Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fucks Student In Sewer

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My mom is 41 years old, she is of medium height, slim figure and curvy body, medium-sized breasts with large dark nipples. The ass is very elastic, I noticed this a long time ago, as I often saw my mother in a swimsuit. I noticed long ago that my mother attracted me as a woman and for this I began to have a great interest in her. It all started by spying on her as she takes the bathroom through the vintelation. Of course, I didn’t just watch her wash, but jerk off at her. Mom is a fairly modern person and, like many, uses the Internet. I wondered what she was talking about with men on the Internet and decided to crack her password in the mail. I did it. I began to look through her letters and froze in shock. I saw a photo where my mother was naked and she sent these photos to men, but it was more surprise when I saw the photos that one of those men sent her. They had a mom with him and in different poses, then I found out that mom is very rescue in sex, since I did not think that she allows everything in sex and still take a picture of it. But to admit it really turned me on. Looking at the photos, I realized that they were made in our country house, where I rarely visit and my mother said that she loves to spend time there doing flowers. I decided to wait for my mother to go to the dacha again. It didn’t take long. One evening my mother came home and over dinner said that she would go to the country house for the weekend. I said of course. Although he himself had wanted it for a long time. I decided that I would go to the dacha when my mother left and see what she was doing there. This long-awaited day has come. Mom left and drove almost immediately after her, taking a car from a friend. When I arrived at the dacha, I parked nearby to see the house. I didn’t see anything like that, my mother was walking around in swimsuits doing business in the garden. After an hour of waiting, my mother went into the house and after a while a car drove up from which two men of about 40 got out.Mama came out to meet them already dressed in skirts just below the knee and a jacket and a stocking, as I understood later. They kissed and went into the house. After a while I decided to go look out the window, it was already quite dark. Going to the window, I carefully looked into the kitchen where the light was on. They sat and drank, talking sweetly, I could hear their voices well. After some time, one of the men, whose name was Stas, invited my mother to dance. They began to dance a slow dance and I saw that Stas’s hands were already stroking his mother’s waist and ass. Another man whose name was Igor sat and watched them dance. Stas had already started up and was already kissing his mother. But his mother stopped him and said not in front of him. This surprised me because I thought that she called them both for this. Then they sat down and drank. After that, my mother said that she would go into the room, leaving, after 5 minutes Stas followed her. I went to the window of the room. Mom and Stas talked there. By the way, my mother’s name is Irina. Irina, I want you. Well, Stas, we are not alone, he can enter. Irina, don’t worry, he will understand everything. Then they began to kiss. Stas’s hands slid all over his mother’s body, and then he lifted his mother’s skirt and I saw my own ass, there were stockings and panties dressed in bright red. I could no longer just watch and took out the chalen and began to jerk off. He squeezed mom’s ass. Then he took off her blouse and began kissing her breasts. This did not last long, and my mother squatted down in front of him. Oh, how her ass tightened. She unbuttoned her pants and took out a member of Stas, I have never seen such a person, he was long and thick as a stick. Mom started to suck him and at that moment I finished so that even a little dizzy. Mom sucked him very passionately, then leading him into her mouth, then holding him with her tongue. then he lifted his mother by the shoulders, kissed her and turned her over to the table. Without removing his panties, he began to lubricate his mother’s pussy with saliva. Then I saw this huge cock sinking into my mom’s pussy. He began to move quickly in mom. From which she began to moan. This did not last long and, coming out of mom’s pussy, he sent a member to mom’s ass. I was surprised that he entered so easily, he started fucking his mom in the ass, slapping his mom with his palm. Mom screamed and at that moment Igor entered. Said something happened. Seeing Igor, my mother began to cover herself and was very embarrassed, and Stas was not hiding behind. Igor said: “Oh, that’s what you are doing here,” and my mother lowered her head. And Stas said: – do you want to connect? Mom raised her eyes and looked at Stas with horror. Igor answered yes. To which my mother said no. In response, Stas said that you will like Irisha. Mom said nothing. Igor without saying anything took out a member that was almost the same size as Stas. Mom drooping began to say no. To which Stas pulled from mom what she was hiding behind and said now we will fuck you. Mom got