Superhero fucks a mistress in a safe house

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The dead blue light of the UV lamp flooded the corridor of the operating unit. I walked on it shuffling with slippers. A four hour operation has just ended. The not pretty 77-year-old grandmother was already dragged away to intensive care. The nurses were finishing the cleaning of the operating room. Behind my spine, the instruments being rinsed as usual clinked. I left the block and stretched – 3 am. The next patient is Vaskin. So, most likely, until the end of the shift, no one will touch me and you can go to sleep. At least an hour until 6. I really wanted to smoke. But you can’t smoke here. And in general I don’t smoke. Imagine – when during the operation you want to smoke. This is a trifle now, but it will not be laughing there. I began to walk through the department, looking for a place to lie down. The wards were packed. The sofa is also occupied in the staff room. Having told the guard that I was going downstairs, I went to the diagnostic department. The phototherapy room was unlocked. After going through the booths, I made sure that no one sleeps here, and taking a blanket from the shelf, I began to settle down for the night. I put the sheet on the couch, threw the pillow at the head. I removed the wires away so as not to accidentally touch them. And he stretched out with pleasure to the full length of his body. I was already starting to fall asleep when there was a knock on the door. Remembering to myself all the parents who knocked up to the seventh knee inclusive, as well as all the relatives of the newly-born knee patient, until the eighteenth, I forced myself to get up. – I’m going now … What is it this time? – I asked opening the door. On the threshold, my classmate Anya flocked. In the semi-darkness of the compartment, her little white robe hugged a lovely figure. -Kolya, I’m sorry to bother you, can I come in? -Someone brought? – No Sighing, I grunted: – Come in. Anya darted into the office. And a quiet shadow froze at the window. I must say that she looked very exciting. Short stature. But with a very long braid that reached the bottom line of the buttocks. Large and sparkling eyes. Sensual line of refined lips under the nose slightly upturned to the top. It was this diminutiveness that gave her charm and charm. Small breasts and a compact ass complemented the picture, making her owner insanely sexy. – It’s scary and cold there. Can I stay here until morning? – Stay – there will be enough beds. And why did she just go to the doctors? It is only from the outside that everything is so clean and beautiful. But in reality – sweat, blood, dirt and death. There was an operation on cholecystitis today – so I was filled with pus up to the elbows … Little girls are made for love. And not to drag corpses to the morgue … – Would you like some tea? – Yes. I went to the nursing office. The kettle was still warm. After pouring water into a cup and throwing a bag of tea with sugar, he began to return. I went into the office. And here it is really much warmer than in the corridor. Anya is here on duty and she is not allowed to have a warm bed. I gave the cup to the girl, and I myself got up to the window and looked at the winter early morning forest. – Kolya, tell me why you are always alone. -Do you want a lot? – I grinned. – You haven’t been seen with a girl for a long time. Have you broken up? Why? I don’t really like to open my soul. But the matter was old, and besides, Anyutka obviously wanted to talk. So why not. – You see, my girlfriend was not satisfied with my work – 4 days out of the week I spend here. She was also afraid to go further in our relationship. I was scared of love in general as such … – So why not look at others … – and I felt two warm palms on my back. I turned slowly, trying to push her away. – Anya, n … – but she suddenly leaned in front and our lips met. I hungrily dug into her sensual mouth. I put my tongue between my teeth and we played with our tongues. I kissed her lips, then smoothly descended on her neck and returned to her lips. For a moment he pulled away, but only to cover her face with kisses and again pressed his lips. Her hands slid down my back and I tightened my grip on her waist. Without stopping kissing, we moved towards the straightened bed. I let her go for a minute. He went to the door and turned the key in the keyhole. That’s it, now no one extra will come in. I returned to the booth. Anya was sitting on the couch and playfully looking at me from under her black eyebrows. I sat down next to her, put my hand between her shoulder blades and kissed her again. Slowly, with his right hand, he moved up his stomach until he felt the elevation of the cup of his chest. I squeezed it slightly and began to massage it slowly. Anya breathed more