Girl with a robotic arm fucks with a soldier

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About a year ago I decided to realize my dream and try sex with a guy. I created my own page on a dating site and started searching. I started correspondence with Mourad, who was 38 years old. Mourad was looking for a passive guy and I was satisfied with it. We exchanged phones and made an appointment. Mourad, as I understood later, rented an hourly apartment at the address. I arrived at the appointed 17 hours and rang the doorbell without making up my mind for a long time. Mourad opened the door for me and I went to the apartment. Mourad looked quite young, about 185 cm tall, weighing 95 kg, athletic structure. I did not know how to behave and did not know what to do. Mourad saw my timidity and took everything into his own hands. He offered me to go to the kitchen and drink cognac, saying it was necessary to relax and we started drinking cognac. The shyness started to go away a little bit. Having drunk quite occasionally, we talked as friends on various topics. I waited and was afraid of the moment when we would have sex with him. Mourad offered me to go to the bathroom and take a bath. I climbed into the bathroom and started swimming under the shower. After a while, Mourad came into the bathroom and said he wanted to take a bath with me; I said I was fine with it. Mourad took off his robe and I saw his large cock, which was 23 cm long and about 6-7 cm wide, cut off and large eggs. Mourad saw my surprise and fear in my eyes and started smiling. He climbed under the shower and asked me to soap him. I started to soap him and did not dare to touch his penis. He asked me to wash him in the crotch and I soaped my palms and began rubbing his balls and the dick that was standing on the stake. I started telling him that I had never had sex with a man and that his penis was very large and I was afraid that I would not be able to accept him. Mourad began laughing and said he would do everything right. He washed the foam off his penis and asked me to kneel down and take his penis in my mouth. I knelt down and his huge cock was in my face. I began to caress him with my hands, touch his balls, and never dared to take him in the mouth and everything overpowered I began to call to drive on his head, trunk and balls. Then, opening my mouth wide, I let his head in and began to slowly sit on his dick. Dressing his head on 1/3 of his penis, he stuck to my throat. Murad pushed forward and took my head and began to fuck me in the mouth like some kind of cunt. I began to break out, as I could not breathe, and he did not pay attention to me and continued to fuck me in the mouth. Having fucked me for about one minute in this way, he pulled out his cock and I started coughing. Then Murad asked me to stand up and turn my back to him and bend over. Mourad said he would prepare my hole. I did what he asked. Murad washed his hands with soap and spread my buttocks with one hand and began to stick his finger into my hole. I could not relax my anus in any way and it hurt me that he put his finger all the way into my anus. I told him about it, to which he answered that I had to relax. Having stood in such a position with a finger in the anus from half a minute the pain began to go away and I already started to move my ass trying to sit deeper. Mourad took out his finger and the next minute started to stick two, then three fingers. Thus, having stretched my anus a little, he suggested going to the hall. We wiped ourselves in the hall with a barefoot. Mourad laid his back on a wide bed and with his legs spread he asked to suck on it. I got on my knees between his legs and took his cock in my mouth and started moving while looking at his face. Then I started licking his balls and sucking again. After playing with his tongue and his dick for about three minutes, Murad stood up and offered me to stand on all fours. I got up on all fours and fell down on my chest, and spread my buttocks with my hands. Mourad took out the cream tube and smeared his cock and my anus. I burned with fear and the same minute of impatience. Something big and hot stuck in my anus and started to penetrate into my ass. There was a sharp pain in my butt, though Murad slipped only his big head into it. I started to cry out with pain and ask to stick out his big dick, but Mourad said the pain would soon go away and my butt would get used to it. Standing in such a position from a minute, the pain began to pass and I myself began to slowly sit on his penis. Mourad abruptly pushed his cock up the very balls and clung firmly to me by my pelvis. I began to wail in pain and burst out, but Mourad chained himself to me and began to pound me with all his might. I thought I would lose consciousness. In three minutes, my butt got used to his dick and I started moaning with pleasure. After five minutes of such sex, Mourad pulled his cock out of my butt and asked to lie on his back. I lay on my back and he lifted my legs and threw them on his shoulders and started to fuck me in this position. I was all crushed under him because Mourad was quite large in stature. Then he lay on his back and asked to sit on top of him with his back to him. I sat on his dick and bent my body to his feet. Mourad took me by the buttocks and started to lift and lower me up on his cock. I was already moaning like a real fuck and asked him to finish as soon as possible with Muradic’s words, please finish quickly, I can’t, please, I beg you. Then I turned to his face and with my elbows down, I began to sit intensively on his cock. Mourad, in turn, held me behind his back and began to fuck me quickly. After four minutes, he began to moan and came at me. I literally fell down from his cock and lay on my stomach for a while. My butt was on fire. I started touching it with my fingers and it seemed to me that there was a hole that would never close. The doorbell rang and Mourad went to open it and men’s voices and laughter were heard from the corridor. I started looking for my things with my eyes, but I remembered that they were in the bathroom. I climbed scared under the blanket. Murad appeared in the aperture and with him three Caucasian men.

Author: rendteam