Spiderman glanced at a coffee but fucked two waitresses

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Once Lesha called me and asked to meet with him, but there will be two more guys with him and one of them has a birthday. I agreed and asked that, without assault, I had the same with Zhenya. At 8 o’clock I arrived at his house on the way, they phoned me and met me at the front house Volodya the birthday boy, I liked a nice friendly boy. The second Sasha is not tall with a strong build with a sense of humor, we exchanged a couple of phrases and I went into the house. So how old are you, I asked? Today 21. We have been celebrating a week at home at the dacha since yesterday evening, and suddenly we got bored with Rein and invited us to meet. Is it true that they even invented a woman’s name for you? I’m trying to get to know you better, don’t be offended, he corrected. Yes, nothing is normal if it’s interesting for God’s sake. It was Stas who invented it, and everyone picked up Alena, and they called it to me and I like it for 4 years, I’m already used to it. I suggest we look at the bedroom there and have a drink. – Come on, I don’t mind. Vova and I went to the bedroom, the guys stayed in the hall. – You go, otherwise Sanya is ashamed of something – Zhenya said with a grin, I will come. We sat down on the bed and Vova pressed me to suck, Alain, and pulled down my shorts, I bent down and began to suck at first slowly, slowly increasing the pace. Vova began to moan and shove into my mouth, I got a lot from how well he tried to get to the very eggs. He moaned louder and louder. Suddenly it seemed that he would finish now, Vova pulled it out of my mouth. – Alenka, come on in the ass? -I have never tried it. – I began to attach myself to my ass – just tell me if something is wrong. I greased my point and he began to enter me, all the houses I whispered to him with pleasure and he entered to the end. How do you like to fuck me or who’s better girl? You are really great, and with the words he began to enter me rhythmically into the bedroom, Zhenya and Sasha entered the room, seeing them, I only became more excited. Zhenya came up from the front and unbuttoned his fly, I pulled out a familiar member and began to lick the head. I realized that the guys would let me go in a circle as I liked the most, and I was exhausted with desire, moaning and asking Vova not to stop. Saliva flowed from my chin, I barely had time to swallow, and suddenly felt a salty liquid fill my mouth. I looked up and saw Zhenya hovering over me, making the last thrusts. Volodya continued to have me by inserting his stake to me to the end. And then Sasha came up slightly podrachivaya, he rested on my mouth, I took him in my mouth and began to caress his tongue, his penis was larger than his friends, it pleasantly surprised me and I began to try even harder. Let’s change suggested Vova pulled a member out of my ass and also brought it to his mouth. – Did you try two at once? – he asked me a question. I couldn’t open my mouth, it was busy. Suddenly he began to try to shove his cock. “Alenka, she’s clever, she can do everything,” Zhenya said, not taking out Sasha’s dick much. I took the second one too, and then the guys began to poke me in turn, there was so much saliva that I didn’t pay attention to it, it was flowing down my neck. – Let me fuck him as well as in the ass, okay? – He asked Vova and sent me a member began to enter. I twitched a little and immediately felt how strong hands grabbed me by the waist and began to hug me. And suddenly I remembered the first time I tried to jump out how painful it was, how I asked and begged him to stop, but all the pleas were in vain, I began to moan even more, waving at him in time, trying to give the guy as much pleasure as possible. – Sit on top of me, – said Sasha. I pulled Vova’s penis out of my mouth and turned to Sanya took his penis with my left hand, I sent it to my ass, he pulled me to him. – How, Alenka, are you good? – Yes, very much, – I moaned and then felt another member near the priests. I relaxed as much as I could, scooped up saliva and lubricated it, knowing what they wanted. – Little by little guys, – a little bit and I began to feel how the second stake was stretching my ass, a sharp little pain pierced me. I sat on them, they fought me as they wanted, I felt like Volodya was dripping sweat on me and I no longer controlled myself, screaming moaning like a whore asked them to spank me in the ass and insult me like a slut. They were so turned on, Volodya imperiously spoke to me: – Your ass is working like a whore, now Alenka, you are our personal too – Come on, bitch, do not be shy, I see how good you are, – said Sasha. They both left me and put their mouths on their knees, keep it open, I turned to them and saw Zhenya filming us on a video camera. I opened my mouth wider and felt a charge of sperm sprayed into my eye, then on my cheek and into my mouth. – Do not erase, – said Sasha and then Volodya shot, trying to get on the face as much as possible, I slowly took the limp penises and licked all that was left to a drop. – So you tell me, did you like it or was it better with Stas? – asked Zhenya, knowing how I really felt good with him and knowing that I like thick dicks. – I felt very good though, – Then come tomorrow, we will wait for you earlier – Well, tomorrow I will come. The next day