Spikes and boobs of a mutant on the background of a shattered world

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After another birthday of my wife, I told her that within one day I will do whatever she wants. Then I still could not even imagine how it would all turn out. But anyway, what did it lead to … – anything ??? – Yes, what you want. – Promise that you will not be against everything that I do. – Sure. He suggested it himself. – good, but you have to prepare. She said that I would need to shave my entire body. According to her, humiliation awaited me. I wanted it myself and she knew about it. “It will be a wonderful gift for both of us,” she said. I did just that. She gave me a razor and helped me depilate my legs, pubis, chest and butt. In the morning she woke me up already dressed in a chic leather corset and patent leather high boots. I wonder where she got it from. The hair was gathered in a bun. This picture already excited me. But naturally then I got nothing. Gave clear instructions to rinse her ass and put on what she left in the bathroom. Having received the enema in hand, I went to the bath. I washed as agreed within myself. And looked at what she left. And she left stockings and a belt for attaching them. Having dressed all this, I went out. – I made it just in time. My fucked will come now. Don’t worry, you will get something too. Remember you promised that you would do whatever I wish. – Yes. Of course. – what else could I say. I’m a man of my word. Although the preliminary procedures and her words alarmed me, there was nowhere to retreat, and I did not want to. The bell rang. She went to open it. Four guys entered the room; they had already completely undressed. AI made me uncomfortable with the thought that they were going to fuck my wife now. And I allowed it. – I want to fuck. But they are not yet ready to please me. Prepare them with your mouth. -What? … -Stop. You promised. All desires. And I began to slowly approach the member. Of course when I thought about it, but only when ordinary sex is boring. And these were fleeting fantasies. But now there was definitely nowhere to retreat. I took a cock in my mouth timidly. He began to suck. The sensations were strange. But when the organ rose, I even start to like it. – Next, and you go and shove it in my pussy. I entered the rush and enthusiastically and competently proceeded to the next one. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as my beloved fuck, otherwise name it, on the floor in the knee-elbow. He rammed her pussy with aggression. She was already wet. Apparently my presence and entourage affected. – I see you’re ready too. Join us. Don’t you dare jerk yourself off, otherwise you get aroused. I knew that you dreamed about it. I was really horny already. And on the third term, I can say pounced. The member rose pretty quickly. And there was already a so-called sandwich. The first was lying on the floor. She sat on it with her ass. The second rammed her pussy. – We finish in his ass, – said my lawful with a heavy breath. And now I am already in about the same position. The third lay down on the floor, his wife sat on him and the second was already entering her ass. The first one from behind rammed my ass. It was painful. Especially he was already on the way and therefore did not hold back impulses and was sharp. The latter was ready to rush into battle. And then a warm stream hit my gut. The torment was over. But the second was already on the way. The fourth went to his wife. They took their wife in their arms and raped her holes while standing. She hugged one by the neck, the other from behind, supporting her legs, tart the ass. My mouth got a member of the first, with the remains of sperm. The second one ended up in the pope, and here’s another stream. After another orgasm, the wife said: – I’m tired. Fuck him. And they pounced on my ass. I don’t know how long it lasted, but they fucked me more than once. And the ass was already well oiled with their sperm. – Enough. I was delighted and loved my wife again. She came up with a glass. I put it to the opening of the anus. – Get up and strain a little. Just don’t spill it, or I’ll make you lick it. The sperm already poured into the glass without effort, then I strained a little more and the rest came out. Then two fingers plunged into me. – How great your ass was stretched. It’s great to feel a stretched male anus. Now you understand what I feel when you fuck me there. Having squeezed the anus, she pulled out her fingers, smeared with semen and brought them to her face. – You are my. I licked it. After all, I have already tasted this taste. – Well done. Now drink. She showed a glass half full of semen. It was in me. And I drank everything. He also licked the rest of the glass with his finger. – Take a shower, slut. You stink. I crawled into the shower. I tried not to think about anything. When I got out there was no one but my wife. The wife was already in her usual form. She came up to me and kissed me. My penis was tense until now I finished. She parted her robe and I saw her luxurious body again. She threw me onto the sofa. It didn’t take long, but we both enjoyed it. Then she said that she used to be a mistress. And these are her former slaves who will never bother us. – I saw that you are thinking about it. I wanted to show it. But I don’t want any more. – Yes, you completely dispelled all my thoughts about it. We kissed and fell asleep …

Author: rendteam