Slim beauty naked in the engine room

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We sleep in the same bed… you sleep in my legs as usual… pressed against them… I wake up early… with the usual heel movement I start rubbing your face… you wake up… you lick it a little bit to me, making it clear, that you wake up and you get up and suck my morning boner by habit… you are gentle and gorgeous as always… you swallow all your sperm and lick your dick clean… I take your foot off and get up… We go to the toilet… we are naked. . however, as always after night … you are my bedding … so you walk next to me on all fours, it turns out to be much slower than i walk, so i take you by the hair and drag you along. . you’re hurt … but you’re tolerant We got there … you pick up the seat, take my dick in your pen and direct it to the toilet … I piss for a long time, because I fucked you all night, my faithful fuck. Finally I’m done, you send your dick into your mouth, shake off the last drops and suck it so it’s clean again We go to the bathroom, you climb under the shower and wash your fucking body, I wash, shave and brush my teeth, then climb under the shower… Your hands and your tongue are my washcloths. . you wash my whole body with them, lick … every inch … even my ass… I let you lick it and get a little tongue in it… I love it… Then I put you on cancer and fuck you in the ass… just by habit….. To kick your ass in the morning shower is like brushing my teeth… I come, of course, in your mouth, you lick your dick clean and also lick your balls… Then we leave the bathroom, you wipe me with a towel and put a robe on me… We go to the kitchen, I turn on the TV and watch the news, you still cook breakfast… Then you feed me from your hands… and the food you accidentally smudge on your mouth, you lick your own tongue, so you’re specially sloppy to lick my face more times… I’ve eaten everything, I slap you (just because you’re my property) and go to dress up…. I got dressed, went out to the hallway, thought to give it to your mouth again, but in the morning I had already finished several times and was afraid that the blowjob would stretch and I would be late for work… I tell you to come to me, put a collar on you, fasten your seat belt in the hallway, tie your hands behind your back, so you can’t masturbate in my absence and put a bowl of dog food in front of you, you’re my faithful bitch, so you eat bitch food… before leaving I kiss you gently on the lips, it’s one of your two favorite moments all day, about the second you will learn a little later, you live from one to the other of this happy moment … I left … I come in the evening, tired, you lie in the hallway and sleep, the bowl of dog food is not touched, I know how hungry you are … I detach you, untie and buzz kick a street shoe under your naked ass (because you never wear anything but a collar, my whore), you wake up, you start to quickly take off my outerwear, I drag you by the hair again, lie down on the sofa, and you suck again… this time I want to come on your face and wipe my dick with your hair… I’m doing all this… then I send you to wash up and cook dinner and I watch TV and rest… in half an hour you come back… and say dinner is ready… you probably guessed how we got to the kitchen… you already know how I will eat dinner… you already know what you get after I eat and what you are my faithful fuck and know me well already… The only difference from breakfast is that, that you cook more, I let you eat something that I haven’t finished myself because I don’t want you to be exhausted from eating one sperm… then I watch TV or read some newspaper and wait for you to wash the dishes… then the bed… here I’m taking a full break, I fuck you any way I want, anywhere I want, in any position… I come anywhere I want and you’ll put my sperm wherever it falls, even if it falls to the floor….. you’re my faithful fuck… there’s only one thing But – I don’t fuck you in the pussy so you can’t get real pleasure, but only in the mouth, in the ass, between your wonderful breasts and you also jerk off to me with your hands, licking my body… and here comes your second lucky moment of the whole day… when you have about the last hour of fucking, when it’s time for bed soon… I let you choose your own pose and hole as I will have you, of course you every time ask me to fuck your pussy and beg you to be on top. After all, at least sometimes you want to be taller than your master… I agree… you climb on me…. and………. you start to jump on me fiercely… in this hour you get at least 10 orgasms… after all, you’ve been waiting for this for almost a whole day… …. it’s a pleasure to count my fee for the whole day of your work… we both enjoy it… in this hour you feel like the happiest woman in the world…. But…. the hour passes…. I have to sleep…. You lie down in my legs, gently hug them and realize that soon you will be woken up again by my heel in your … and everything will start again … but you’re only glad … you’re glad to be my bedding, it’s fucking awesome, right, honey?)

Author: rendteam