Batman came to the office of the company and fucked a secretary

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My business trip was coming to an end. For two weeks I was rather fed up with the hotel where I was staying, and Peter himself, although I love him very much. During the day – work, but in the evenings…. It was at least summer, otherwise the drizzling rain all these days discouraged all the desire to walk. There was absolutely nothing to do, and I happily paid for the hotel in the morning, firstly, so as not to pay for another day, and secondly, hoping to finish everything quickly and leave by the afternoon train. Did not work out. We decided that Misha, the head of production, a handsome man of about 30-32 years old, would go with me to Moscow, and they took us tickets to “Inturist”. Where I would hang out until almost eighteen at night, I had no idea. Misha rescued by offering to go to him. Like, all the same, the car will call in for him, and we will have dinner, have a little drink, otherwise the wife grumbles, but with the guest…. In short, I agreed. We came to him, and he immediately dragged me into the kitchen. – Come on, while I’m in the bathroom for a quick glass of cognac, but I’ll smoke, otherwise she doesn’t like, she forces me to go to the site, – from the bathroom, in fact, the sounds of pouring water could be heard, – And she will come out, then will collect on the table. We drank cognac, he opened the window and lit a cigarette, telling us something. At this time, the latch in the bathroom clicked and a completely naked woman came out of it, throwing on a robe and heading into the room. “Sveta, we have guests!” Misha, closing the window and hiding the traces of his crimes, did not see her. – Yes, but what did you not warn, – she turned to the kitchen, wrapping her robe and letting you enjoy the beauty of a naked female body for another split second. – Sveta, – looking into my eyes, stretching out her hand for acquaintance, she smiled shyly. A revolution was starting in my pants. A member, which had not been used for its intended purpose for two weeks, began to rapidly increase in size, and it was from what. A magnificent figure, beautiful breasts topped with dark brown nipples, an almost black triangle of hair in the lower abdomen, and all this is in beads of sweat or not wiped water … She smelled so fresh! Well, at least the sweater covers the fly tearing under pressure. I kissed the outstretched hand, handed over the flowers bought on the way and, blushing, introduced myself in a voice hoarse with excitement. – I am now, – she said, the floor of the robe, which turned out to be a strap, released for a moment again made it possible to see the nipple and the sweat-covered hollow between the breasts. Something will burst for me now, – Misha, get the food out of the refrigerator for now. She returned a few minutes later, already belted and with a turban of a towel on her head. She rushed about the kitchen, laying the table, and I admired her well-fitting figure in a long silk robe and was tormented by the thought of whether she wore panties or not. No, I tried to drive this thought away from myself, but … to be honest, it turned out badly. Her black triangle just stood before my eyes, preventing me from thinking about anything else. Finally we sat down at the table, drank to our acquaintance, and then I, while talking, finally managed to distract myself. We drank more, Sveta was sitting opposite, flushed with brandy, so delicious. The robe on her flung open a little, but no matter how I looked, except for the hollow between the breasts I could not see anything. All thoughts returned to her again, I was already listening poorly to the conversation, I realized that I wanted her and that it was impossible. I haven’t had such a strong desire for a long time, I don’t know what is more to blame here, cognac, two-week abstinence, or…. I answered inappropriately, causing them to laugh, I laughed myself. Misha kept pouring cognac, and I wondered if she was wearing panties or not. We had dinner, it was time to slowly get ready. They went into the room, and I collected the dirty dishes from the table and washed them. When Sveta entered the kitchen, I was washing the last saucer. – Oh, why are you … you! I would myself, – and I fell into her huge dark eyes. – Well, everything, I’m ready, give me another glass and I’ll take a shower, otherwise the car will arrive in an hour, – Mishka jumped into the kitchen, splashed cognac, we drank, and he went to the shower. Sveta began to put away the dishes, sometimes standing on tiptoe to reach the top, then bending over to put something down. And I admired her ass covered with silk robe. I wanted to help her, but at that moment she turned around, and her nipples slid down my hand. The thin silk could not hide their firmness and supple breast