Post-apocalyptic survivor thanks her soldier savior

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Last Friday, my wife was invited to a birthday party to her friend – Anton. Naturally, she invited me to go with her, saying that she wanted to introduce me to her friends. My Lyudmila is a slender, pretty woman. Before me, she had many men. After the first marriage, she even worked as a prostitute for a short time! And she did not admit it immediately. I like that they pay attention to her, I like the way she dresses, I like her manner of behaving with men, let’s just say – quite shocking. Well, she also likes to be in the spotlight! When I came home from work, I saw an amazing scene. My Luda, completely naked, was sitting astride the lap of another of her friends – Dima, that is, facing him. Kissing him gently on the lips, she asked him to keep us company. Then, without embarrassment, she took a T-shirt out of the closet – in a large mesh, of course through which her neat breasts were visible – number 2, then put on a skirt, which is a thin belt of fabric and two shreds that barely cover her ass and pubis. Through the cuts on the sides, the absence of panties on her elastic ass was visible. I was just delighted that they would see her in such extravagant clothes. Dima called a taxi, I sat in the front seat, and Dima and my wife sat in the back. He immediately lifted Luda’s skirt to the waist and began to iron her legs. All the way the taxi driver stared in the rear-view mirror, but we got there without incident. When we entered, the whole company was already assembled, there were more men. Seeing my wife, everyone became quiet, looking at her with devouring eyes. She introduced me: “This is my new husband, get acquainted. And you already know Dima! ” It looked very interesting, since Dima lifted Luda’s skirt with his right hand and stroked her ass! I sat down opposite my wife and Dima, knowing for certain that she would be a little hooligan. At some point, she looked at the guy sitting opposite and said: “Do you like my breasts? In general, my skin is dark, and I always sunbathe naked! ” The guy asked: “Alone?” – Luda answered: “Of course not. I have male friends! ” I could see how Luda stretched out her leg and stroked the guy’s leg. Then he took her foot, and putting it between his legs began to rub against it. Then he unzipped his fly, and Luda began to stroke his trunk. Dima, seeing this, called me to smoke. But when we returned, it was even more interesting. Luda, already naked, was sitting between the guy whose penis was stroking his leg and another. They, like kittens, sucked her breasts, and Luda pressed their heads to her hands. Then one of the guys carried her to another room, it was great, everyone saw it. One girl took my hand and led me after them. God, they put Luda on the table. The guy to whom she stroked the penis entered her mouth, and the second, having made several frictions in the vagina, immediately entered her ass. The girl who brought me into this room unbuttoned my pants and began to masturbate my penis. I can no longer remember in what order we finished. Two guys for my wife, and I for a girl in the hand. I didn’t even have time to ask her name, however, just as Luda did not have time to meet her unexpected lovers. When my wife got up from the table, she invited me to go home, and asked if I was angry? I replied: “No, I love you!” It may seem strange to some, but I was delighted with such a spicy party!

Author: rendteam