you a massage? And without waiting for my answer, she sat down to me almost close and put her hands on my shoulders. She asked: – Sit with your back to me. I obeyed. Irinka began gently, in circular movements, lightly pressing, to massage my shoulders. My nipples began to harden and clearly stood out under the robe, my pussy was moistened and burned with fire. A slight half-moan escaped from my lips – half a sigh, instinctively I gave in with my back back – closer to Irochka. I felt her hands stroking mine, from the elbows – up, hitting the sleeves of the robe, gentle hands lingered on the bulges of my breasts, on the side – just below the armpits and slightly squeezed them. My nipples turned almost to stone. Her light breath tickled her neck pleasantly. – Do you like? – I heard a gentle whisper. – Yes! I also answered in a whisper. – Go on … Ira turned me to her and pressed her lips to my lips, her tongue penetrated into my mouth and began her delightful study. I answered her with all the passion and tenderness that I was capable of. Our first love kiss lasted five minutes, we broke away from each other, breathing heavily. – Tanya, my girl! How long have I wanted this! – Ira could hardly pronounce the words, her breathing was intermittent and heavy. – I also dreamed about it. With an impetuous movement, I pulled the top of the dress from her shoulders, lowered it to the waist. Two delightful mounds that I so often saw on the TV screen opened up to my gaze, finally, my dream will come true – I can squeeze them in my palms. But I was in no hurry – I ran my fingers from above towards the nipples, but without touching them. Irisha leaned on her hands, arching her back, exposing her lovely chest to my caresses. Her nipples tensed and just begged to be in my mouth. I kissed one nipple and, unable to restrain myself any longer, pulled it entirely into my mouth, by the sweet groan I realized that my sweet girl liked it. She, too, began to caress my breasts, twisting her nipples, squeezing them with her fingers, making me almost faint from bliss. Continuing to caress my chest with my tongue, I began to stroke her thighs with my hands, gradually approaching the cherished bosom. Irisha spread her legs, urging me not to stop, her moans clearly indicated that she was very good. My fingers felt a clean-shaven pubis and lips that were swollen with excitement – she did not wear panties, my girl was already flowing with might and main, I spread my lips apart with two fingers and with the third made a circular motion along the entrance to the vagina. Irisha made a movement with her hips, trying to put her pussy on my finger. After rinsing my adorable girlfriend’s pussy a little with my finger, I laid her down on a thick, fluffy carpet, spread my slender legs to the sides and pressed my lips to her excited pussy. Ira wriggled and groaned, demanding more and more caresses. I licked the juices of love from the lips of my girl, my tongue tickled the clitoris. My tongue penetrated Irishka’s bosom and I literally fucked her with my tongue. Fingers, meanwhile, found the pliable hole in the anus. Moistening my fingers with saliva, I introduced one into a tight ring and began to knead it. Soon the ass relaxed and let the finger in completely, it seemed to me not enough, and I introduced the second, Ira waved her ass towards my fingers with might and main. – Do you want me to fuck you? I asked breathlessly. – Of course, I really want to! I took out a large vibrator, 25cm long and 4cm in diameter, and some lubricant for anal sex. – Can I get in the ass? – With pleasure. Only I also want to caress you. With these words, she made me lie on my back, and she herself got into a knee-elbow position so that her pussy and ass were over my face. She bent down and began to lick my pussy, dripping and burning with arousal. Just a few movements were enough to shake me in a powerful orgasm. My scream hung in the air, saturated with the scent of girlish bodies. – Quiet, quiet. This is just the beginning. ” My mistress cooed, licking off all the juices that just gushed out of me. And she continued to torture my pussy with her skillful caresses, she sucked my clitoris, bit it with her teeth, her two fingers settled for a long time in my pussy, which longed that these caresses would never end. With the fingers of her other hand, she fucked me in the ass and, according to my feelings, three fingers were walking in my ass. Raising my head, I caressed Ira’s anus, inserted the tongue into the sweet hole, licked it from the inside. My every movement made my girl flinch and squeeze the anus ring slightly, not wanting to release my tongue. I lubricated the vibrator, pressed it to my ass and gently pressed. Since the ass was aroused and well moistened with saliva, she easily missed the vibrator head. Ira groaned and made a movement towards the faloimitator, wanting to sit on it completely. -Oh yeah! Fuck me please. She begged. I did not keep myself waiting long and immediately put the vibrator in my girl’s ass completely. She screamed with pleasure and began to wave her ass, wanting to get it even deeper. I took out the vibrator almost completely, leaving only the head with her, and immediately pushed it back, forcing Irishka to arch her back. The movements became faster and more violent, with my fingers I fucked Irina’s pussy, forcing her to flow more and more abundantly. What a pleasure it was to fuck your girlfriend in the ass. She moaned and waved me furiously. I saw her breasts with