often. Slowly I began to throw her back on the pillow. Anya gave in, moved a little closer to the wall so that I could lie down next to her. My right hand slid down to slightly raised the medical suit and went up again. With a little effort, I threw the blues galley up. And caught the nipple with his fingers. The girl’s breathing quickened. She began to pull up my surgical suit. Her palms slid over my chest, shoulders. My leg penetrated between hers and pressed tightly to the cherished place. As a reward, I had a look full of warmth and desire. Her mouth parted and ragged breathing came from there. I began to move my hip a little, which aroused her even more. I pulled up her suit and greedily fell to the nipple, began to play with it with my tongue and from time to time to suck. I put my other hand on her ass and squeezed lightly. – Lord … Please … – the girl barely exhaled. I gently ran my hand under her panties and began to squeeze, then release her buttocks. Her little hand darted down. Groped through my pants standing like a stake member. She squeezed it several times. Then she pulled back the elastic and penetrated the panties. – How big he is … – In four steps the girl exhaled without opening her eyes. Anya began to run her hand over the penis, sometimes dropping to the testicles and lightly stroking them. I did not stop kissing her breasts for a minute. Deciding it’s time to move on. I pulled myself away from her. And he pulled off the remnants of clothes from himself and from her wonderful legs. Having covered the two of us with sheets – all the same, it was cool in the office, I again fell to her chest, but this time not for long. A little later, I began to descend lower and lower, I gently licked my navel and, without lifting my tongue, went down to her crotch. Buried his nose in his curly hair. I put my hand on the back of her leg and began to lead up. Here is an elastic ass, and after a little hesitation gently ran along the very top edge of the labia. Anya shuddered, bent over to meet her hand. -God… Her legs squeezed and half bent at the knees. I kissed her on the lips. She kept her hot body pressed against me, my penis was already filled to pain and throbbing. She hastily stroked him. I pressed my finger on my big lips and they parted to the sides letting me into a world full of desires. Anya exhaled sharply and pressed closer to me. Her hand movements became more erratic and convulsive. -Wait, honey, stop or I’ll finish now … – I whispered in my ear, the girl seemed to not immediately hear me, slowed down the pace. Now she gently stroked the testicles, sometimes pressing them just a little. This wave of sweet pain only intensified my desire. I felt the head of the clitoris and began to fiddle with it impatiently. At the same time, he put his mouth to the girl’s chest again. After a while, the lubrication on the clitoris began to run out, despite the fact that Anya pressed more and more to me, and her breasts heaved more and more chaotic. “I’ll take a little lubricant from your place,” I said gently, dipping my finger into her vagina. Having collected a little liquid, I began to run my finger along the entire length of the perineum. Anya was already struggling in convulsions. And with such force she caressed me that I could no longer endure. Putting her in the middle of the couch, I sat down on my knees and put her hips on mine. He brought the head of the penis to her vagina. I touched a little. -Yes … Please … Come in … Please …, – the girl exhaled. Even so, I felt the vaginal walls contract…. I parted the labia with my fingers. From there, as if waiting for this, the red fringe of the small ones opened. Small folds, shiny with passion and desire … I pressed a little, Anya pushed her pelvis closer, sitting on my penis and I reached out to her lips, simultaneously lifting and bending her legs. In a place with my movement, a member entered her. All. God, how good. The vagina throbbed, enveloping me -Ahhaaa …. Her hands grabbed my shoulders. Sitting on my knees, I made the first movement with my pelvis. -Aooaoohao…., – Anya’s eyes closed, her head threw back. A smile of pleasure walked across his face. I started to move in it. At first, not in a hurry, but increasing the pace more and more. Anya groaned. Higher and higher with each groan. Snuggling closer and closer to me. Sweat rolled from our bodies, we moved in time to each other. I felt that I would soon finish. And he began to squeeze her buttocks with his hands. Her ass was tense. I felt an organismic cuff on the root of my penis. My movements became deeper and less frequent, as if I wanted to pierce her through and through. At each push, Anya uttered a groan, already more like a sob. Suddenly she tensed and arched, almost forcing me out of her. – Enough, please aaa … I lay down on top. Our legs intertwined