Superhero has fun with a rescued beauty

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I’m twenty-three years old but I look eighteen years old. Once I got up in the morning, I had to go to the hospital. And despite the mirror went to the hospital. On my way back from the hospital, I passed the glass-room. A foreign car was parked next to her. And passing by, I was suddenly called out by a standing man, about forty-six years old. – Hey couple who crumpled you like that? – What? I asked without understanding the question. I went to bed late and therefore did not get enough sleep, and at night I was tossing and turning all the time, and in the morning I did not look in the mirror, and therefore could very well look rumpled. – Can I buy you some coffee? – What? -Ah, no, thanks. And I went. – Can you stay a guy? I fully understood what he was hinting at. I’m not gay, let alone passive. But I thought about it more than once. I turned behind the shop where there was a drink and stopped. I stood for five minutes deciding whether to return or not. No, if I don’t make up my mind now, then I will never make up my mind. And I just turned back. The man thought I had already left. And did not expect me to return. And when he saw me once again, hesitating and ready to leave again and now forever, he quickly approached me. And not letting me think and make a decision anymore. – Are you a guy who wants coffee? – let’s go and he takes my hand and leads me to the car. – What’s the coffee in the car? – No, coffee is at my house, at the same time you will put yourself in order, otherwise you look so that you were crushed all night. – No, I shook my head. But the man already understood that I was shaking and that I needed to be persuaded. Without thinking twice, he just pushed into the car. I didn’t get out of the car, but obediently sat down. And we went to him. Arriving, he took me out of the car and we went to him as a lady. Going into the apartment, the man told me to call him Uncle Stepan, and to go to the bath and take it. No coffee. Instead he took a shower, after which he made me put on women’s panties, chemise and stockings. Looks like they were dressed not only by me but also by someone else before me. He brought me into the bedroom and here is the pastel, where they will fuck me now. I press to the door. I am ordered to lie down on the pastel. Why didn’t I leave when I could. And now I am lying on the bed of a stranger to me who wants to fuck me. A little more and “uncle” will fuck me like a girl. I closed my eyes and waited. I didn’t have to wait long, “uncle” lay down on me and pulled off my panties, which he lubricated my ass. His penis did not stand and he decided that I would excite him with my mouth and he sat on my face. And put his cock in my mouth. I had no choice, I myself lay down under it and did not resist, I put on lingerie myself, thereby making it clear that I was ready to be fucked. I sucked his cock. I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t refuse, “uncle” was much stronger and would easily subdue me by force. Moreover, I was at his house, the door was closed, there were bars on the windows. So there was no even thinking, especially since he already crushed me under him and was already fucking me in the mouth. His penis got up and he put me on cancer and roughly entered me and fucked me for a long time in a real ass. Then he turned and led his penis into my mouth and finished. – Swallow bitch. He shouted at me, I did not dare to disobey him and swallowed his sperm. – Well done girl, and now get dressed and leave, I’ll call you when I want a girl. He took my phone number and I left. Walking down the street, I thought, why did I lie under it? And about being fucked and made a girl …

Author: rendteam