Survivors get fucked like the last time

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Hello, I wanted to share a real story from my life, especially since at least someone really wants to express myself. I will say in advance that I changed the names so as not to reveal the identity of the participants, and I myself do not want publicity. My name is Oleg, now I’m 24, and it happened when I was 21 … Well, that’s the real story. At that moment I was 21, and I had been dating my girlfriend for a year already, it was all about the wedding, but I tried to postpone this business, I was afraid of responsibility. My girlfriend Olya, at that moment 19 years old, brunette, brown eyes, 89-61-92, a beautiful figure, a berry ass, this happens only at this age, breasts … I adored her. One day, at one of the parties, we went too far with alcohol, and the drunks decided to go home, but on the way a friend called me and offered to drink with him. The apartment is empty, there are rooms, I agreed for the joy, and in a couple of minutes we were already at his place. He was screwed too, we drank. Olya undressed and walked around the apartment in shorts, Sergey, that was the name of my friend, invited her to call her friends, the weekend, and it will be more fun, I supported the idea in the hope that he would leave us alone. In half an hour our friend Alena arrived. The breasts are small, but she knew how to emphasize them, the priest is simply gorgeous, also in shorts, well, lovely for the eyes. After a couple of hours of flooding, I realized that I had enough, and so I walked drunk from the holiday, I also drank here, went to the room in which Olya and I agreed to sleep, but the sleep still did not go, I fell into a doze, and woke up abruptly … As a result, he sharply opened his eyes after 2 hours, and decided to call Olya. I went out into the corridor and heard the voices of guys, person 3, who were muttering I could not make out, so I opened the door to the room and looked in … Three guys of my age were undressing my girlfriend, who was sleeping on the bed, and on the next bed Alena was sucking Seryoga. How many emotions I experienced then, beyond words … I understood that I needed to go in, but something was stopping me, maybe the fear of embarrassment, probably yes … One of the guys, athletic, pulled off his thong like a boss, the other was taking off his shirt, and the third helped him. They themselves were already naked, and they had everything in combat readiness. I stood, and as it seemed to me, I did not breathe. Olya was drunk as never before, and did not really resist. When they were completely naked, the first guy brought his penis to her lips and began to drive over them, Olya opened her mouth and he entered her, someone else’s penis in my girlfriend’s mouth. Seryoga at that moment was hammering Alena’s mouth, and the second guy spread my Olenka’s legs, lifting her ass and entered it, the third, not knowing what to do with himself, went to Alena. Alena at first resisted, and seemed to try to get out, but when a member abruptly entered her, she immediately calmed down. At this moment Olya comes to her senses, I thought that there would be a cry for a couple of blocks, but she began to suck more violently while the second guy hammered her pussy, and with such force that even the neighbors probably heard the squelching. One guy was not enough for a long time, and he finished Olya in the mouth, and when I walked away I heard the drunken voice of my girlfriend: who is next? I was shocked, my dick was standing, and my beloved was fucked by a guy and connected Serega. Olya moaned, and Seryoga took the phone from the table and began to ring, without leaving her mouth. As I understand it, Serega called a couple more friends, put down the phone and changed places with the second guy. When the balls touched the lips of my girlfriend, I finished … Unlike the guy who made Olga lick his penis. After 10 minutes the doorbell rang, I pretended to be asleep, but after 5 minutes I was already near the door. Five guys, about 25 years old, watched as two members entered Olya, and began to undress. I was frightened, suddenly she would not stand it, and was about to open the door when I heard Oli’s voice: I have an ass, and Alena was bored without sperm in her mouth. The guys didn’t have to beg for a long time, now three members have penetrated into Olya, in each hand she had to hold one more, because Alena began to resist, but it was too late, the same number entered her. After 30 minutes, Olya’s mouth was covered in semen, she was fucked in all the positions I knew, she was lying on the floor, covered with a crust, her pussy was flowing, butt was like my hand. Alena suffered no less, the hair in the semen, like the whole back, she could not even move. And the guys, joyful, got dressed and left, only Seryoga remained. How many times I have finished, I do not know. The very idea of ​​MFM attracted me, and sometimes during sex I asked her to talk about how I would fuck her with someone, how she would suck, to which she told me about a recent incident that I did not even know about … I am very strong I love my Olenka.

Author: rendteam