Nuclear Fire Survivors Celebrate Sex Feast

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No matter how sophisticated and incredible the stories given here may seem, they will not contain an ounce of fiction, only memories and facts. We met Alena in March of the last year before the Olympics. The early spring of the city of Sochi was an almost full summer. Blooming tulips, rhododendron leaves filled with juice, snow gradually receding from the peaks. Our acquaintance was trite to the point of vulgarity – “tinder” acquaintances. Moreover, it was sudden to disgrace – the entire dialogue fit into six messages. “Hi-hi-let’s meet-let’s-phone-hold the phone” But the girl at the meeting turned out to be far from being so commonplace as acquaintance. The date was set for the same evening, when talking on the phone the girl was innocent and embarrassed, which promised a lot of adventures. Dark side streets of Adler in late spring. Palm trees rustling with wide leaves like peacocks’ tails. In the spring at twenty-two o’clock, Adler almost sleeps, in those areas where builders did not live in large numbers. Her area was just that, quiet and deserted, only coming to life during the season. The girl ran out of the gate of a small cottage, in which, as it turned out later, she and her husband rented a house. Cheeks burned with their own courage, which was noticeable even in the dim light of the lanterns. Jumping into my highlander, she pulled up her plaid skirt, which was slightly taller than her little neat knees. – Alyona. – Paul. Of course, without giving the girl much time to think, he turned the car and headed towards the deserted beaches of Khosta. The former so famous Cape Vidnogo. Until he was almost destroyed by unlucky builders. But for those who often visited there, there were known nooks where you can get up with a good view of the always restless sea and in silence. While we were driving this dozen kilometers, it became clear from the conversation that I got the phone almost by chance. Alena was 23 years old, a candidate for master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, about 155 tall, probably weighing 45 kilograms (a photo with a smeared good face is attached). To my regret or luck, Alena was married. But it was precisely this fact that facilitated our meeting. Her husband was 17 years older than her. He worked as a driver, on some kind of truck and was absent from home for several days. Returning from the flight, he was always drunk and his young wife was already disgusted as a man. From the conversation, it became clear that this was Alena’s first meeting with a man besides her husband (which may well be true, since her family had known her husband for a long time, and she had been prepared to marry him from an early age, and other men apparently the truth was not). Her family was from one of the Caucasian republics, with more strict morals there, and her embarrassment could be genuine. And then, during the conversation, the arrogance and self-confidence, which girls so unmistakably like, have already worked. Especially girls with “lousy” husbands. As I remember, her ass was just beautiful, now she was sitting on a warm seat, heated it would have been even more pleasant, and I used the heating for its intended purpose – so that the woman’s always thirsty for affection and slaps of the priest, immediately plunged into the warm embrace of the chair. Since the girl perfectly understood what they would do with her in half an hour, with flaming cheeks, she asked to take her alcohol to relax her unhappy married psyche. Fortunately, in Khosta, in the very center of the resort part, at the crossroads, there is a 24-hour shop with alcohol. This lovely establishment has more than once helped us out, if necessary, to give a little drunk to the ladies, ready for anything, but in need of alcohol support. A bottle of champagne was bought from the Armenians and relocated to the back seat along with plastic cups and juice for me. Having driven off to the seashore, with a devilish grin, I began to translate her fantasies into reality. The stove is stronger, she is forced to take off her coat and remain in a dress with bare shoulders. Now you can start seducing. Gentle stroking with your fingertips on the back of your hand, moving up the soft hairs on your hands to your open elbows. Gently and confidently, without a hint of the possibility of interrupting these touches. Alena has a lump in her throat, she does not know what to do, whether to try to stop these harassment, which is about to begin to develop into concrete actions, or to submit to fate and go downhill. The female essence wins, and with eyes like a doe’s, she allows herself to be touched. Stroking her cheeks, I take her thin animal neck in my palm, I begin to crumple it, with the experience of a neuropathologist’s son (I was taught professional massage, saying, if you don’t go to medicine, then seducing girls is always useful). What a pliable and fragile neck, you just want to squeeze it tighter, break it in your hand. I never understood how women can so trustingly give us their fragile body and fearlessly allow us to squeeze their little necks. Now you can move on to the shoulders, so hot and young. There was no resistance, only Alena’s breathing began to go astray – the poor thing swam. It’s time to squeeze it and start to fight. The breasts were small, but damn good and proportional to her petite figure and narrow waist. Strip off your dress like this, or whatever it is. I do not understand this, I can only shoot it, moreover, quickly. And even better, I can climb under it and crumple everything there. Come here, zayinka, what sweet lips, even teeth and a hot mouth. What passion, what fire … The bitch kissed well. Then, for some reason, we didn’t kiss too much, apparently because the girl already understood that such a finished