Batman planted a young superhero on his dick

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It happened in late autumn. I was 25 years old, I lived in a big city and worked in a scientific group that was engaged in natural research related to minerals. I lived alone, which suited me perfectly. I loved sex, with both girls and men. With men I could be uni, but I was more attracted to being a liability. I had a sex life for a long time, changing many partners, so I considered myself experienced in pastels. And then somehow I was sitting at my workplace and saw my friend who had just returned from a business trip. We met him a couple of years ago on one of the forums, he was also bisexual like me. We had intimate meetings with him a couple of times, but he was a complete liability, so I quickly lost my liking, but we remained friends and, by the way, thanks to me, he got here to work. I was glad to see him and started asking how he had gone. Our workers were often sent to remote places for a week, or even a month, I was not a fan of such travel, so I always tried to avoid them, which I did. Sasha, that was the name of my friend, without explaining anything, immediately began to persuade me that I would ask for a business trip to the place from which he had just arrived. The employees were sent to that place for 2 weeks and I didn’t really want to go there, I was not very attracted to the Russian outback, and even there it is now cold and knee-deep snow. I asked Sasha to explain why I should go there. Sasha was tired after the road and he still had to go to the boss to report on his business trip, so he told me that I would drop by his house after work. I gave the go-ahead and stayed at my place, not understanding why he was pulling me there. His apartment was not far from our office, so after walking for 5 minutes I ended up with him. We sat down on a large sofa in his room, I hadn’t been with him for a long time and I was not familiar with almost everything, but I remember this sofa well, because it was on it that I whipped Sasha wherever I could imagine. Sasha immediately began to tell me how he worked, it turns out he lived in a service house with two more locals, from his story I understood that the guys were laborers there. The eldest was named Oleg, and a little younger Vadik, they were strong guys, they were 36 and 32, respectively. Sasha said that the guys were normal and received him well. And after working there for the first week, sitting at the table, they started talking about sex, where Sasha blurted out that he loves any sex and tried a lot, to which the brothers asked with a grin if he also pleased the men. Sasha was afraid to confess and waved his head negatively, but immediately noticed that the guys looked at him differently, as if they felt a lie. Then Oleg slightly moved back in his chair and starting to tell that there is not a single woman in such a wilderness, he took out his penis and began to slowly massage it. I listened to Sasha’s story with a grin, but felt that my penis was slowly waking up. Sasha, laughing, told me that you yourself understand, I could not endure for a long time, and the brothers got me through. After Sasha talked for a long time about how he spent the last week on a business trip, the guys turned out to be real animals and did not even give Sasha a break. In general, by the end of his story, a member bursting my pants. Sasha told me that I simply had to go there. After the story, Sasha, seeing that my penis was in a combat position, turned his back to me and bent slightly. I was tired after work and wanted to go home as soon as possible, because I knew that if I started playing along with Sasha, it could take a long time, so I apologized and said that I had to go. Sasha was not happy with this answer, but immediately offered a lighter version in the form of a blowjob, I could not refuse this, especially since I had not had sex lately, and I needed a release, so I unbuttoned my fly and took out my penis. Sasha sucked monotonously, but it was not bad either, after 2 minutes I dropped it on his face and went home happy. I didn’t have to think for a long time, since I hadn’t had sex for a long time, and here two weeks of excellent sex are provided. The next day, I submitted my candidacy for a business trip and got the go-ahead. And so three days later I went to my destination. When I arrived the picture was certainly not happy. A small village, next to some kind of military unit, well, our base. I got to this house, where Oleg and Vadik met me. They introduced themselves, and I, in turn, pretended not to know them and introduced myself in the same way. After working the first day, in the evening we gathered at the table. Before saying that I came here because of Sasha’s stories, I decided to mock them a little and began to ask how they are with women, but to my surprise I learned that a young girl from the village has been working for them here for a week and that they are spoiling her whenever they want. From the conversation, I learned that the girl’s name is Anya, she is 19 years old, her father drinks, her mother earns pennies in the military unit, so she came to work here, only she had no idea what would fall into the hands of these two. The guys boasted violently how they mock the girl. After rolling a little local moonshine and listening to the brothers’ story, I decided that I had to start having fun, I could no longer restrain myself, imagining how these guys would deal with my body. I slightly smiling told the guys that at first I didn’t want to come here, but Sasha persuaded me, who spoke very positively about you. This phrase led the brothers to a slight stupor, but a second later, Vadik with a grin asked the question: “What exactly did he tell about us?” I decided to answer in an original way, telling Vadik that Sasha suggests that you have 17cm. Talking to Vadik, I didn’t even notice how Oleg pulled down his pants and stroked his trunk, which was about 22cm in my head. “Are you as accessible a bitch as Sasha?” – I heard from Oleg. I was already wildly excited and entered the role. In my practice, I met different guys, someone liked