Superhero and his two admirers

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“Check-in for the Moscow-Helsinki flight ends in an hour,” the Sheremetyevo 2 loudspeaker said in a nasal voice. I’ll make it in time, I thought, and walked quickly to the check-in counter. A lot of people, a lot of thoughts, everyone goes somewhere and here, from the very stance I met her with a gaze … Dark, about 170 height, long hair gathered in a ponytail, a black thin sweater with a cutout, beautifully protruding breasts of the third size, slender waist , a knee-length skirt, tights and boots. The proportions of the figure are perfect. We met eyes, she spoke on the phone and walked to the same counter as me. I was the first to apply, asked to sit by the window, and received a boarding pass. I went to the entrance, quickly went through passport control, and were already on the plane unnoticed. It was 2 am and the plane was surprisingly almost empty. I sat down in my seat, there was no one in front of me, that stranger sat on the left. Leafing through some stupid magazine, glancing sideways at me. Good evening, or it’s already night. Kind My name is Oleg, do you often fly? Maria … no, not often. First time in Helsinki? Yes Rest or work? Why are there so many questions? Just curiosity Work, I’m on a business trip, I’m generally afraid to fly It’s okay, according to statistics, more people fight in accidents than on planes, she smiled I dropped the lighter that I was twirling in my hands, so that I had to bend down to get it, I climbed down and saw charming legs next to her, black stockings clearly became visible and there was no doubt that these were indeed stockings. I involuntarily held my gaze. What did you see new there? – Masha asked Unfortunately, nothing but charming legs Isn’t it too impudent for the first acquaintance? What a question and an answer! They announced the imminent takeoff and asked to fasten their seat belts. The sleeve of her blouse caught on the fastener of the belt. Let me help you, I said. He lifted the armrest between us and fastened her belt, then put his arm around her waist to pull it tighter. She didn’t mind … Very soon we took off, during takeoff I took her hand and whispered: “Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine”. She was surprisingly calm about it. Then we chatted about this and that, started talking. It turns out that she worked in a large company, we quickly found common interests and topics. But she was still scared on the plane anyway. After takeoff, I went up to the flight attendant and asked for an unofficial surcharge to transfer to the first class. We quickly found a common language and solved the financial issue. There were only 6 seats in the first class, all of them were empty. I said that I had a surprise for Masha and we moved to the first class, where she relaxed a little, but all the time she joked that it all looked like a date. Shouldn’t we drink to our acquaintance? I don’t drink at all. Well, for acquaintance with a bottle of Asti? I ask you. Only a little – she said embarrassedly. They brought us a bottle of Asti, we drank it merrily. For a symbolic surcharge, I asked the flight attendants not to bother us and they forgot about us for the duration of the flight, because the first class is not adjacent, no one walks through it, and the curtain at the aisle was closed tightly. She was saying something, visibly cheerful from the champagne, embarrassed and blushing from rather vulgar jokes, but nevertheless laughed cheerfully and fervently. Her face became rosy, her eyes hazy. I bent over her looking into her eyes. At least 10 seconds passed, we silently looked into each other’s eyes. I ran my hand over her cheek, then kissed her. She pushed me away, but I insisted on a kiss, we dug our lips passionately into our lips. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. We kissed passionately, I crawled under her blouse with my hand and began to knead her breasts with one hand, stroking her cheek with the other. He pulled her blouse up, unbuttoned her bra with one hand and began to fiddle with her nipple. She moaned: “No, no, I can’t do that, and what if somebody comes in?” “Will not go,” I almost growled, pushing her into the chair and fiercely fingering her nipple. She relaxed and gave herself up to my caresses. It was dark in the cabin, I lifted the armrests up, threw the back of the chair back and began to work on her tits. I crumpled them and caressed them with my tongue, twisted the papillae between my fingers, sometimes strongly, sometimes not very much. Then he moved to the tummy, she stroked my head, running her fingers through my hair and tipping her head back lifted my ass. I pulled her skirt over her belly. What a wonderful picture opened to my eyes: black stockings with lace elastic, neat black thong panties barely hid two halves of the lips. Masha tried to get up again, but her attempt was unsuccessful, I pushed the black fabric of panties to the side and ran my tongue over Masha’s wet pussy, she moaned. I began to caress the clitoris with my tongue, fingering and sucking, then I inserted my finger into her hole and slowly began to fuck her with it, so caressing the clitoris and fucking her with my finger, I wound up strongly sitting between her legs. Soon I added a second finger and quickened the pace, my fingers fucking even harder. Masha sucked her finger and with her other hand ruffled the hair on my head, then took my hand and began to suck on my finger, I was forced to tear it off her pussy with my lips, but with my fingers continued to move. When she sucked my fingers, I began to pull them at her nipples. This did not last very long, I felt how it began to flow even stronger. Then I went back to her pussy, quickened my movements and started my tongue at the clitoris, began to bite it, suck it, suck it in and caress. She began to cum, bent over all over and collapsed exhaustedly