pointed nipples sway in time with her movements. The vibrator disappeared completely into her hole, and it was a delightful sight. Her fingers constantly fucked me in the ass and pussy. Suddenly I saw my boyfriend – he came up to us and watched. Apparently he was already busy with this for a long time – an impressive bump in his pants clearly betrayed his excitement. He took off his shirt, literally tore it off himself. He went up to Irina, knelt in front of her and unbuttoned his fly, his big dick practically rested against her mouth. Pasha took Ira by the hair and put it on his friend with his mouth. He entered her very deeply, she even jerked back, but he held her head tightly, not allowing her to pull away. Ira did a blowjob, closing her eyes, it was evident that she liked that she was being rudely in her mouth. The sight of my boyfriend fucking my girlfriend in the mouth so excited me that only with an effort of will I did not allow myself to cum, stretching the pleasure. Suddenly her pussy began to shrink, announcing that my sweet girl is coming, I fell to her crotch and began to drink the juices that Ira generously gave me. Having licked off all the tart and slightly bitter liquid, to a drop, I freed my girl from the captivity of the vibrator and licked her, not closed hole from the inside. Pasha pulled his penis out of her mouth and said to someone: – Come in. I turned my head and saw Sanya – a close friend of Pasha – he jerked off, looking at the scene unfolding on the carpet. The excited member of Sanya cheekily peered out of the unbuttoned fly of his trousers. – I want Tanyusha to take it in her mouth. – said Sanya. – You are welcome. – Pasha allowed. Sanya took a step towards me, but seeing that I was crawling towards him on my knees, shamelessly wagging my ass, he stopped. – Crawl, crawl, baby. Kneeling in front of Sanya, I unfastened my belt and lowered my trousers, freeing the mighty member of my friend. Looking Sanya in the eyes, she ran her tongue over the head, licking a drop of lubricant. A slap on my ass made me spread my legs – Irisha began to caress my pussy, her fingers penetrated deeply, which made me flow, and my lips swelled. Her tongue caressed my anus, penetrating inside, I protruded my butt to make it more comfortable for her. With my mouth I did not forget to caress Sanya’s penis, I took it deeply, to the very eggs, let go, caressed its head with my teeth, biting slightly, my tongue made circular movements around the head, and again the mighty trunk disappeared in my throat, with my hand I slightly squeezed the testicles. Sanya moaned and thrust me on the penis as deep as possible. From the thrusts from behind, I realized that Pasha had reached one of Ira’s holes and was fucking her. Sanya, issuing a drawn-out roar, poured into my mouth, there was a lot of sperm, it took me a lot of effort to swallow everything without losing a drop. Pasha never finished so abundantly. I liked its taste – slightly bitter with a musky smell. Irisha finished again and painfully squeezed my buttocks with her fingers, but it was a sweet pain. Sanya lay down on the carpet and pulled me along, I sat on top of him and felt that his cock did not even think to fall off. I rubbed my pussy against his friend, Sanya lifted me by the waist with one hand, with the other sent his impressive body into my pussy hungry for rough fuck. He so sharply planted me on his fighter that I thought he would tear me apart. But soon the pain gave way to unearthly bliss, I felt every inch of his penis. Sanya amused himself with my breasts, while I vigorously jumped on him, twisted the nipples, causing sweet pain, squeezed the breasts, pinching the nipples between my fingers. Pasha, not satisfied with Irishka, decided to join Sanya and me. He lubricated my ass with grease and began to develop it with his fingers. At first one finger walked there, soon a second was added to it, and then a third. Sanya moaned loudly, feeling Pasha’s fingers through my thin partition. Making sure that my hole is ready to receive a member, Pasha tilted me forward, practically put me on Sanya so that my ass rose as much as possible and protruded upward. Sanya froze for a while, leaving room for Pasha’s actions. He entered carefully, giving me time to get used to two powerful members in my holes. When the discomfort passed, I began to wave my booty. This served as a signal for the boys, and they just fell off the chain. They fucked me violently, quickly getting into a rhythm and adjusting to each other. It was a blissful feeling of power over two males, my clitoris rubbed against the pubis of Sani, forcing me to balance on the verge between reality and nirvana. Ten minutes – eighteen minutes of such a frantic race ended with my violent orgasm, it was the strongest and brightest orgasm in my life, a stream of love juices gushed out of my pussy. Under the wet squelch of a lustful pussy, my stallions finished at the same time, unable to restrain themselves any longer, and the roar of two males, pouring out their semen into one female, resounded throughout the apartment. The exhausted Pasha literally rolled off me, and Sanya carefully took me off and put me on the carpet next to him. Irisha immediately crawled up to me and began to lick my not yet closed ass and pussy, licking the seed left in me by two men. She ran her fingers alternately into pussy and ass and brought them to my mouth, sharing with me the delicious nectar of love …

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