up and tried to leave the room, but Igor’s hand stopped her. Mom began to say no and tried to pull her hand out of his grip. But Igor gave a kick to his mother and took it by the hair, tears appeared in his mother’s eyes. Strange, but this did not pity me, but turned me on against it even more. Igor holding his mother by the hair tilted to his penis, and began to shove his mother in the mouth. At this time, Stas left the room, I did not betray this meaning after watching Igor give his mother in the mouth. After 5 minutes I almost died of fear when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Stas. He said guy what are you doing here? I could not answer and remained silent. He looked out the window and saw Igor with his mother and said you like to watch how men fuck women? I barely heard it from my mother. Stas smiled and asked: – does she know that you are looking after her? I replied no and began to ask that he would not say. To which he smiled and looking at my penis said that you want to fuck your mom? I didn’t answer, lowering my eyes. I asked him why are you raping my mother? Stas replied that she is a whore and wants it herself. I said that this is not so, although I understand that it is so. The next question from Stas shocked me. Do you want to help mom? I answered yes. To which he said that then we will go into the house. I followed him in silence. We came to the kitchen and he offered to drink to calm down, I thought that he would not rape my mother. He silently walked up to me and pulled out his penis and said, well, come on help mom. I seemed to be speechless, and at that moment Stas ran his brow over my shirts. I didn’t know what to do. To which Stas said, well then, let’s go and watch your mom get fucked. I was scared that my mother might see me and did not freely open my mouth. And immediately the brow was in the mouth. Stas said suck. I began to lick it with my tongue, it was still soft, but the size was not less. I took his forehead with my hand and began to hold my lips along the head of the forehead and felt how it was growing. I don’t know why, but my cock began to rise too. Stas said, and I see you know how to do it and asked, probably did it to someone before? I replied that no. Stas told him to lick his balls, I didn’t begin to think and say no. He began to lick them, and Stas began to jerk off the head. Chelen Stas was already standing like a tree and he said take off your pants. I looked at him with surprised eyes and thought to myself, I can’t stand such a cheek in the priest. I completely forgot about my mother that he was across the room. Groans came from there. I got up and began to take off my pants with a slow motion. Stas saw my bow, which was standing. Said you like it. Stas said turn around, which I did. He felt my ass and slapped it from which I screamed. Stas said to get down on all fours and I got up. Then I felt that he was spitting on my anus. I knew what would happen now and tried to relax, but nothing came of his touch, but the priest tensed. Then I felt his chest rests against my anus, but he could not enter. He took the vegetable oil from the whip and doused his fingers and led them into me, I twitched a little but there was no pain. Then I again felt the emphasis of his chelena and began to feel how he was stretching my anus. I felt pain and involuntarily said no. To which he led even deeper, I screamed loudly and then he began to drive his stick into me, tears flowed from the pain and I moaned and screamed. I no longer understood what was happening. Then I heard the creak of the door and I couldn’t do anything, I just looked in that direction. Igor came out and said who is this. Stas said that Irka’s son. Igor did not believe it and went into the room. After that he went out with his mother to my mother as she saw how I was standing on all fours naked and I was being fucked by a man who had recently fucked her. Mom shouted you that you are doing me small. Looking up, I said my mother didn’t have to shout, nothing would change. I wanted to help you. And then I felt that something was pouring into me like boiling water. It was Stas who finished it. Then he came out of me and I lay there for about three minutes. Mom came up and began to stroke me, saying poor thing, I’m a bit hungry. At this time, the men left, I did not even notice. I looked at my mother, she was naked and there were drops of semen on her face. I got up and went to the upstairs room. And I just lay down, and I got a howl in the anus and eventually I fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I felt that someone was sitting nearby and crying. Opening my eyes, I saw my mother. I got up and hugged her and said don’t cry mom and felt that my chalen was getting up, I tried to finish the hug so that my mother would not feel that my chalen is resting on her. But my mother would not let go. Once again I said that I would not cry and said that I love her. She began kissing me on the shaki and then her holat opened up and I saw these breasts so close and could not answer the look. Mom noticed this, but for some reason she didn’t cover it up. Did you want me in a whisper? I was silent for a while and said yes.

Author: rendteam