elasticity. We were both embarrassed. The paint rushed to her face, making it even more beautiful. She muttered something in embarrassment and walked over to the window and, leaning her elbows on the windowsill, began to look into it. I sat down. The water rustled in the bathroom, merging with the sounds of the rain coming outside the window, and I looked at the bulging ass and realized that I could not restrain myself. You should at least go to the toilet to “relieve stress”. I got up and…. Let it be! Ready for a slap in the face, for screaming “what are you doing!”, To everything, I stepped towards her, unbuttoning my fly with one hand, lifting the hem of the robe with the other and running it between her legs. She gasped softly and leaned back, slightly spreading her legs. She wasn’t wearing panties, and her slit just came out with juices! She wanted me! I put my fingers directly into the hot slit, made a few vigorous movements, forcing her to bite her lip so as not to moan, took them out, shiny from her juices and brought them to my nose. The scent was delicious. That’s it, I can’t take it anymore! I lifted the robe higher, brought the head to its slit and, taking her by the hips, entered with force. I kneaded her breasts, fingered her clit and hammered her. She finished almost immediately, I understood this by the vagina that suddenly shrank for a few seconds, but she did not stop, but waved at me, quietly squealing. Having moistened her finger and a dark patch of anus with juices, I slowly introduced it there, making her moan and bend over the surging sensations. She definitely loved it! But either because of the fact that we were constantly out of rhythm with a mad desire, or because of the abundance of juices flowing from the gap, or because the gap from desire opened to incredible sizes, but the member jumped out of there several times, without giving joy to her or me. “Wait!” She turned to me, showing the breasts that had fallen out of the robe, sat down and, running over the penis with her tongue, took it into her mouth. From her energetic movements, I felt that I was about to finish. – Do not rush! – She abundantly moistened the head with saliva, ran her hand along the crack, taking away the lubricant from there and moistening her ass, leaned over, leaning against the windowsill and pulled my penis with her hand, pressing the head to the anus, – Come on! I pressed and felt the head penetrate there, overcoming resistance. “Doesn’t it hurt you?” I asked, after all, I’m not small, “No? “Come on, come on, come on!” She moaned deeply. I made several movements and felt myself pouring into it. However, the member, squeezed by a narrow ring of the anus, did not even think to fall off. I continued to pound her in the little ass hole. My balls slapped on her slit flowing with juices, and a member, moistened with sperm, slid along her elastic anus. She purred, jerked, sagged in her back and, clutching my thighs with her hands, pulled me to her with force, taking a member to its full length. We finished at the same time, profusely, with a gnashing of teeth, so as not to scream from the overwhelming feelings. “You’re lovely!” She slipped off the penis that began to fall off, kissed me on the lips, wiped the eggs and penis wet from grease and sperm with a napkin, buttoned up the fly. At that moment, the water in the bathroom stopped gurgling. We made it in time. I sat down on a chair, poured myself a glass of brandy and saw a greasy drop of semen dripping from it onto the floor. “Oh!” She rushed to wipe the floor with a napkin. The lock of the bathroom and the door covering the trash can, into which the soiled napkin flew, clicked simultaneously. – With light steam! – She, as if nothing had happened, stepped towards her husband and kissed him on the cheek. Then she walked into the room just as calmly and, as if having forgotten something, returned to the bathroom, – Did you rinse the bath after you? Well, I knew it, no! We heard the murmuring sound of water, and all this time, with every cell of my body, I felt sperm flowing from her ass and streaming down her legs, and was amazed at her calmness. “And you’re not wasting your time here,” said Misha, nodding at the glass of brandy, “pour me too! Soon a car drove in, we said goodbye in the corridor, Svetlana kissed her husband and turned to me. – Bye! Next time you come on a business trip – stay with us, you are welcome! – She shook my hand and kissed me on the cheek. – In fact, why do you need to wander around the hotels, next time stay with us, there will be enough space. And I will have a drink with someone, otherwise it will be boring in the evenings. Yes, and Sveta liked you too, – Misha is pleased that his wife does not grumble about the drunk liter of brandy, and is really happy, going down the stairs to the car, rumbles incessantly.

Author: rendteam