Catwoman and her friend

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At first, Pyotr Kirillovich took a dislike to his daughter-in-law, Nastya. It seemed that she was lazy, did not like to cook, but lying in bed until lunch was her favorite pastime. But yesterday morning something happened that he did not expect at all. Very early, at about five in the morning, Pyotr Kirillovich was awakened by a sound similar to a groan. At first he thought he was dreaming, but then the groan was repeated – a long muffled groan. The man threw on a robe and went to check where they were moaning. “Probably Nastya Leshka is fucking,” thought the father-in-law, but then he remembered that his son was on a business trip in the neighboring area … The door to the bathroom was not completely closed and the light was visible through the narrow gap. Kirillovich looked inside and froze. To him, Nastya stood with her backside, leaning forward slightly, and fingering her young pussy with her fingers, driving a finger between the impressive sex lips. At the same time, she periodically moaned, wagging her round ass. She jerked off for another minute – the father-in-law could not stand it and entered the bathroom. The girl jerked and, embarrassed, covered her pubis with her palm. Nastya was wearing only her husband’s T-shirt, which covered her chest. – What’s missing a pretty fuck? – the father-in-law came close to the daughter-in-law. Nastya only smiled guiltily and nodded slightly. Kirillovich did not even think that he would do it in relation to his daughter-in-law, but at the sight of an excited Nastya. So he just took out his dick and put it in his daughter-in-law’s hand. Nastya did not move her hand away, but simply held onto her father-in-law’s penis and squeezed it slightly. The member was not small, twenty centimeters long and thick – Nastya barely had enough fingers to grab it. – Let’s pamper your crack a little, – the man took the girl’s other hand away from the crotch and put his fingers there. Nastya obediently spread her legs, allowing Peter’s fingers to freely touch her labia. When the head of the penis rested against the labia, Nastya remembered: – We can’t … – And we just a little, just stick it in and that’s it … Pyotr Kirillovich grabbed Nastya by the hips, sharply turned her backwards and made the girl bend over. The head slowly entered between the swollen lips of her daughter-in-law and Nastya groaned. “That’s it, that’s enough,” the girl moaned, wagging her backside. – Yes Yes. One more time and another, – the father-in-law did not drive his daughter-in-law’s penis completely, pushing it halfway through. – All. Enough. – Nastya leaned forward, getting off the throbbing member, and jumped out of the bathroom. Pyotr Kirillovich found her in the bedroom. The girl was trying to get dressed as quickly as possible and was already pulling tight jeans over small white panties. – I’ll go to my friend. She called for a visit … Nastya tried not to look her father-in-law in the eyes and frantically shoved things into her bag. – Yes, of course – Peter came up to his daughter-in-law from behind and clasped her breasts with his palms, holding the girl to him. – Don’t, what are you doing … – Nastya dropped her bag and all bent back. Peter unbuttoned his daughter-in-law’s jeans and lowered them along with panties, revealing the girl’s rounded ass. The large head of the penis again entered between the labia of Nastya and she, gasping, leaned forward, trying to free herself. But Petr Kirillovich’s dick has almost completely entered her narrow pussy. – I’m like a whore. I want to be fucked … – whispered Nastya, feeling how a healthy member dives into her. – But we can’t fuck … – Yes, yes, my sweetie can’t. But we only a little bit … – the father-in-law fingered the swollen clitoris of his daughter-in-law with his fingers and energetically drove her dick into her pussy. – Just don’t come in me, – Nastya was already shuddering from the pleasure she was getting … Nastya returned from her friend Lida after midnight. She thought that her father-in-law was already asleep, but Pyotr Kirillovich was sitting in his favorite chair and watching TV. The girl wanted to sneak up to her unnoticed, but she was noticed. – Nastya, come here, – her father-in-law called, already kneading the rearing member through his panties. Nastya came up to the side and smiled guiltily. – And she said that it was not long to see her friend … – Well, we stayed too long … – I hope I didn’t run to the left – Peter put his hand under her daughter-in-law’s skirt and felt the crotch through the thin fabric of her panties – didn’t fuck somewhere under the fence? – No, I was a good girl … – Nastya pushed her ass, responding to male affection. – Well, come here – the father-in-law pulled his daughter-in-law to him and put him on his knees on horseback – You will ride a little. At the same time, he freed his throbbing penis from his panties and, pushing slightly the strip of the girl’s panties, without further ado, put her pussy on his dick. Nastya herself began to ride on her father-in-law’s hips at an increasing pace. This time Kirillovich could not restrain himself and finished his daughter-in-law right inside. Nastya oyknula and flew off the limp penis, covering her vagina with her palm, from which sperm flowed. – What have you done, I can get