that I was in the role of a girl, but at the same time, I was in charge of the process, someone liked obedience, and someone needed a depraved bitch in bed, these same guys needed all available bitch, which I am happy to reincarnate. Hearing Oleg’s question, I went up to him, knelt down and helping him to jerk off answered that I was much better than him, which I had no doubt about, because I knew that he was a log in bed compared to me. Before I could give an answer, Oleg’s strong hand, grabbing my hair, planted my head on my penis. To be honest, I did not expect this, but feeling that the head of the penis is far in my throat, I began to moan sweetly. Meanwhile, Vadik pulled off my pants and panties one by one. And now I am completely naked, sitting on my knees, alternately sucking my brothers. I knew a lot of tricks in blowjob, but I did not have a specific plan of action, every time everything turned out spontaneously. The brothers clearly liked to see their members disappear in my mouth. Finally, Oleg could not stand the first, he removed everything from the table with a sharp movement and laid me on the table with his stomach. I spread my legs further apart in advance. The boys liked to take it rough, so I prepared myself in advance by carefully lubricating my hole. Oleg, slightly pressing on my hole with a member, entered me. I immediately felt how the powerful trunk began to move in me. Vadik, meanwhile, brought his process to my mouth, I greedily grabbed his head with my lips, and massaged the rest of the penis with my hand. Everything was fine until we heard a knock on the door. Oleg took a member out of my ass, threw something on, went to open the door, while Vadik and I sat down at the table. Then that same Anya entered the room, I looked at her: a girl of about nineteen, of course not a supermodel, but not quite what, blonde, slightly full belly and thighs, third breast size. Seeing me and Vadik naked, and Oleg did not shine with clothes, she was not very surprised, but immediately started yelling, they say, please do not, my mother is waiting for me. The brothers did not even listen to her, and after the slap in the face and the commanding voice, they undressed, Anya became like silk, she did not yet know that our functions would be the same with her. Vadik grabbed her by the hair pulled her down, Anya made a displeased face, but without delay, in fear of getting another slap in the face, took a member in her mouth, Oleg stood in line for Vadik. I watched the blowjob of an inexperienced girl, of course, she still didn’t really know how, but she was dumb and sucked a dick like a lollipop. After my blowjob, the guys wanted the same from her and with force shoved the poor girl’s penis into her mouth, which made her constantly suffocate. Soon Oleg repeated with her the same as with me, putting the cancer on the table. Not for a long time, after hammering the girl into her pussy, Oleg began to slowly stick Anya’s cock in the ass. The girl twitched slightly, but she could not do anything under Oleg’s strong hands, she could not scream either, since Vadik’s cock was already in the girl’s mouth. It seemed to me that they had forgotten about me and I hurried to join the guys. I approached from the side of Vadik and sat down near the table with my hand took a member out of Ani’s mouth and ruled it into his mouth. I slightly closed my eyes with my tongue tickled the head of his penis, my hand played with his testicles. I saw Anya’s surprised look, she watched with amazement how skillfully I sucked Vadik. After they gave Anya a little rest, she sat down on a chair and continued to watch me in amazement, but I sat on the floor with cancer, Oleg’s huge penis dangled in front of my face, and Vadik rudely had me behind me. Anya fascinatedly watched with what ease Vadik’s powerful trunk penetrates me deeply backwards, and also watched as I, without experiencing any discomfort, greedily suck Oleg’s penis deeper with every movement. The brothers decided to take a break and went outside to smoke. We were left alone with Anya, I was already at the peak, the whole member was exhausted. I looked at Anya and with a nod of my head beckoned her to me, to which I heard: “Here’s more!” I expected such an answer, but unfortunately for Anka, I already knew how to force her. I threw her to the floor and, using a little force, spread her legs. My lips dug into her vagina, I licked her labia and clitoris, Anya began to moan. But after moistening her pussy with my saliva, I, as they say, blew her into the balls. I was wildly horny, so I fucked her at a breakneck pace. But then I felt the flow of sperm, which is asking out. I took out the penis from her pussy, sat down on Anya’s chest and thrust my penis into her mouth, making a couple of rhythmic movements, Anya’s mouth began to quickly fill with sperm, the girl tried to take out the penis, but she could not do anything under my weight. When I finally finished, I took out a member and ran it a little over Anka’s face, she was clearing her throat at that time. At this time, the brothers came up. We decided to split up in pairs, while Vadik on the floor continued to mock Anya’s ass, but I sat down from the top on Oleg’s trunk, which was lying on the table. I tried to completely immerse Oleg’s member in myself, but 22cm did not give in to me. Soon the brothers could not stand such a rhythm and decided to finish, Anka and I were put on our knees next to each other, the brothers stood next to us and masturbated with great zeal. Oleg finished first, most of the sperm went to Anka’s face, I reached out to lick everything off her, Anya slightly moved away from me, but I took her chin with my hand and pulled her towards me. I started kissing her passionately, our tongues covered with sperm came together. I kissed Anya hard and then felt the sperm cover my cheek, I looked around and saw the head of Vadik’s penis from which the sperm pulsed. I immediately grabbed the penis with my lips and helping my hand to milk Vadik. Anya did about the same. Soon Anya went home, and we took turns taking a shower. I was thinking that these two weeks would last longer!

Author: rendteam