and I continued to fuck her. He dug his lips into his neck. With one hand caressing the breast, with the other clutching this young body to itself. – Enough, enough … – but her hands only pressed me harder. -Aaaaaaaa … … She twitched, arched, as if pulling back but only snuggling closer to me. Her legs moved as if trying to escape from the strongest orgasm, but only sitting on my penis more and more. – Hwaaaa … .. She fought under me in an orgasm. There was only one thing written on her face – pleasure. Anya jerked again and went limp. And then I let go of myself and began to cum. The semen did not fit into her narrow vagina and dripped onto the sheet. Convulsively clinging to the girl, still blissfully smiling, I groaned and splashed out for the last time, fell silent. As soon as I found the strength in myself, I got off her. My penis is already limp, in the sperm and juices of the girl slipped out of the vagina. Anya turned, laid her head on my chest, and braided my other leg with her foot. And pressing my whole body to sleep. I woke up an hour later. The wall clock showed us half past six. A girl with a peaceful and happy air was dozing on my chest. But I wanted her again. I ran my hand along her back, between the buttocks, with my thumb pressed on the anus and the index finger inserted into the vagina, and began to press at the same time. Anya woke up and looked at me with surprise. Which, however, was quickly replaced by bliss. And spread her legs wider. I decided not to waste time put her on all fours. He stood behind. And he inserted his end into the vagina. After moving a little there, I left. He brought the head to the anus. Anya did not expect such a turn and jerked, but I held her tightly and sharply entered to the very balls. -Noaaaaah … … God, what a wonderful ass she has. I pressed my stomach against her back with one hand caressing the chest, and with the other finding the clitoris and slowly pulling it. After a few seconds, the girl relaxed and I worked in full force. Our shadows danced rhythmically on the wall. Her mouth parted and she began to moan. I moved my finger a little further and began to drive it along the entrance to the vagina. He paused a little and inserted another finger. Now I was fucking her cock in the ass, and my fingers slid in the newly swollen and wet bosom of grease. A few minutes later, I moved my pelvis too hard and slipped out of it. But she did not allow to enter again. Her hands fell on my shoulders and laid on the bed, she began to kiss my chest, stomach, going down lower and lower. Kissed the base of the penis. His trunk – God, you want … Then I could not finish, a wave of non-human pleasure swept over me. She sucked the head, running her tongue over it and masturbating at the same time. This could not continue further. I grabbed her shoulders and moaned poured into her. The girl sucked all the sperm. We kissed. She took my penis and began to caress him again after five minutes, he began to rise. Then Anya turned to me, sat with her back over him and directed her head into her charming ass. Gently at first, then more and more deeply she began to sit on my body. She moved up and down, I caught her breasts with my hand and began to squeeze them in time with the girl’s movements. He inserted two fingers of the other hand into the vagina and began to move them so that when Anya rose on the penis they almost left her bosom, and when she lowered herself with force, they seemed to want to get to her uterus. A little more and a moan of orgasm escaped our lips. Anyuta leaned back on me and was so quiet. We lay there for about half an hour. My cock slipped out of the girl’s tight and wet embrace and hung exhausted. A mixture of my and Anka’s juices flowed down onto it. I felt incredible tenderness for her. I didn’t want to let her go. Lose the warmth of her body, forget the taste of her lips. But I had to get ready. The hospital was reviving and soon they could find us. Anya got up and arched in the frosty white light from the window. All the same, she was beautiful. And I enjoyed her body that night. I went up to her and ran my hand over her body again. Then we got dressed. I opened the door. Anya came up to me. I lifted her face by the chin and kissed her gently. The girl clung to me. This moment seemed to us like an eternity. We couldn’t tear ourselves away from each other. Finally she sagged a little and our lips parted. An ambulance howled somewhere. I opened the door, and throwing a look at me full of love, enthusiasm and satisfaction, Anya slipped into the corridor. I collected the laundry and put it in a laundry bag. The sirens were approaching. Already approaching the operating table, tightly squeezing the sterile palms of the gloves, I realized which of my classmates I would definitely see on my next shift.

Author: rendteam