into a chair. Wait, she said, now. And she smiled mysteriously. Sit in a chair, she said. I sat down, dick was torn with excitement and rested through the panties in the fly. She straightened her panties and bra, lowered her skirt and straightened her jacket. I looked out into the aisle of the salon, the curtain was still closed, no signs of strangers. Masha unzipped her jeans, I got up and she lowered her pants and panties to her knees, I again flopped into the chair and leaned back on the back of the chair. She started stroking him with one hand, very slowly, then bent over him and without touching her head with her lips just breathed hot air, this turned me on even more. Masha ran her tongue along the entire length of the trunk to the eggs and back, then she slowly took my head into her mouth and began to suck only her, hand stroking his penis. She fiddled with the bridle with her tongue, then wrapping the head entirely, then swallowing the penis completely. She sucked skillfully. Either accelerating the pace, then slowing down, then jerking off with her hand, then swallowing the whole head in her mouth and plunging her dick to the very throat. Then she took it all over, to the very eggs, I took her by the head and began to put it on my dick. Masha made her lips a tight ring and gave in to my pressure. I just fucked her in the mouth, very sharply and deep in the throat, she suppressed vomiting a couple of times, it was clear that she was trying very hard. Masha gave me fabulous pleasure, I could not stand it and was discharged deep into her throat, she quickly began to swallow, I finished for a long time and a lot. Then she slowly sucked my still erect dick, licked my balls. Sucking gently and slowly looking into my eyes. I licked everything to the last drop. We heard the electric bell ringing warning of an imminent lunch or rather breakfast. We quickly put ourselves in order, I pulled back the curtain and returned to my place. When the stewardess brought the food, I could no longer wait for all of her to leave. The stewardess herself drew the curtain with the words: “I will not disturb you, if you need me press the call button.” We put the food aside in the adjacent chairs, Masha’s eyes were shining. I started kissing her and crushing her wherever I could, we again intertwined in a passionate kiss. Wait, she said. Masha stood up as a crustacean invitingly otpyrivaya ass, I repeated the procedure with pulling up the skirt and pushing the strip of panties to the side, the appetizing ass just beckoned me, I ran a dick standing and smoking from tension on her wet pussy, slowly inserted. Masha grabbed the back of the chair and rested her head on it, I began to pound her like a frenzied one, fucked violently and deeply. I felt her all over, crumpled her ass, squeezed and pressed her breasts and fucked her deeply and energetically. Soon she finished and sagged a little, I slowed down, but all her moisture was very slippery and I could not finish, I tried to get attached to the anus ring but immediately felt a hard rebuff, Masha immediately came to life and said that it was better not to go there. I continued to fuck her in the pussy, took the lubricant from her pussy with my finger and began to caress her anus, gradually introducing a little finger there and fingering it and stroking the ring of the ass with my finger. Then I got out of her and only began to slowly sink my finger into her ass. “No,” she protested again, don’t! “Don’t worry, it will hurt, I’ll stop,” I said and continued to insert my finger. She relaxed her ass and leaned towards me. The whole finger went in, then I added a second, Masha held on and had already ceased to strain. Several more times I inserted a dick into her pussy to lubricate it better, rubbed the lubricant along the bottom with my finger and slowly inserted it into her ass. She tensed. I started to move on, when I reached the end – froze, letting her get used to. Then he began to slowly move back, she got used to me and leaned towards me, I began to accelerate the rhythm and after 10 minutes actively fucked her in the ass, caressing her pussy with my hand. After another 10 minutes, she groaned, biting her teeth into the back of the chair and bent all over like a cat. “Wait,” she moaned, don’t cum inside me, otherwise everything will flow out, and there is even nothing to wipe off with. She reached out to the next chair with our dinners and took a damp napkin from there, wiped my dick and said, “Better put it in my mouth again?” I sat down on a chair, this time she immediately and deeply took it into her mouth, began to jerk off so energetically and drive her tongue over the head. She compressed her lips very tightly and began to suck my bursting cock with her mouth. I finished quickly and just as much, I haven’t finished so thickly for a long time. I leaned back in my chair and fell asleep for about 5 minutes. I haven’t felt so good for a long time. When I woke up she was sitting next to my head on my shoulder. We fell asleep again, I don’t remember how much we slept this time, but they announced that the plane was getting ready for landing. We did not eat breakfast, we fastened our seat belts and went to board. The plane landed at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Mash, is she here for a long time? I don’t know how it will go, for two weeks. Will we meet? Who knows. I handed her a business card with a phone, “Call anytime,” I said. She silently took it and smiled. It was not so good for me for a long time – Masha said, and … then she hesitated – I finished for the first time … well, booty, you know? first … – she blushed and smiled. I was also fantastically good, call me be sure – I said and smiled. We somehow imperceptibly quickly got out of the plane, went into the arrival hall. I helped her pick up the luggage and we went our separate ways. I had such a wonderful adventure on the plane …

Author: rendteam