Silver surfer visited her friend and fucked in front of her house

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I wanted a lot of sex in one day. I wanted my cunt to be torn apart by several members and I came up with a plan. I registered on a dating site and began looking for partners there, men and women. After sitting on the site for about a week, after exchanging photos, I decided to arrange a meeting. I rented a room at a local hotel for a day … and invited several people. I assigned each of them their own time, painted everything according to the script, so that they would fuck me continuously. So on the weekend from 10 am to 11 am I had sex …. The first was a man with a hanging dick. I love those big dicks that can’t lift under their own weight to stand upright. You just kneel down in front of him, take him and swallow him down his throat. We met on the street and went to the hotel. While climbing the stairs, I was already holding my hands to his cock. The door slammed shut behind us and I knelt down without unnecessary foreplay and began to suck. A large head protruded from under the foreskin, the monster was getting fat in front of my eyes, I swallowed it. He took my head and just fucked in my mouth. Meanwhile, lowering my hand, I tormented my clitoris. Then he abruptly put me on cancer, lifted her skirt and began to fuck. He fucked me hard and fast. His thighs banged against my ass and cunt squished as he worked his piston. – Pump me with sperm. I moaned. My words apparently delighted him, he began to tear me even harder. A victorious roar escaped from his chest, and the sperm flowed into my cunt in a hot stream. Then he took out his dick, and in his place I inserted a pre-prepared strap-on so that the sperm would not leak out. I licked his cock and we said goodbye. The next number on the program was two guys who were supposed to fuck me, and I was one of them … the one who was B. I called them, said the room number. They arrived 15 minutes later. I was already ready, only stockings from clothes. I sat down in a chair, spread my legs. She told them to undress. While they took off their clothes, I caressed my breasts and fiddled with nipples. – First, the boys lick me properly. I moved to the edge of the chair, leaving one to lick my clitoris, and the other my asshole. After swimming like that for a while, we changed our position, I lay down on the bed, one sat down on top loading my penis into my mouth along the way, and the other on the side, so that I could stroke his cock with my hand. Then I allowed the one who was on top to fuck me in the ass, because I had already moistened his cock with saliva. And the fact that he licked my ass lay on top now. The mechanism went into action. I lie on my back, one fucks me in the ass while standing at the edge of the bed, the other on top of me licks the clitoris and fucks me in the mouth. While he was licking my clit, I noticed that he didn’t mind sometimes licking the cock of his friend who was pounding my ass. – Do you want to pull out a strapon? – I asked him when his cock temporarily left my mouth. He slowly pulled out the plug. Due to the intense fucking in the ass, sperm began to pour out of the pussy. As soon as his friend drove my dick in the ass to full length, a new portion of sperm poured out of my pussy. My friend liked this picture, he began to greedily lick the smerma from my pussy, part of it still poured out and lubricated the cock that was sliding down my ass. The top guy desperately finished in my mouth, apparently the male sperm excited him well. I did not keep myself waiting and the amateur to fuck the ass. He filled my ass with cum and a fat dick. I asked to insert a strapon in my ass. Then we rested a little and continued. There was a strap-on in my ass, so they took turns fucking my mouth and pussy. I stood with cancer and obediently took their members into my holes. The second time they did not finish for a long time, but I finished 3 times, from the fact that the fat members without interruption hammered me to the most. When I felt that it was coming to an end, I asked them to fill my ass with cum. They took turns down my ass. Now my gut was well filled with sperm. The matter remained with the soapy, to fuck the boy. I took the phalos prepared in advance. The boy lay on his back, I perched on top and took his dick in my mouth, and the phalos smeared with Vaseline began to inject into his ass. His friend, in order not to get bored, began to fuck me in the pussy. Slowly and unhurriedly, he fucked me while I was just as slowly fucking his friend in the ass and sucking his dick. I massaged his testicles, and in the meantime he began to lick my pussy in which his friend’s cock was beating. – Don’t cum in my pussy, cum in his mouth, he wants it. The scenario was defined, I was fucked, I fucked, finally my boy began to cum, I plunged the phalos into his gut, and he filled my mouth with sperm, he moaned with pleasure, but he was not allowed to moan for a long time. His friend took his penis out of my pussy and began to lower it into his mouth. It was great. I said goodbye to the boys. The next step was the husband and wife, the husband wanted to be fucked in the ass in front of his wife. One call and here they are on the doorstep. She is shy, he is calm. I invite them to my place and without a word I begin to undress his wife and kiss. While she stood in a dazed state, I pulled down her skirt and panties, began to lick her pussy straight while standing, and drilled her clitoris with my tongue. – Well, fuck your wife? – I asked the man. He was confused, his cock was still not hard enough. I quit licking his wife’s cunt and started sucking his cock. The wife looked and got excited, I swallowed his unit and crumpled his ass. Then she released