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It was May. I had to prepare for exams. But I really didn’t want to. What an 18-year-old girl with a good figure and size 3 breasts could want. Naturally sex. Nothing went into my head. The exam was in computer science. I decided that I needed to dress more effectively. I put on a dress with a deep neckline and very short. The panties will obviously be superfluous. He was 30 years old. In principle, he was even cute and I don’t mind seeing what kind of member he has in his pants. On a pair, I now and then turned to him with my legs apart. Sometimes I glanced at him, and he at me. I might even get a good mark. At the end of the pair, the grades were announced and I was left with disappointment. The efforts were very in vain, I thought. But Nikita (that was his name) asked to stay after the couple. Okay. I’ll see what happens next. – What grade do you want? – he asked. – Well, probably 4 – I replied looking at the ceiling. – Then go down below – Nikita said and pushed my shoulders down. Well what to do. We’ll have to work it out. Having pulled down his jeans, I saw a member that was not frail. Centimeters – 20. But I could not wrap my hand around. Everything was shaved and the eggs glistened. I began to lick his head and trunk. Little by little I put it in my mouth and jerked my hand. With the other hand she touched herself. It was all wet downstairs and droplets of my juices fell to the floor. It was not very comfortable to stand on all fours. Nikita sat down on a chair. And under my knees, he spread some kind of blanket. I started to work harder. He closed his eyes and threw the crayfish over his head. Apparently enjoying the way I licked his balls. Completely a member could not fit in my mouth, trying to push it further caused only a gag reflex. Okay. I’ll try this. Sucking with your mouth and rubbing your hand. The member throbbed, from surprise I dropped it from my mouth, I splashed it all over my face. The semen was so warm. And it smelled good. I really liked it. He took out a napkin from the table. I got up and wiped my face. But at the bottom everything was wet and where I was on the floor there was a wet trace of drops. He chuckled. You only earned on 3. To be 4 you need to come to me in the evening. But you need to prepare well, he said and winked an eye. It looks like he wants anal, I have never tried it, especially with such a member. – I agree, but now I really want to finish. He turned me around with my back to him. He pulled up his dress and plunged 2 fingers into my pussy. Oooh, my legs started shaking right away and I almost fell from orgasm. This happened to me for the first time. Nikita slapped on the priest, and said to come to him at 10 pm. I, barely touching my legs, left the office, very pleased and began to wait for the evening. The alarm went off at 21:00, I had already done an enema, got dressed and called a taxi. She didn’t wear panties, and why do I need them. I put on a skirt and a white T-shirt to show my nipples. She got into a taxi with her legs spread a little between the seats.
The taxi driver kept looking at me. He looked Caucasian. Suddenly we turned into an alley. – I want to fuck you at the expense of payment – he said with an accent. In principle, there was no money. Yes, and I did not mind warming up. So I went out. She leaned against the hood and pulled up her dress. – Come on, I shouted. He was taken aback by such impudence. He quickly ran out, took off his pants and inserted his cock right into my pussy. Just don’t cum inside I asked. – Good – he grunted in response. After about 5 minutes, I felt how he took out a member and finished right on the hood, next to me. – Let’s go, otherwise I’m in a hurry. At exactly 22:00 I called the intercom. She went upstairs and knocked on the apartment. A computer scientist opened it to me, by the smell he had already drunk something alcoholic. I went into the apartment and saw another man. Damn, it’s a physical education teacher. – Well, I said she will come, where to go. – and began to laugh. Fizruk also began to laugh. I felt some kind of dexterity. Anyway. I sat down in a chair. I was immediately poured brandy and told that I need to drink a penalty. There was nothing to drink. Only lemon for a snack. – Well. Let’s start. – the computer scientist took off his panties and came up to me. Fizruk also took off his panties without hesitation and came up from the other side. Still, computer science is great. Taking it in hand, she began to jerk it. Gradually they got up. – Well, start sucking – shouted the physical education teacher. By the way, his name was Ivan. He was about 40 years old. He began to suck out alternately. Nikita’s hands went down. My cyst has not yet dried from the taxi driver. Already wet. Well then, let’s start. Ivan sat down in my place, they bent me with cancer. In the mouth they gave a member of the physical education teacher, and from behind my vagina stacks Nikita’s member began to move apart. I moaned with pleasure. The tremors became more frequent and sharper. My vagina began to contract and I finished. Nikita went out and offered to exchange with Ivan. Now I was sucking a member and felt the remnants of her juices on it. And from behind it was no longer so, because the penis was smaller and after the past was almost not felt. – And now the most important thing – Ivan shouted. He pulled out a member, spat on my anus and began to insert a finger there. – Oh, how tight. But we will fix it now. A member followed the finger. He came in tightly, but after 10 minutes he was already moving in me like a native. – Maybe we can change the position, – suggested the programmer. Now he lay down on the bottom of the bed and began to push my anus onto his piston. Next is a physical education teacher and gave me a member in my mouth. After he penetrated my ass, and the clitoris, I felt the eggs, rare movements began. Apparently he was stretching the pleasure, in principle, like my ass. The movements were more and more frequent. Then they just turned into swotting. And in the end his sperm poured into me. He shook beneath me. – Well, lift her ass, right now I’ll finish there too. Ivan came up from behind and even without inserting cum into my open ass. – Dachshund, the good should not fall, from somewhere and Nikita took a big plug, he gave it to Ivan and he plugged my hole in me so that nothing spilled. – Cool whore.
Give me another glass and or go home. I drank a glass of cognac, now it didn’t seem so bitter. I got dressed, called a taxi and drove home. Damn behind the wheel, as luck would have it, was the same taxi driver. He immediately smiled. – What… again money for Natu? – Well, of course. We drove into the same lane. It was a day for me to get out of the car, so I bent over with cancer, the taxi driver saw a big traffic jam in my ass. He pulled her out and began to fuck her, I almost did not feel it. Only at the end when I received another portion of sperm. He put the plug back in. And we will move home.

Author: rendteam