In a bomb shelter, survivors also need to satisfy their needs

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The story took place last summer. The dialogues, most likely, were not quite like that – I just convey the meaning of them. I am 40 years old. I like different things about sex, but I haven’t tried everything. My wife could not go to the sea with me and I went alone. By your car. It was almost evening. On the way, a young couple voted. Judging by their backpacks, they were heading south. Well I stopped. A girl came up and asked: – Will you give me a lift? – Where – I ask. – South. – I’m going to Alushta to rest. – Class! We would also like to get to Crimea. – Well, in principle I can give you a lift, just not for free. – We actually wanted to hitchhike, we have very little money. – It is possible not only with money, – I say and was about to close the window when the girl asked: – And how? – Sex. – We agree. I put their backpacks in the trunk and drove off. On the way we chatted about different things. The girl’s name was Sveta, and her husband’s name was Yura. Then the conversation turned of course about how they would pay. The girl, I must say, was not some kind of beauty there, but she was quite sexy. The hair is dark up to the shoulders, the eyes are green, the chest is small – the maximum size is one and a half. But the figure is very cool – sporty with a neat ass. – And what do you like about sex? What would you want? – Well, just sex is natural, kissing your pussy. And then she really surprised me – she quite accurately determined my true desire. – Do you want to lick my pussy? – Class! And then my husband only fucks me, but I really love it when my pussy is licked. You see, she turned to her husband – I found myself a lizun. The husband only said to this: “I’m glad for you.” To confess from these words my dick immediately got up, that I had to correct it a little with my hand. Sveta noticed this, reached out to my shorts and, touching, exclaimed: – Wow, you already have it. Do you like harsh words? – Yes very. – Then you will lick my pussy a lot and often. You will do whatever I command. – Sure. All this time she continued to hold my cock. At such words, he tensed even more. – Stop the car – she already ordered. At this time we were already driving across Belarus and there are many parking lots. We stopped about five minutes later – just got a good place. We got out of the car, walked away a little. Sveta took off her panties (she was in mini) and ordered: – Now lick your pussy, – and spread her legs. I got down on my knees and began to kiss passionately, then lick. She was already wet – to see the conversation, too, greatly aroused her, almost immediately she moaned. Then she grabbed her by the head, began to hug him. And all the time she repeated something like: “Lick her”, “Lick my pussy”, “Good licker”, etc. Then she ordered me to lie on my back, and she sat on top of me and began, as she herself said, to fuck me. Then she took out my penis, which stood with a stake, and began to play with them a little, not allowing to cum. She herself had already finished two or even three times. Then she got up and simply said: “Yura”. And then I saw her husband kneel, already without shorts and panties. His dick, too, was already standing and was somewhere 20-22 cm in length and 5 cm in thickness. He put it in his wife’s pussy and started pounding her. It is to hammer – sharply and hard, putting her on your dick. Sveta immediately groaned even louder. And she said to me: – And you lick me. Take the clitoris and suck it. I somehow managed to turn around and began to suck and lick him. Sveta has just finished over and over again. And then Yura began to finish. It was noticeable how his cock tensed and then he began to finish. I finished quite a lot. Svetka at this time, too, finished already with a cry. Then he took out his penis and his sperm poured onto my face and mouth. And Svetka says: – Lick it all off, and she moves her pussy over my face and continues to flinch, continuing to finish. Then she calmed down a little and looked at me. I had my whole face in her husband’s semen and her secretions. “Now I’ll wash everything off, she said,” she got up, turned to face me, and sat down. I understood what she wanted to do and, to be honest, had long dreamed of this. Then she began to write, and immediately with a rather strong stream, washing away the sperm and everything else. – I also want to finish, I said. She got up again, turned her booty to me, sat on me and began to write again, but not strongly. And she took my penis in her hand and began to caress him. I got up and dug into her cunt, kissing her and swallowing her juices. She moaned and began to fuck me again, while continuing to write. Then she almost immediately began to finish. And at that time I began to finish too. I also had a lot of sperm. Then on the way it happened a couple more times. And she made me lick so often. At the sea, we also settled in the same room, although they planned the savages in the tent. In general, we indulged in debauchery. There was also extreme, when, moving away in the evening or at night, a little to the side from the bright streets, I licked her. Swimming in the sea at night, she loved to make me a golden shower in shallow waters. In general, we all liked the rest.

Author: rendteam