That’s what happens in the corridors of the cities of the future.

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Looking around, Masha saw Artyom walking towards her with a confident step and unbuttoning his fly as he walked. Knowing what he needed, she turned her back on him and threw off the straps of her work overalls from her shoulders, leaving her friend to do the rest. With her legs slightly apart and leaning on a pallet with finished products, she waited. The bra, which had previously been pressed and hidden by a tight jumpsuit, now took its shape again, protruding the T-shirt quite a bit, creating the appearance of a small female breast. But then strong hands pulled the suit down so that, falling to the floor, he bared his legs, tied in nylon and pink lace panties with a floral pattern. Artyom grunted with satisfaction, slapped her on the buttock and, in his desire to get to the desired hole immediately to his knees, pulled off his panties, since the crotch in pantyhose had a cutout, in which immediately, freed from feminine laces, the testicles and swelling male clitoris, shrinking from anticipation, appeared on the head of which has already sparkled a small drop of grease. Feeling a hand on her left thigh, she understood – “Now!” and at the same moment the hot, throbbing member began to move, pushing apart the appetizing buttocks, entering the relaxed and saliva-lubricated anus. So the next session of satisfaction of the lustful male began, during which I played the role of an obedient female. As you understood “Masha” was me. This was not unusual. Almost every night shift, Artyom called to him or held his “Masha” in the corner and she, kneeling down, licked his balls with incredible pleasure and sucked his penis, periodically slapping herself on her lips and cheeks. And sometimes, like today, she even lay down under him, spreading her legs and letting her into her bosom so that at least something masculine would appear in her. And it doesn’t matter that this “something” will be a hairy member with which a real man will fuck her like a bitch, forcing her to moan and wave. If you look from the outside, it would seem that he is an ordinary guy, 30 years old, thin and not particularly feminine in everyday life, but since school I was drawn to lingerie. Naturally, having moved to a big city and living alone, I was able to plunge into the world of transvestism much more fully. He grew long hair on his head and began to shave off hair not only on his face, but also on the rest of his body. It’s clear that after getting a job and getting into an almost completely male team, they began to tease me about this. However, after working with these people, I realized that if you don’t behave like shit and an asshole, then they don’t give a damn about your oddities and inclinations, if at the same time these same inclinations are not advertised. Therefore, I did not have any problems with this and did not even deny anything when they hinted at me about my orientation, although I did not confirm. So, if colleagues did not know, then they guessed that in fact they were working with a “fagot” and a “cocksucker”. Specifically, two knew. Artyom and Sergey, with whom I worked in the same shift. Artyom was the first to recognize when, after a corporate party, we dragged him drunk home into the trash and there I, left alone with a drunken body and a brain foggy with alcohol, could not resist and jerk him off, just as thoroughly licking his manhood. As it turned out, he was not as drunk as I thought, and after a while, left alone, he recalled this act to me. Having decided that since everything turned out like this, there is nothing to soar my brains, I confessed everything and surprisingly did not receive any negative response, but on the contrary, Artyom showed a keen interest and in toga we built a mutually favorable relationship with him, not taking them outside shifts and in the eyes of strangers. The difficulty was in Sergei, but after a while, through hints and near-thematic conversations, we found out that he is married, happy in marriage, indifferent to gays and he deeply does not care what we will do with each other. Since then, on night shifts, when there was no one else in the shop except for us, I did not hide under my overalls, and sometimes even a dress instead of an overalls. At such moments I was Masha for my colleagues, Sergey constantly came up with jokes on this topic, and Artyom just fucked me. So it was this time. Making measured frictions Artyom’s member entered my ass. Those around the box muffled the ringing slaps of his thighs and sperm-filled eggs on my buttocks. Long Machine hair was wound on a strong fist and I stood with cancer, my back bent and my head thrown back, breathing heavily and moaning every time my lover drove his “rod of love” into me with a powerful piston. I experienced a separate facet of pleasure from the very realization that I was being fucked. “A normal man will not wear women’s clothes, suck dicks and lie under the men. So, Misha, you’re just a fagot! ” – I thought to myself, feeling how Artyom, letting go of his hair, firmly grabbed my hips and starts to increase the pace – “But does a chick girl like me have the right to call herself a man? No! If I dress like a woman and they fuck me like a woman, then I should be a woman! ” At this moment, Artyom drove a penis into me all the way and froze, shaking from orgasm. Pulsating, his penis inside me poured sperm into the condom and I experienced amazing pleasure from this. I was able, no, I could, fully fulfill my role. His penis came out of me, but straining my muscles, I still kept the anal open so that Artyom could admire the result of his labors. – Have you even finished yourself? he asked me. – Are you kidding? If you had lasted a little more, I would have finished the second time! – he got my answer, while I was adjusting my wardrobe and putting myself in order. – Next time I will try, Masha! – he answered with a grin and we went to work with pleasure.

Author: rendteam