mouth, maybe we would not want to kiss (why “we” you will understand further …). Sweet kisses, hot hugs through the front seat armrests. I stroke her thighs through the thin fishnet tights, the color of her tanned legs. They were practically not noticeable, especially in the darkness of a lunar subtropical night. – Oh, what are we doing (come on, convince me, tell me that I am doing everything right, that I am young and beautiful, slender, and I should not wait somewhere there for a lost forever drunk husband). – Quiet, Alyonushka, you are clever, you are so beautiful, such beauty should not be lost, such a body, my God, it must be fucked several times a day, for this it was created. That was what she wanted to hear tonight. With a sigh, I tear myself away from her lips, get out of the car and open her door, give my hand – the signal is clear – we change seats. It is always easier for me to put a girl in front of a variant – either you are sitting with the door open to the street, half-naked, and it is not warm outside, or you instantly jump out and sit back, but your fate is then irrevocably decided, there will be no turning back. However, that the way back will be in the front seat is also a very illusory fantasy. But still, the lever of the box and the armrests between us are some kind of protection from my hands. Unless, of course, with them and, indeed, to fight, and not to play a fight. Alena, like a sheep to the slaughter, climbs into the back seat. I, with an impudent expression on my face, walk around the car to sit on the other side and give room to my hands. Now you can really hug her. From such strong hugs, when her slender little body was completely pressed against the male breast, her mind was completely turned off, and she became a full-fledged female in the month of March, which was in the yard. My hands wandered over her back, shoulders. An excellent body of a twenty-three-year-old girl, delicious lips, short hair, large, half-closed eyes, hot breath of a young female. So I want to tear her to shreds, squeezing in my arms. Down with clothes. Mmm … what sexy lace panties … knew the bitch that they would fuck, dressed properly. She was beautiful, graceful as befits a real gymnast, especially with the category of “Kms”. And in the back seats of the Highlander, in the bright salon, she looked at her diminutiveness like a princess in a big carriage. It was clear on her face that she was enjoying the effect produced, as my eyes and hands wandered greedily over the curves of her body. To hell with panties, and my gaze opened in the light falling from the moon, which hovered over the sea, a beautiful pussy, devoid of any hair, a tubercle of the pubis and labia, from which it smelled of youth and debauchery. The poor silent moon watched all this along the entire coast in the windows of houses, in parked cars, how much she saw and could tell us … Alena perfectly understood that she had fallen into a boiling abyss of debauchery, that there was no turning back, she only had to roll further into the abyss of pleasures, and plunge into it headlong. She didn’t have to be forced to take a blow job, playful little hands stroked my shoulders and chest, squeezed my forearms, enjoying my strong body, which she apparently lacked so much. Just as deftly unbuttoning their shirt, they got to the belt, bumping into the buckle of the harness, they jammed, but without starting to fight with it, they went around and headed to the fly. The clicks of the opening zipper, the handle climbed inside, I didn’t have to look too much, because the penis was already tearing the pants. And the palm turned out to be very skillful and confidently got down to business. But for more than a few seconds I was not satisfied with this and pressed her head with a light movement. Without any whims or indignation, taking this for granted and my direct responsibility, a small mouth sank down on my penis. The bitch worked well with her mouth, smacking was probably heard even if I walked a few meters away from the car. Moreover, this rubbish, not just moved her head over the penis from top to bottom, touching her pubis with her nose, but she also tried with her sharp tongue, tried very successfully. Since when the girls are sucking in the back seat, I prefer to put them on my knees to the side, to push their heads closer, then their butts standing in a bent position are within reach. On the one hand, you can play with their holes, and distract yourself a little from the stunning blowjob, so as not to drain into her mouth ahead of time. Holes are still full, there is no need to merge into the first. Wow, how did we get wet…. Alena’s pussy, if not dripping directly on the seat, then that would have poured, she was so excited. Running his finger along the folds of the labia, purrs, bitch, of course. Dip your finger inside. – the victim’s excited body bends towards … no, no, I was getting ready to sit down early, I still remember her from the outside, rub the labia, rub the ass hole, and only then maybe I’ll insert your finger, and then two and three at once, in your lustful hole. It’s time to check how she will react to the fact that I planted her sweet ass on my cock. First, light touches, as if accidental, to her anal hole. I run my hand along the folds of the labia and, as if by chance, I run higher, between the rounded halves of her ass. She does not strain, the buttocks are just as relaxed and pulled apart, the bottom is arched like a cat’s, smooth, elastic. Alenka does not hide her holes, without resistance she gives them to be torn apart. Now circular movements around the back hole, no indignation on the part of the hostess, press lightly with your finger on the entrance, only purr in response. The member began to suck even sweeter. Means delighted with the fact that it will also be in the ass. Wonderful, now you will get the full, the