pregnant … – Are you not using protection? – No. I didn’t think that someone would cum inside me … Lyoshka returned a day earlier and immediately dragged his wife into bed. Fucked Nastya once and zadrykh, without even asking if she enjoyed it. Nastya spun for another hour, clutching a blanket between her thighs. I wanted more sex, I wanted a thick penis to enter her vagina and move there … The girl quietly climbed out of bed and went into the kitchen. The refrigerator was not full. I had to eat grapes. Nastya decided to check what was in the lower drawers and stood bent over in front of the refrigerator, rummaging through them. She didn’t hear her father-in-law coming up behind her and pressing against her bottom. Nastya almost screamed in surprise, but Pyotr Kirillovich managed to hold her mouth shut. – I want you. You do not mind? – he whispered in Nastya’s ear. In response, the girl mumbled something and nodded. There were no panties on the daughter-in-law, so the member immediately squeezed into her wet crotch. She moaned and twitched as the cock entered her completely. – You are not fucked, Nastya, – the father-in-law energetically drove her dick into the squelching vagina – you need to fuck you more often, otherwise you can get sick … This time the father-in-law finished the daughter-in-law on the hips, with difficulty tearing himself away from her heated body. – If you want more – come to my room. – Kirillovich slapped his daughter-in-law on the ass and left. Nastya washed her legs and went to see how her husband was there. Leshka slept like a dead man. She hesitantly stood in the doorway, shifting from foot to foot, and went into the next room. She wanted to fuck again. She gave herself to her father-in-law until morning, getting unearthly pleasure from sex. This went on for two weeks until Lesha found them. It was Friday, a short day. Lesha arrived early and quietly entered the apartment. The first thing he heard was his wife moaning. Nastya lay dressed on their bed with panties down to her knees, and his father drove his fat dick under her buttocks. Nastya did not resist, but only moaned languidly with each immersion of a member in her pussy. – Deeper, stick it deeper – moaned the slut wife, wriggling all over. – I’ll finish now … Nastya all shook and went limp. Peter fucked his daughter-in-law for another minute and finished on her ass. – How long have you been fucking? Lesha entered the room, opening the door wide. – Oh, Leshenka, you’re already at home, – Nastya frantically pulled on her panties, covering her wet crotch. – Well, you know, you were gone for a long time and we once … And then your dad wanted me more … – Well, you fucking fucking with your father-in-law, whore. Leshka turned around and left the apartment without turning back. Leshka went to see Lida, Nastya’s friend. He knew that she would have married him if it were not for Nastya. Lida was not as beautiful as Nastya, plump with lush breasts. Lida was married. Unsuccessful – the husband started drinking due to unemployment. Lida did not expect any guests. I met Lesha in a worn dressing gown, with tousled hair. – Did you know that Nastka is cheating on me? – Yes. She told me yesterday … – Lida looked down guiltily, kneading the belt of her robe. – I didn’t even know to tell you … – We’re friends, aren’t we? – Lesha moved to Lida and grabbed her by the shoulders. – Well, yes … – Lida was afraid to look into his eyes. – You have something to eat for supper, otherwise I won’t go home. – Oh sure. Now. – Lida fussed, laying the table. We dined in silence. Lida looked guiltily at Lyosha, pretending to be eating. Lyosha, chewing monotonously, recalled moments before obvious betrayal, which should have already alerted him. Nastya recently began to spend more time at home, more often to go to the bathroom, to fall asleep earlier … And there was also a picture of his father, sitting astride the lying Nastya on the hips, energetically driving his healthy cock under her buttocks, and she moans and asks to he fucked her deeper. Whore. Insatiable slut. Suddenly Lesha looked at Lida and leaned forward across the table and took her hands. – How long has Nastka been cheating on me? – Well, for about a month already … – Lida did not dare to look Lesha in the eyes. – A month … – Lesha thought and suddenly sat down next to Lida. – Lead, I know that you have no one now and you probably satisfy yourself … Lida almost exploded with righteous anger, but meeting Lesha’s eyes, she was embarrassed. – Well … – Lida was uncomfortable talking about it. More and more often she began to have dreams in which she was caressed and fucked by several men, but she could not finish in any way. She woke up at night covered in sweat and felt her body throbbing, especially her stomach. She kneaded her breasts, fingered her clitoris and labia until she finished. – Lid, I want you now … Lida turned away and, fingering the edge of the tablecloth, began to whisper barely audibly. – Lesh, we can’t. You’re married. And even if Nastya is cheating on you … Lida began to fidget her backside when Lesha hugged her and began to knead her breasts through the robe. – You don’t want sex? – Lesha began to kiss the girl from behind on the neck, then began to bite her ear. – I want … – Lida breathed out barely audibly and untied the belt of her robe herself …

Author: rendteam