Captain America visited a beautiful cheerleader in the bathroom

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When I got on the plane, flying into this hole, I imagined how he would fuck me again and again in between seminars. I imagined myself an even bigger hole than this Nyagan herself, and this made me feel warm … in my soul. More than anything, I wanted real submission, sitting in an airplane seat, I imagined how he takes me immediately upon arrival, without trips to a restaurant, club, etc., how he hits a member on the lips, not letting me take it in my mouth , and I’m all flowing like a bitch … Is it really so? Or again – candles, champagne, a local history museum? He was waiting for me near the exit from the airport. A smirk, a nod of the head – like, get into the car. Not a word about my short skirt, cool mink coat. We went up to his room, he closed the door. – Fuck, and what are you standing? Don’t you know how to rejoice in the owner? I smile, thinking he is joking. – I don’t understand! With one movement of his hand, he throws me face down on a chair, lifts my skirt, rips off tights and panties that do not fall, but get stuck somewhere in the middle on my legs. “I don’t want to fuck you now,” he says, looking me in the face. Another second and I was pushed out of the room into the hall, with panties and tights pulled down. I feel all my insignificance and horror from the fact that someone can now walk along the corridor. I knock on the door, after about 5 minutes, it opens, and I crawl into the room on my knees. He sits in a chair, talking on the phone. I crawl to his feet, rub against them, trying to unbutton the fly of his jeans, take out his penis. He reluctantly lets me do it, and while he continues the conversation, his excellent dick I adore is at my complete disposal. I caress his head, run my tongue along the bridle, touch the testicles in my hands – the only thing I now dream of is that he, as before, put his hand on my head and start stroking it – I never expected more. But his gaze slides over me, the conversation takes him much more. Finally, he says goodbye, and at the same moment I receive the strongest slap in the face, from which I fall on my side. He enters my curly hair with all his five fingers, and pushes my head onto his cock. Also, by the hair, he twists my head in different directions – I just have to firmly grasp his penis with my lips and take it as deeply as possible. His entire penis is already in my throat – she is relaxed and takes it along its entire length. “Like this, bitch, you have to suck, like this,” he says softly, moving my head back and forth. The whole hairstyle has already gone astray, tears flow from the eyes from spasms, mixing with mascara and lipstick. “Fuck, look at you,” he says. Strip naked and go to the bathroom. I reach for his cock, I want him to cum in my mouth, but another slap knocks me off my feet, and a strong slap on the ass gives a clear direction to the bathroom. I get up under the hot water, and I feel that wild fear begins to roll in my throat. I realize that I’ve played a little, and it looks like things are getting much more serious than what I dreamed of jerking off in my bed. I decide to get out of here before it’s too late. He walks into the bathroom naked, looks at me, prowessly touches elastic beautiful breasts with his hands, with two fingers climbs into her pussy, wiping them on my own thighs. And then, without saying a word, he takes my head, sharply tilts forward, putting me on my knees, inserts a member into my mouth and releases a powerful stream of urine. Out of surprise, I swallow most of it, and the rest spills out, immediately mingling with tears that begin to choke. He shakes off the last drops on my face, hits my cock on the lips. – Lick, bitch and wash yourself. So that after 5 minutes she was in the room in a normal form. He rinses himself with the shower and exits. I slide down the shower wall, realizing that this is just the beginning. I get out of the shower, he sits in a chair, gets up, walks around me, spreads her pussy with his fingers, and then pushes me to the chair with a slap. I get up in cancer, sticking out my ass, and wait. I look forward to what becomes more and more pleasant to me with each of our travels. I love it when he fucks me in the ass, when first he lubricates my asshole with his finger, then he enters slowly, and then with a run he hammers his dick into my asshole and ends there, spanking me hard at that moment. But this time, it looks like things will be different. He comes up to me and begins to tie me with a rope, tightly fixing his arms and legs to the arms and legs of the chair. And then he takes the belt I donated and begins to flog, remembering all my humble sins. It is much more painful than I imagined, and if at the beginning, I try to endure in silence, then after a couple of minutes, I start to moan, then cry, then almost whine. And at the very moment when it seems to me that I can no longer endure, I feel his finger in my glasses, the smell of poppers hits my nose, my consciousness begins to fade, all sensations become stronger and brighter. In a few minutes, not he, but I fuck him with my ass, furiously sitting on his penis. The point is on, the ass is on, and my only dream at this moment is to get this forever. My body shudders from convulsions, I finish, and he continues to fry me in the ass, saying how good he is now. At this moment, there is a knock on the door. – God, now someone will see in what state I am. But there is no way to close. A man comes in and says from the doorway: – Listen, give me the documents for tomorrow’s group … Only at this moment he notices me and is wildly embarrassed. I only manage to turn my face away. He, having received the documents, hurries out. I get it in my mouth again, with inspiration I suck the penis from which I finished so sweetly now, I feel as happy as possible and I wonder if I will manage to go to the local history museum in the remaining three days.

Author: rendteam