index finger at once on two phalanxes inside, only made a sound and swallowed the penis deeper, apparently to restrain an involuntary groan. And the ass, though tight, but lends itself well, and well, immediately the second finger there, also with an interference, but entered, now the ring finger with the little finger, into the current pussy, and you can start to put it on, oh, how happy she is. Apparently she had not received such impudent sophisticated caresses for a long time. Smacking on the penis is getting louder and juicier, the girl is happy. And then another wonderful feature of Alena opened up, a feature so pronounced like none of a couple of hundred other girls that I managed to try – the ability to such frequent, strong and stunningly beautiful orgasms. She began to convulse and scream, releasing a penis from her mouth, orgasm beat her for several seconds, the holes contracted convulsively, pushing my fingers out, but she practically did not move her ass, only the holes existed as their own lives. Barely catching her breath, she set to work further. Mad girl, how nice it was to torture her, teasing both holes with her hands and filling them with a third member. When asked if she would swallow every drop if I wanted to cum in her mouth, there was only an affirmative lowing. Nice bitch, she knows how to be in bed. Now let’s see how her pussy will take a member, whether it is wide enough to be inserted into it and whether it is narrow enough so that I can fuck it at least a little before I take up a tight ass. Putting the gymnast on her back, he pulled on a condom, lifted her legs and sent a penis into this smooth and petite pussy. With so much lubrication, and after swotting with two fingers, the penis easily slid into this cozy tight hole. Oh, what moans, ay-ay, a married woman on a first date with a stranger, how much fire is in her, Alena … probably one of the most pleasant pleasures is fucking a woman who formally belongs to another, realizing that this kind of forbidden fruit is now giving out her legs pelvis towards, wanting you to deeper hammer her penis into the bosom. Lustful bitch. After hammering her in the pussy for a few minutes, he put her on himself. It was here that she gave free rein to her nymphomania, with the agility of a former athlete, with such a thin waist that could almost be wrapped in her palms, she began her jump. Orgasm after orgasm shook her young body, claws gripping my shoulders, then the upholstery of the seats. I had to periodically, when I heard the cracking of the upholstery, to tear her hands off the back of the seats, she would tear, because she doesn’t understand anything during orgasms, she just squeaks and tears everything that falls into her claws. I stroked her back and tummy, squeezed small breasts in my hands, and did my favorite in this position – I beat her on the bottom. Fortunately, the backside was small, and it was possible to swing well and slap it without even stretching out your arms. He beat her on one buttock several times, then on both. She really liked the slaps, weighty on the bottom, apparently the fantasies of office workers went much further than ordinary sex, what else was there in this little beautiful head? After jumping on my penis, I put this rubbish crustacean on the seat, with its growth, it could be placed not across the cabin, but along, it rested its arms and shoulders against the back of the seat, and I got up behind without any problems, since the height of the car and length the salon allowed it. And now it was already possible to hollow out all the nonsense from her. In this position, sandwiched between the back of the seat and my penis on the other side, she simply had nowhere to go. And after softening her hole a little for this particular position and feeling that I could pick up the pace, I began to smash her cunt. With her diminutive stature, in a pose with cancer and on her side, I easily reached her uterus, from which she, with especially strong blows, trembled all over and sighed painfully, which gave me considerable pleasure. The pace was increasing, and as it turned out, this position in which she is the last bitch, she likes even more than jumping on top herself. Orgasms overtook one by one. You are unlikely to believe it, and I myself would have doubted, but, I repeat, she was the craziest orgasm out of two hundred girls that I knew at that time. So in those about half an hour that I pounded her pussy and during the warm-up, this bitch finished seven times. This record will be broken by herself in a few days, but at that time the record was just that. After the fifth time she started to get tired, but I didn’t care. She finished every few minutes, finished genuinely, violently and effectively. Fucking such a slut was certainly great. It’s just not very interesting for me to fuck, but at the same time squeezing her buttocks and pounding on them … this is already more fun. Alenka screamed, but did not try to dodge the blows. The ass was filled with red spots from the blows, I took this bitch by the hair and pulled her back, forcing her to bend her back so that she felt every centimeter of the member being driven into her. The hole, despite such a long intercourse, remained very good and tight. But this was not enough for my snickering nature. I let go of her buttocks, tired and sat down in a chair – work with your mouth. The presence of a condom on the penis embarrassed her only for a second, and she readily swallowed a penis lubricated with juice from her young pussy. A few minutes of sucking, it is quite clear that you can shove a penis into her mouth and in a condom, which is certainly more convenient than with whims, who, you see, do not like to suck in it. Come on, dear, lie back on your back, let’s take care of your ass … fear flashed in the eyes of the doe … it fits into the mouth of a tight