his sticking wet dick free. – Well, fuck her. The little wife lay down on the bed, spread her legs, he perched on the edge, lifted her up and began to slowly and deliberately pull her on. I sat down on top to be able to lick his cock and her clit while they fucked. The wife herself, meanwhile, reached for my ass, moved a strap-on in it, and I sat on her face so that she properly licked my pussy, fucked by three men today. He fucked her, I licked diligently. Then he decided to fuck in two holes, he fucked his wife in the ass, lubricating the cock in my mouth, then again fucked her in the pussy and again in my mouth. He had all the holes at his disposal. And then came the peak. He finished in a squelching pussy, and his wife squirmed like a snake and moaned. Her face was bathed in my juices. After a break, we decided to do what they came for. I put on a fake black cock. “Since your husband wants to be a slut, why doesn’t he taste sperm? With these words, I sat down spreading my legs and pulled out a strap-on. Sperm began to drain onto the bedspread. – Lick me! He got down on his knees and got up to lick the cum of three men, which flowed out of me. He licked ass and cunt. His dick got up, he liked the taste of cum. When the source dried up we got down to business. He lay on his back, and I perched on the edge of the bed. Then, using a syringe, I filled his ass with Vaseline and began to inject an artificial cock. His wife was there, he sucked him off and watched me fuck her husband. He moaned as he took the rubber cock into his gut. His wife sucked him off. I sped up my movements to bring him to orgasm. His testicles were full, and he began to lower the wife into the mouth. I finished kicking his ass and licked his red stretched asshole. He moaned, I stuck my tongue into the anus, he smelled like Vaseline. The anus ring was contracting. I moved my tongue and pulled it out. We said goodbye, and I was waiting for the next hero. He is the owner of a fat penis and a fan of licking female pussy. He promised that I would come from him 10 times, no less. And then he appeared on the doorstep. Before his arrival, I took a shower, but the pussy was broken, and the ass was red. We went into the room and I lay down on the bed. He settled down between my legs. – Well, how? Do you want to lick a slut? Do you know how many guys fucked me today? – It doesn’t matter, now I’m going to fuck you. He dug into my pussy and I realized that he really fucked me up, even with his tongue. He had a metal pea on his tongue. He fucked me with his tongue, I finished and finished, the clitoris became too sensitive, and his tongue was what I needed. He licked my cunt like a faithful dog. I was at the height of bliss. A puddle of death formed under me, he just sucked all the juices out of me. – Fuck, tarhny me harder. I moaned. His cock was ready. Great thick cock with a huge red head. So thick that I could not wrap my hand around it. – Fuck me in both holes! He abruptly entered me and began to fuck. His dick filled my cunt tightly, everything was on fire, he threw my legs over his shoulders and pounded me furiously, with characteristic squelching sounds. Then he just as sharply began to hammer my point, it’s good that it was already prepared for such attacks. Then he changed the holes and rubbed my clitoris with his hands. After such a dick, singing, the pussy really turned into a hole. He stretched everything for me. I could no longer finish, and he kept beating in my uterus, causing waves of orgasms. I crumpled my breasts, and he kept fucking and fucking me. I blew juices, finished, he pushed his wet dick into my ass, then back into my pussy. sometimes it seemed to me that both holes were filled with his club. “I’ll only cum in your mouth,” he warned. I already got my portion of orgasms and decided it was time to jump off the dick and let him cum. I crawled up to him, my legs no longer closed, he worked well on me. I got down on my knees and began to swallow his cock. Having swallowed it completely, I moved away. – Do you want to fuck me in the mouth? Ebi. He took my head, I opened my mouth and caught a member of my tongue, he pushed it down his throat and began to violently move his pelvis, only occasionally allowing me to breathe. His stick barely fit in my throat, but still fit. He enjoyed the process. Then he asked me to lie on my back and began to fuck me between my breasts. his cock rested against my chin. I suggested that he do it while standing, so he could put the head in my mouth. He fucked me between my breasts, and I caught his head with my mouth when he was close enough. Then he again took me by the head, planted on the penis and began to lower streams of sperm down my throat. I didn’t want to let him go. I asked him if I could finally ride his cock. He allowed. He lay down on the bed. His monster of course wilted already. I sat astride and began to rub my wet and hot cunt on his dick lying on his stomach. The juices flowed from me onto his belly, then I grabbed the penis with my pussy, tucked it into my broken hole and began to massage the muscles of the vagina. I arched like a cat and gripped his weapon. My friend was beginning to harden and then I already started the jump in full force, sitting completely on his club. He looked at all this with pleasure, watched how my pussy absorbed his cock, how the juices pressed out of it, how my breasts bounced. – Cum inside me. Cum inside me. I moaned. He understood my request and began to move from below. He grabbed my ass and started moving his dick while I was jumping. Faster and faster. And then a wave of orgasm swept over me, and I felt a stream of hot sperm exploding somewhere inside. I fell on his chest without removing from the penis. At 11 pm I left the hotel room …

Author: rendteam