I came to them and what was my surprise when, instead of Sasha, there were two more guys with girls, and Volodya and Zhenya, they all sat together in the hall and watched porn, which Zhenya filmed yesterday as a close-up I suck two dicks at once, as they they have me in the ass at the same time and my moan with requests made me embarrassed. “Don’t worry, normal guys from the parallel course don’t like to talk, girls, two whores from the institute, don’t worry about them, Volodya said and poured me a full glass of gin. – Listen, one of the girls turned to me, her name was Natalya, how does it hurt when there are two at once? – Yes, there is a little, but it is temporarily pleasant afterwards, How many times did you have? – At a time, 7 people when they have you everywhere and in every way I really like it, when they insult, spank in general use me, I love group sex. The first time I was fucked by 4 people – Wow, – Yulia picked up, – the first time she saw me like that, it even turned on what Alenka called you. I told and it turned me on, I looked at Volodya and Sasha making it clear that I was ready for anything. The other two were called Nikita and Roma, they constantly rewound the film to the place where two people fuck me in the ass and I scream to continue. I was so excited by this discussion that I could not stand it and went up to Volodya. – Show me again the bedroom whispered to him. – Ok, he agreed, but Natalia will shoot a video, how are you? – I don’t care, let him take off – I said, We went into the bedroom, the others hurried after us, getting down on my knees, I began to suck Volodya’s cock that was already sticking out like a count. We were joined by the other 3 Natalya and Yulia closely watched and filmed everything that was happening. Nikita pulled down his pants stood on the side of me and his penis rested against the edge of my mouth. I was experiencing acute excitement realizing that you were being filmed and that guys were fucking me and these two friends were just watching. Let the guys put on my skirt in a cool way, everyone held it and asked me to make up. Alenka is now a beauty pronounced Roman and I again knelt down and began to greedily suck his penis. After him, Nikita began to fuck me in the mouth, then Roman had a perfectly smooth beautiful penis, I could not enjoy his taste as Zhenya began to attach to me. And here again two people at once in the mouth Volodya already pounded my ass in full. Natalya sat with her mouth wide open in surprise. – Sit on top of him they asked, I turned and sat down. Volodya groaned – Fuck him in two – Natalya asked again – Roma got in my ass and began to try to stick his penis into me. The girls were circling around us trying to take a close-up of everything, I could not stand it and began to shout: – Oh, how good it is for me, still, Romochka, deeper. They fucked me for 55 minutes in all the cracks, pulling up my mini skirt to make it easier to see. I can’t explain how good and fabulous I was. I asked: – Do you like guys like me as a whore? They said how good it was for them, what a clever person I am, – Alyonka is the smartest whore – said Roman and that he had given me strength – let’s change. Now I was fucked in turn, I pulled back my buttocks so that my ass could be seen in close-up. They put me on my knees and began to jerk off on my face, I anticipated the smell of the taste of sperm and moaned with pleasure and licked his every member. And finally, Roma dropped everything on my face that he wiped on my cheeks. Then Natalya stopped: – Let’s take it in a glass so that you can drink it later, – she got right to the point, I asked for a long time so from Stas now let’s try. Three guys jerk off at me, I help them with my lips with my tongue .. Then Volodya said hold a glass, I barely had time to substitute it as immediately from two taps I began to spray into the glass, the last one lowered Zhenya abundantly added me a portion now look at the camera and drink said Julia who even lowered her panties from what was happening and began to masturbate looking at us. I raised the glass to my mouth and drank every last drop. Everyone really liked it and we began to meet constantly to film what was happening. I really liked it, the girls asked to lick from them. So 2 years passed. The name Alenka became my second name, the girls introduced me to the girlfriends whom I licked and I really liked it. One friend of Natalia’s name was Rita, tall and slender, I liked how she came while I licked her clitoris. She did not know anything about me and then something happened that I will never forget. Rita came with Julia and Andrei, another guy who was with me with a good thick cock, I liked to fuck with him and Rita spread her legs wider and called me by name. Andrei heard and grinned – What are you, Ritka is Alyonushka and hugged me for, began to bend me with his mouth cancer to Ritka’s treasure. I began to lick it, she moaned and then Natalia put on the porn that was filmed yesterday. I was there with two men, I felt ashamed, I didn’t want Rita to see it. Suddenly in one fell swoop, Andrei pulls off my pants and sticks it in to the end. I screamed with pleasure. Rita looked up and was stunned from shock, first from the movie and then from us. But we remained good friends, I was glad to lick her where she would not want …

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