fit, how will it fit in the ass? I put her on my back, she seems to want to say something, and understands that they will take whatever they want anyway. He throws his legs over, wraps his arms around them. I will not be absolutely a maniac, at first I will knead her ass with my fingers at least for a few seconds, two at once, so now I’ll stand on ceremony, starting with one. The ass is relaxed and the fingers go in without problems. The cock is still wet from her saliva, it’s time to drive it, while the excitement from the freshly fucked pussy is transferred to the ass. This hole is tighter, but she has nowhere to go, and with resistance, but a member centimeter by centimeters enters her anus. Oh, how nice it is to squeeze these girlish hips in your palms and see a small hole that stretches from such a baby into a hole like a real whore. Fucking in the ass Alena was also to her taste, and apparently she practiced it from time to time. Whether with her husband, or with different subjects, God knows, and I forgot to ask. It didn’t matter to me, my penis was already there, the hole in the narrowness was just right, but how it happened was indifferent. Her body was a toy for fun and you could fuck her anywhere and in any way. Since there were no tears or a particularly plaintive squeak, it means that you can increase the pace, let’s see how she can withstand it. Here, of course, until the ass was stretched, the fast pace was hard for her, she began to whine and howl. But for seven orgasms you have to pay and she understood this, obediently, she hugged her legs, then without prompting, dropped her palms on her buttocks and stretched them to make it easier to fuck her. Clever girl. But she hoped that soon this torture would end, and she was just beginning. We turn to the most vulgar and submissive pose – a crustacean in the ass, there is no time for female pride. For a heightened psychological sensation, I make her rest her head on the seat, and stretch her ass wider, and I choose which hole to fuck her into. Obediently lowers his head, rests on the back, palms on the ass, and pulls to the sides, the young elastic buttocks are spread as wide as they can, the ass did not really close after the last position, and slightly open, hints that it can be planted in it … you need to think, because the cunt is wetter, and the ass is narrower … hmm … but maybe she can drive it into the pussy, lubricate it there, and only she will start joyfully podmahivat to the meeting, pull out and drive her in the ass? then she will sing … although we will probably remove her hands from the buttocks, and first spank it properly, let him whine plaintively, wagging his ass. What is needed, stronger, with a ringing, so that the birds in the forest wake up, sleeping on the branches. Now the ass is on fire, her sensations have intensified, you can lubricate the penis in the pussy a little. A dozen movements in it, hands on your buttocks, bitch, stretch. Well done. Now in the already prepared, not having time to forget the size of the penis, the ass … So, without any resistance, only with a heavy sigh from the head lowered low. Deeper, down to the eggs, so that she feels like she is completely planted, like a butterfly on a pin. Poor girl, but such is the fate of beautiful young female asses – to be admired, crumpled in their hands, spanked and fucked to the fullest. Moreover, they fucked when we wanted, anytime and anywhere. A girl should always be mentally prepared that she will be inserted in the ass without asking her too much. Tore off her ass from the heart. From anal sex, this bitch did not catch orgasms, but it did not bother me. I pulled off the condom, unrolled her clouded head and hammered a member into her mouth. She readily swallowed it and began to suck. Eh, friend, not so fast, I’m already on the brink, take it out, and let’s tongue, from eggs to head, like this, lead me. Now press your tongue and in the same way, otherwise you crawl with one tip. So that drool is smeared all over the place. The tongue was hot, and compared to the cool night air in March (I always leave one window ajar to breathe) it made an excellent contrast. Now take eggs in your mouth and begin to suck them gently. Good bitch. And we repeat this several times – deep throats, now by myself, now with a hand on the back of my head, when I set the pace and depth. And I’ll set the depth so that it chokes and sniffs through my press. Now you can let go of all unnecessary thoughts, leave only the sensations of lips sliding over the penis, and drain everything into this helpful mouth. Stream after stream I lowered down her throat, she, like a lustful cat, smacking her lips with relish, swallowed. She understood that if even a drop fell on the light-colored upholstery of the seats, she would be spanked from the heart, and therefore she swallowed as a dying man swallows water in the desert. A smart girl, she understands that it is necessary not only to suck in everything, but also to suck afterwards, to calm the penis. Alena was just a godsend in terms of technique and understanding of male desires. Since the devil knows that in the heads of such cute girls … then while her pussy is warm, the most insidious and promising question should have been asked – you are so good at pounding in all the holes … and with several men would you like to try? – Yes, I’m afraid, but I want to. But these will be the next stories. The stories of the last year, when there were less than 365 days left before the Olympics, life was seething with money, and together with money and expensive cars, I wanted to fuck such young married girls, enjoy their slender bodies, give them champagne on the seashore, seduce them, and they they will pretend that they are being seduced, although they know perfectly well why they were brought here.

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